His True Colors Chapter 2216

 "After all, it's a penalty thunder, haha, this fucking bastard is faking it, grass, scared me, I thought he was going to ascend to the realm of the scattered immortals." The whole of Cool-Son Yeh was relieved.

        If Han Qianqian had ascended to the level of a loose immortal, he would be so sour!

        As soon as Cool-Son Yeh smiled, the crowd couldn't help but smile as well.

        "It must be because that brat's breath was at full blast just now, drawing the wrath of the heavens, hence the punishing thunder. It seems that even the lord wants him dead, this brat. Another punishment thunder and our allied forces, he, ah, is really miserable."

        "After all, we are the righteous ones, doing the right thing for Heaven, which is why we didn't know that Heaven also felt compelled to beat up the fallen dog."


        The crowd laughed wildly, while at this moment Ao Yong noticed that Ao Tian's brow was furrowed, looking deadly at the purple thunder in the dark clouds, seemingly preoccupied.

        "Clan Chief, what is wrong with you? A little unhappy about letting Penalty Lei kill Han Qianqian instead of being able to kill him yourself? How about I send some experts to fend off the Punishing Thunder?" Ao Yong naturally did not want his master to be unhappy and seized every opportunity to please Ao Tian.

        "Resist the Penalty Lightning?" Ao Tian frowned, "Do you really think you can withstand it?"

        "Although the Penalty Lightning is fierce, however, I have heard that Han Qianqian's cultivation level is only at the end of the Ethereal, so although the strength of the Penalty Lightning may double, it will not be too great." Ao Yong said.

        "Netherworld stage?" The corner of Ao Tian's mouth curled into a disdainful scoff, "Do you really think that a mere Netherworld stage can be so invincible to the world?"

        "He relies on those hilarious and weird things on his body, and what else is the Pan Gu Axe." Ao Yong naturally had his own explanation.

        "From the beginning to the end, this guy has never been enlightened about the Pan Gu Axe, the Pan Gu Axe can't help him much." Ao Tian denied in a cold voice, even though he wanted Han Qianqian dead, it did not mean that he would despise him.

        A person who could shine at the top of Qishan Mountain, a person who could make the Pill God Pavilion nearly collapse, a person who could slaughter Firestone City by himself in less than half an hour, or even, a person who could make his nearly 100,000 elites take several hours before they were about to kill him, would he be a person from a mere Ethereal Realm?

        "Not right." Ao Tian suddenly frowned.

        This was because within the dark clouds, between the purple light, a vaguely giant thing was slowly revealing itself from the dark clouds.

        With this violent cry from Ao Tian, everyone put away their smiles and stared at the giant thing in the dark clouds with a deadly gaze.


        Suddenly, a purple electric dragon burst out of the dark clouds, its body so huge that it could be described as terrifying, and even the rolling mountains looked somewhat weak under its size.

        With a roar, the purple electric dragon dangled from the sky, its entire body jagged with purple lightning.

        Its purple eyes stared deadly at Han Qianqian, and then it accelerated straight towards him.

        The next second, the dragon's body suddenly transformed into a ferocious beast resembling a qilin, with wings on its back, eyes like a tiger and a head like a dragon, its body filled with a shocking purple light, and a rhinoceros-like horn on the top of its head shone with a light brighter than the sun and the moon, making it impossible for people to look at it directly.

        When the two wings were raised, the thunderstorm sounded wildly, and wherever it passed, lightning flashed!

        "Holy shit, the Forbidden Thunder Beast."

        Ao Tian was shocked, as calm as he was, he couldn't help but yell out at this moment, completely losing his composure and self-control as the head of the three great clans.

        "What? The Forbidden Thunder Beast!!!"

        When they heard Ao Tian's roar, everyone around them trembled! Some of those who were timid even went straight to the ground on their asses in disbelief, their faces as pale as paper as they stared at the purple lightning beast that was drawing down from the sky.

        "No, it can't be, it can't be, it's never possible." Wang Juzhi shook his head desperately, his body staggering straight backwards, clearly unable to accept the reality before him.


        A mouthful of old blood spurted out directly from Fu Tian, his eyes were extremely complicated, his emotions could no longer be described in words, his entire face was written with bitterness, remorse, shock and disbelief.

        "You guys ...... what's wrong with you?" Ye Kucheng is not sure, he is not many young people present, although young cultivation, but after all shallow insight.

        Especially an ancient creature like the Forbidden Thunder Beast, which he had never seen before.

        But seeing such a reaction from a group of people, he was both strange and very confused, while the unease in his heart pulsed anew, because looking at all of them, it seemed that Han Qianqian had pulled off some shocking move again.

        Ao Tian's back teeth were clenched as he shouted angrily with a strong frown, "The Forbidden Thunder Beast, surprisingly it's the Forbidden Thunder Beast, which means that the tribulation Han Qianqian tasted was the Nine Heavens Purple Thunder, ah."

        Ao Yong was already completely speechless.

        When Cool-Son Yeh looked back, Wu Yan and a few others, also looked completely dumbfounded, the whole group of them looked at the sky like fools, and when that phrase of the Nine Heavens Purple Thunder was said, the group of them even had their legs go weak, just like the group of cowards, like limpets.

        Ye Qucheng's mouth was open wide as he turned back to look at Han Qianqian, who was also getting closer and closer to that purple beast.