His True Colors Chapter 2214

 As soon as the words left his mouth, Little White's figure turned into a white shadow and rushed straight into the battlefield.


        With a roar, it directly sent several people surrounding Han Qianqian flying, followed by Little White fiercely turning his body back to block Han Qianqian's front.

        "Han Qianqian, don't even think about leaving me behind. Don't fucking think of being a hero all by yourself!"


        Another roar!

        Han Qianqian let out a bitter laugh helplessly, and with his Pan Gu Axe in his hand, he once again went straight for the kill.

        Little White followed close behind, defending Han Qianqian from attacks left and right.

        Space Field!

        The Phantomless Divine Power!

        Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel!

        Tai Xu Divine Step!

        Heavenly Yin Technique!


        Han Qianqian, who had been completely under siege, with the help of Xiao Bai's spatial domain, relied on the perfect pairing of one man and one beast to fight more and more bravely.

        Heavenly Tiger Demon Claw!

        Evil Dragon Roar!

        The Rite of the Dead!

        Heavenly Mangled Divine Skill!

        On the opposite side, the experts of the three allied armies also used various secret techniques, and the two sides were in a complete confrontation.

        Time was ticking away, minute by minute.

        Ten minutes.

        Half an hour.

        An hour!

        Three hours!

        Even the dawn of the faintest day ......

        The corpses under Han Qianqian's feet had piled up into two thick mountains of people, the blood soaking the earth had become a river of blood, and the golden axe head was even dyed red with blood.

        Han Qianqian was like a bloody man, his body was already full of wounds, and his indestructible xuan armour was even cracked with several gaps.

        White as a rabbit, Little White was also like Little Red, its long fur completely wet with blood, almost congealing into mud, dripping gently down its fur.

        A dozen metres away in front of Han Qianqian, a group of experts were already panting like cattle, their faces pale.

        The soldiers behind them were in active spirits, but this was already the fourth group to be replaced.

        Somehow, the succession of vicious battles had exhausted the incoming tens of thousands of allied troops, and so, the gang had begun a rotation pattern.

        Ironically, Han Qianqian, who had really been fighting, had never rested even for a moment.

        And even though that group of experts had been at the front line, a line of more than 700 people, more than a hundred of them died, and the rest of the people left were in this state today.

        "Nearly 100,000 people, fighting like this, he's still not exhausted alone, but we're starting to play rotation. I really don't know whether I should praise Han Qianqian, or whether I should properly scold this so-called elite group of ours." Ao Tian shook his head and laughed bitterly.

        "This guy is like a cow, doesn't he really know how to get tired?"

        "No, he's tired." Ao Tian smiled as Han Qianqian's hand holding the Pan Gu Axe had long been shaking uncontrollably, indicating that his physical strength had reached a critical point. "Only, this kid's energy is incredibly abundant."

        "Yes, this is already the eighteenth attack we've launched in five hours, and every time we attack, he disintegrates." Ao Tian laughed bitterly, "This guy, has completely refreshed my perception of earthlings, could it be, that all that exist there are perverts? This guy makes me think that our Eightfold World is the lowest level of existence."

        "It's related to that golden dragon." Ao Tian said, "The dragon is so powerful that I've only seen it above the Lost Heart of the Dragon Clan."

        "What you mean, Clan Chief is that ...... Han Qianqian has the Heart of the Dragon Clan on him?"

        "The Heart of the Dragon Clan can contain countless energy to feed the dragons. It is the only thing that can explain why Han Qianqian is still full of energy even today. However, this argument seems to be somewhat untenable again." Ao Tian seemed to be mumbling to himself.

        "The Heart of the Dragon Clan was lost in the Xuan Yuan World a long time ago, and it is indeed possible that this kid came from the Xuan Yuan World to obtain this treasure. However, not to mention a low level world like Xuan Yuan World, even if the Heart of the Dragon Clan landed in the Eight Directions World, it would not be able to absorb so much energy." Ao Yong nodded his head, understanding Ao Tian's self-denial.

        "This kid, he really makes people puzzled." Ao Tian laughed bitterly, "However, his performance today does not make me regret killing him in the slightest. With his talent, there's no way he could simply sit obediently as my second-in-command. Given time, he is an existence that challenges us, and may even, in one go, kick us down. Just as well, isn't he amazing, kill him and study him properly"

        Having said that, Ao Tian beckoned and Cool-Son Yeh walked over.

        "I don't expect anything from you, I only expect you to be half as good as him in the future." Ao Tian finished and smiled bitterly, "It's time to end this, otherwise, I don't even know when it will end."

        "Lone City understands."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Lone City Ye leaned up to the sky and drank, launching a final general attack.

        "Are you afraid?" Han Qianqian said to Xiao Bai.

        Looking at the hundreds of thousands of people regrouping to launch the final general attack on himself, at this moment, although his body was full of energy, Ao Tian saw correctly that his body had absolutely no strength left to fight it off.

        "Die?" Little White smiled, "What, since when did you become so unconfident?"

        It wasn't lack of confidence, but the reality was such that Han Qianqian was helpless. Even if one person was strong, could they be stronger than someone else's thousands of horses? Maybe, but Han Qianqian couldn't right now.

        "Do you want to play a big game?" Little White suddenly laughed.