His True Colors Chapter 2211

 As Han Qianqian appeared, the Pan Gu Axe was already raised and coming down on his head.

        Although Qu Jing crossed his spear to block it, in the next second, Han Qianqian's jade sword was wrapped in the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel and with a brush, it pierced directly through Qu Jing's arm.


        If she hadn't dodged quickly, this sword would have pierced her heart.

        Qu Jing looked at Han Qianqian in shock, unable to imagine that she had been defeated.

        "Nine Heavenly Mystical Body, it's nothing more than that." Han Qianqian smiled contemptuously.

        Qu Jing's teeth were clenched, wanting to retort, but not knowing where to begin.

        Han Qianqian had lost because he was unfamiliar with Qu Jing, but how could Qu Jing have lost because she didn't understand Han Qianqian? But the problem was that Han Qianqian's perverted everything predestined him to have an extremely high margin of error, and conversely, also made Qu Jing's margin of error extremely low.

        It wasn't that Qu Jing wasn't strong enough, but Han Qianqian was too perverted.

        "Take her, and give the Nine Heavenly Mystical Body to Laozi as a mother-in-law." Little White suddenly said.

        Han Qianqian frowned, since when did Little White learn that ginseng waifu routine?! However, soon Han Qianqian understood that Xiao Bai and Ginseng Wa were different.

        There was no need to say what kind of purpose Ginseng Wa had in mind, he was simply a lecherous child, but Little White's request was clearly summed up in one sentence.

        Slander her body.

        After his former golden body had been taken by Han Qianqian and given to Qin Shannon, he was now just a rabbit with teeth, and the sight of something as good as the Nine Heavenly Mystical Body naturally inspired a desire within him.

        Hearing such a conversation between a man and a beast, Qu Jing's good-looking face was filled with red, naturally she was not shy, but because she was furious, in front of a large audience, the three parties of the army actually molested her like that, she was a Nine Heavenly Mystical Body, the county princess of the Pill God Pavilion, when had she ever suffered such anger?

        She was furious, she was completely furious.

        Then, her whole person also changed completely, the green clothes on her body transformed into green leaves spinning rapidly around her, and when she listened down again, the green leaf clothes had fused into green armour, and on her fair eyebrows, the imprint of a single eyebrow leaf was exceptionally obvious.

        Behind her, three immense and incomparable vines suddenly spread out like long snakes and rose all the way up to the sky.

        Above the clouds, the three vines finally bent and quickly spread out in all directions, weaving themselves into a lotus seat, and on top of the lotus seat, green and tender, a god-buddha on a plate seat actually emerged, but the god-buddha did not know whether it was because the vines had changed colour or what, but it was actually ice green.

        "It seems that you've pissed her off." Han Qianqian smiled bitterly.

        Little White didn't speak and had obviously gone into hiding.


        With a soft drink, the lance was in his hand, while almost simultaneously, the Ice Buddha on top of the lotus seat was also holding a lance.


        The lance struck and Qu Jing's figure did not move, but Han Qianqian heard a booming sound, and above his head, the Ice Buddha's lance was like a giant dragon, blasting into the sky with an extremely strong ice breath.

        Han Qianqian gritted his teeth and held his axe and slashed straight up.

        Boom !!!!

        Although Han Qianqian's Pan Gu axe was incomparably sharp, with Han Qianqian's mastery of the Pan Gu axe as a layman, he was probably unmatched against most people, but with a loud bang under the fierce attack of the Ice Buddha's giant lance, his whole body was actually directly crushed down to the ground with a loud bang, and his feet sank into the ground half a foot hard.

        Han Qianqian only felt a sweetness in his throat, a fishy taste reverberating against his mouth.

        Strong, so strong that it was outrageous.

        The blow really hurt Han Qianqian!

        If it was usual, Han Qianqian might have been a good man, but today, what Han Qianqian wanted was not to escape, but to kill everyone here until they handed over Su Yingxia and Han Nian.

        "Interesting, you're strong, but no one can stop me." Han Qianqian spat out blood from his mouth in one gulp, and his shoulders sank violently.

        Qu Jing clenched her teeth and looked at Han Qianqian incredulously, such a sturdy blow had only injured him a little.

        "Is that so?" Qu Jing opened her mouth blandly, she rarely seemed to speak, her bite was muffled, but her voice was melodious.

        As soon as the words fell, Qu Jing struck again, a spear of ice Buddha bursting out above his head, carrying a powerful swirl of energy, stabbing straight through the sky.

        Han Qianqian held the Pan Gu Axe, his hands clenched tightly, the Pan Gu Seal on his forehead fiercely displayed, his body glowing with golden light.

        "Give me a break!"

        Boom! Bang!!!

        The gun and axe collided, and the fire exploded, sending waves of after-effects overturning all the disciples within a hundred metres.

        The wind was so strong that even Wang Juzhi couldn't help but frown.

        What a powerful collision!

        One was like an Ice God's Cave God Buddha, the other was like an astonishing Golden God of War, a gun and an axe, a peak collision!

        Both had gone berserk at this point!

        Green and White versus Golden Munchkin!

        At this moment, Han Qianqian suddenly clenched his teeth, his entire body golden blanket like a stream of light rolling rapidly outside his body, the ground on which his feet stepped rumbled and moved, shaking everyone staggering, as if a taotie beast under the ground was about to break the ground.

        "Good ...... strong breath, this ...... heck is the real god coming?"

        "Is this this guy, the real peak strength?"

        "The top of Qishan, it seems, did not make him use his full strength, but this time, he did."

        "I suddenly feel a little remorseful now for making a move on Su Yingxia, his woman really can't be touched."

        The crowd was illuminated by the golden light, their faces were not golden, but tragically white!