His True Colors Chapter 2217

 "Fuck, run." Above the ground, Han Qianqian saw the purple beast attacking, and without saying a word, he picked up Xiao Bai, forcing himself to endure the severe pain and uncontrollability of his body, and increased all his energy to urge the Tai Xu Divine Step.

        The Forbidden Thunder Beast attacked fiercely, its sharp claws opening straight up!

        Han Qianqian's body also flashed at that moment.

        Boom !!!!

        As the Forbidden Thunder Beast pounced on the sky with its claws, the sky was filled with purple lightning that followed its movement and bombarded the sky. The ground exploded with a loud bang!

        "Holy shit, retreat, retreat, tell everyone to back off!" It was only after this explosion that Ao Tian was stunned to find that with this charge from the Forbidden Thunder Beast, dozens of his experts and hundreds of his disciples, who were too numerous to dodge, were actually turned into ashes under the purple lightning.

        And the land, at this time, was also completely turned into scorched earth.

        With a shout from Ao Tian, the group of people who had been in black stumbled and spread outwards at this point, but Han Qianqian suddenly appeared and shouted, drawing the attention of the Forbidden Thunder Beast before he took a Tai Xu Divine Step and fiercely disappeared again.


        The Forbidden Thunder Beast pounced at once, and another group of people were directly hit by the misfire, turning them into ashes.

        Immediately afterwards, Han Qianqian reappeared and fled once more!

        "Fuck, son of a bitch, this son of a bitch, he did it on purpose." Ao Tian cursed the streets in anger, looking at his elites dying under the attacks of the Forbidden Thunder Beast, his heart aching so much that he couldn't even breathe.

        As Han Qianqian continued to lure and then hide, the entire scene was suddenly like a purgatory on earth.

        Pieces and pieces of elite disciples were thundered into ashes by the purple lightning, and there were constant screams of misery as black ash and purple lightning rose in all directions.

        "Ah ......"

        "Ah ......"

        "Ah ......"

        The sea of thunder was raging, the purple lightning was flashing wildly, the earth was scorched, the mountains were destroyed, everywhere the forbidden thunder beast passed, not an inch of grass remained, it was simply terrifying.

        "Run nigga, you bitches just hit me the hardest!" Above the battlefield, Han Qianqian shouted a laugh, and with a hideous smile, he turned himself towards the position of a dozen of these experts.

        The dozen or so experts took one look at Han Qianqian and then at the Forbidden Thunder Beast running behind him and cursed in anger, "You're so fucking shady!"

        "Yeah, you fucking deserve to die."

        "You're a beast, just fight openly and honestly, play this fucking trick!"

        A group of people raged against each other, united in calling Han Qianqian shameless, without considering how shameless it was for this group of people to gather a crowd against Han Qianqian alone. Such a double standard is no one's fault.

        The moment the words left their mouths, the dozen or so experts scrambled to be the first to run elsewhere, pushing and shoving each other, fearing that they would be left behind.

        But their speed was indeed too slow compared to Han Qianqian's.

        Although Han Qianqian's muscles were spasming and twitching from overexertion, with the speed of the Taixu Divine Step, it was still effortless to chase these people.

        With a flash, the next second, the Forbidden Thunder Beast followed in value.


        As the purple lightning arrived, the bodies of those dozen of experts were turned into ashes under an instant.

        Ye Lucheng was dumbfounded, the power of this Forbidden Thunder Beast was so fierce, and his whole body could not help but shrink slightly behind the others.

        Ao Tian's face was blue, where did he expect it to be like this? Right now, the elite soldiers were slaughtered, he was heartbroken, after all, these were the old capital of the Eternal Sea.

        "Hurry up and tell everyone to stand down." Ao Tian commanded with an icy face.

        Ao Yong nodded, then, placing his gaze on a senior executive next to him, signalling for him to beat the drum and retreat, the man froze, his body trembling, and 10,000 grass nether horses inside. At a time like this, who the hell would want to attract Han Qianqian's attention, this in case he was going to run towards him, then what would he do?!

        "What are you afraid of?" With a faint sound of anger, Ao Tian looked at Han Qianqian, his entire being hideous, "I hope that later on, when you cross the tribulation yourself, you'll still be so alive and well!"

        "Collect the troops!"

        "Yes!" Ao Yong let out a soft shout and glared angrily, and the unlucky executive could only obediently beat the drum to retreat his troops.

        As soon as the drums sounded, Ao Tian's few men also quickly retreated to the rear, rather than saying that the drums were telling the disciples to retreat, it was actually more like they were just retreating themselves in a crowning manner.

        The battlefield in front of them was already scattered with nearly 100,000 disciples, and their superiority in numbers had become a living target under the trampling of the Forbidden Thunder Beasts.

        Everywhere Han Qianqian passed, there were cries of wolves and screams of misery, and even if many of them had run out, their hearts were shaken by the sight of their companions being turned into black ashes.

        Under the sky, the purple light twinkled and Han Qianqian was like a human bomb that everyone avoided.

        The men led by Ao Tian were supposed to surround them, but now they were being chased by Han Qianqian, and it was unbearable.

        "It's about time, isn't it?" Ao Tian was very depressed, his old eyes were staring deadly into the dark clouds, if he didn't come any longer, he was about to cross over.

        Just then, four strange roars rang out violently from within the dark clouds!

        A dragon roared, a phoenix roared, a tiger roared and a turtle roared!

        An air pressure that bordered on the inverse came with it, and under the dark clouds, trees broke and mountains fell, and the earth cracked and cities were trampled ......

        "Here it comes!"