His True Colors Chapter 2213

 The Golden Dragon is so huge that it seems limitless. The eight coiling and majestic Golden Dragons are like pythons in front of it.

        The golden dragon whirled and roared as it circled around the eight dragons.


        The dragon's mouth opened wide and the roar shook the sky, the eight seemingly majestic dragons actually bowed their heads and sank at this moment, clearly having submitted.

        The Heart of the Dragon Clan is the greatest treasure of the dragon clan, so which dragon would dare to act recklessly in front of it? The golden dragon it had transformed into was naturally invincible!

        "This ......"

        "What the hell is going on here? That kid's energy has actually transformed into a golden dragon?"

        Outside the formation, Wang Juzhi was shocked.

        Ao Tian likewise frowned furiously, although he had never held out to rely on the Burning Dragon Forbidden Heaven to completely suppress Han Qianqian, which was why he had set up this formation while Qu Jing was around. But with a signature formation of the Eternal Sea like the Burning Dragon Forbidden Sky, it was the lowest expectation to trap Han Qianqian for a period of time.

        But this fellow, however, had directly broken the trapped formation in a matter of moments.

        This made Ao Tian's face shameless and at the same time, he was even more shocked.

        Ye Gucheng was even more furious, his teeth were about to gnash, how hard must this guy's life be?

        At the far end, Fu Tian couldn't help but take a step or two back, his heart was in great self-doubt, did he pick the wrong one again?

        This doesn't make sense, it's a three-party alliance, a giant siege, it doesn't make sense.

        "This son is truly amazing, go, all of you, at all costs." Ao Tian waved his big hand.

        As soon as the words fell, the Eternal Sea shouted and killed in all directions, the drums shook the sky.

        In the next second, hundreds of experts blasted towards Han Qianqian, while tens of thousands of disciples from the Eternal Life Sea followed behind them, with ten thousand troops pressing in.

  "Go!" On Wang Juzhi's side, he also commanded his disciples to charge down horizontally and forcefully against Han Qianqian.

        "Go on." Fu Tian had no choice but to order, whether the decision was right or not, he had no choice but to go on now.

        The mere sound of their feet treading on the ground was enough to shake the mountains, not to mention the hundreds of experts from each of the three sides, who had gathered around them, could not be underestimated.

        "Why don't we let my brothers help?" Even for the arrogant once-beast king, but seeing such a large swath of enemies in black, Little White could not help but swallow straight.

        "No!" Han Qianqian shook his head blandly.


        "The three parties have joined forces, numbering close to a hundred thousand. Moreover, all of them are elite soldiers and generals, are you letting them come to their deaths?" Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

        "My brothers are not afraid of death." Little White said.

        "But I don't want my brothers to die for nothing either." When Han Qianqian finished speaking, he moved his hand and tied the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books to Little White's body, "If the situation is not right, take it with you, your gang of brothers are all in here, I have a code word with the person who controls this book inside, all you have to do is recite the code word and it will release those strange beasts. By the way, some of the strange beasts are released from their contracts, they have injuries and are not allowed to come out, otherwise they will die immediately, got it?"

        "Why are you saying this? Han Qianqian, you're too fucking ungrateful, aren't you? This is how you're going to part ways with me?" Xiao Bai immediately drank in discontent.

        "If I can't save Su Yingxia, I won't leave here alive, and I'm bound to die without rest. However, there's no need to add you guys to the list." After Han Qianqian finished speaking, he directly slapped Little White out of the way with a palm, while he, himself, faced tens of thousands of troops by himself, the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel transformed into a longbow, leaning close to his back, his jade sword surrounded by it like a bow and arrow.

        Holding the Pan Gu Axe in his hand, his silver hair fluttered and his golden light shone greatly.

        The whole

individual was like a great commander who was invincible in battle.


        With a furious shout, Han Qianqian took the lead and directly fought with the three experts rushing ahead!


        Above the sky, strange beasts and fierce techniques were used at all levels, so much so that black clouds leapt throughout the sky, seizing the opportunity to constantly attack Han Qianqian on the ground.

        On the ground, Han Qianqian was using all kinds of techniques, fighting frantically and hard, attacking extremely fiercely.

        Boom, boom, boom!

        Explosions rose in all directions, all kinds of spells interlocked with each other, crushing the sky and the earth with a huge rumble and tremble, although there was no thunder.

        Heaven and earth roar!

        The whole scene was both incomparably shocking and very tragic, as Han Qianqian fought one against ten thousand, standing with his axe across his horse, very brave.

        Even though Han Qianqian kept falling back, he was soon surrounded again, causing trouble to Han Qianqian and even wounding him.

        At this moment, Han Qianqian's eyes were already red with murder, like a fierce beast in the wilderness, carrying with it a wave of blood energy, very domineering, one axe is a small child, no one can beat.

        "Although I hate Han Qianqian, this battle is bound to be a sensation in the eight worlds, one man against my army of nearly 100,000, courage and strength are both at the pinnacle of the eight worlds, for the first time I, Ao Tian, like an enemy of my own so much."

        "One angry red face against the world, if I were Su Yingxia, it would be worth dying." Ao Yong couldn't help but nod as well.

        Above the battlefield, Xiao Bai looked at Han Qianqian, who had already been wounded and bloodied, and shook his head helplessly, "Although Laozi is a demon and an enemy of the world, you are even more mad than Laozi. If you want to break the master-servant contract with me, you have to see if I agree to do so, Han Qianqian, you son of a bitch, wait for me!"