His True Colors Chapter 2208

 Looking at Cool-Son Yeh's puzzled look, Wu Yan also froze.

        Hadn't this been privately arranged by Cool-Son Yeh?

        "You didn't arrange this?" Wu Yan puzzled.

        "When did I ever arrange it? You didn't tell me about such an important matter until now?" Cool-Son Yeh was instantly annoyed.

        "I ...... knew you couldn't trust the Zhu family, so ...... so thought you secretly sent a mantis to catch the cicada and the yellow bird was behind it."

        "Yellow finch my ass, now it seems like we are the mantis." Cool-Son Yeh immediately frowned.

        What was the meaning of this?!

        "Aiya, whatever, anyway, Han Qianqian has now entered Firestone City as we expected, and this will have served our purpose as far as we are concerned." Wu Yan didn't even know what had happened, so how could he know what was strange about it.

        But his words did make sense, what Cool-Son Yeh and the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea wanted was Han Qianqian's life, as for Su Yingxia, how much could they care?

        Anyway, once Han Qianqian was dead, it didn't matter whether that woman was alive or not.

        "Perhaps, it was the one who sent me the message that did it." Cool-Son Yeh murmured in his heart.

        Only, what would that person want to kidnap Su Yingxia for?! Secondly, if he had the ability to take Su Yingxia from the Zhu family, why didn't he do it himself? Instead, he had to tell himself about Su Yingxia's whereabouts? Why did he not tell himself the whereabouts of Su Yingxia?

        Cool-Son Yeh couldn't understand, and he didn't want to think about it anymore.

        Because at this moment, Ao Tian had already brought a few experts over personally.

        "Cool-Son Yeh, well done." Ao Tian flew to Cool-Son Ye's side, in a rather good mood.

        Han Qianqian, the biggest problem in his heart, was now finally like a caged tiger, with life, death and death in his hands.

        "Cool-Son Yeh is only doing a little trick." Ye Gucheng pretended to be modest and said, "What I really rely on is your trust and support, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to achieve what I have today!"

        "Good, modest, very modest, I like a modest and smart young man like you." Ao Tian laughed loudly, then turned to Ao Yong and said, "If those few unfilial sons of my Ao family were as good as Lone Castle, why would my Eternal Sea be so worried? I am afraid that the top of Blue Mountain would have been driven off the altar long ago."

        Ao Yong smiled gently, "Duke Ye is indeed wise and resourceful, a rare talent, and this time he has even trapped Han Qianqian in Firestone City, a true skill. If you think that your sons are not as good as Ye, that is easy. Why don't you take Duke Ye as your righteous son?"

        "A righteous son?" Ao Tian frowned.

        Ao Yong nodded, but his hand couldn't help but pat a top quality jade stone in his bosom.

        With the success of the plan to besiege Han Qianqian, a human savant like Ao Yong naturally knew whose head the great power would fall on, and the top-grade jade stone that Cool-Son Ye had entrusted to someone would be worth more than simply the jade itself.

        "Supervisor Ao, you flatter me, what virtue and ability does Lone City have?" Cool-Son Yeh said with a fake smile.

        "Not really, I do think that Ao Yong is right. Right now, if I want to be number one in the world, I naturally need all kinds of talents. All right, I will take you as my righteous son."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Wu Yan and the others immediately looked at Cool-Son Yeh with excitement. Although Cool-Son Yeh's face was embarrassed, his feet were honest as he knelt down, "Cool-Son Yeh has met his righteous father."

        "Hahahahaha, get up, get up, my son!" Ao Tian laughed loudly, rarely happy.

        Behind him, Grand Commander Chen's face was like a pig's liver, his face as ugly as it could be, happy as others were happy, sour as he was sour. After tossing and turning a great deal of effort, the result was that Cool-Son Yeh had flown up to become a phoenix.

        "Your Holiness, people are remarkable now, before they were just your subordinates they already dared to jump the hierarchy and report back, now it's better, Ao Tian's godson, in the future I'm afraid he will not put you in his eyes even more." Grand Commander Chen said in a quiet cold voice.

        Although Wang Juzhi was smiling, it was clear that there was anger in his eyes. The words of Grand Commander Chen had indeed just hit his own psyche.

        Naturally, Ye Guocheng's group did not notice the smiling Wang Yuzhi, who was completely immersed in the joy of Ao Tian's acceptance of his righteous son.

        "Well, this little thing of ours can stop for now, because there is a bigger joy waiting for us." Ao Tian smiled softly.

        The crowd nodded in unison and looked towards the already purgatorial Firestone City in unison.

        The huge city walls were already gaping everywhere, and countless city folk were fleeing in desperation at the moment, with the soldiers of Firestone City behind them. These soldiers had lost their original appearance of maintaining order and were now pushing aside all the people in their way, trying to leave this nightmare place as quickly as possible.

        Almost not far behind these people, Han Qianqian slowly walked out.

        In his hand, he was carrying the head of a blood spirit.

        And that human head was none other than Zhu Kaixuan's!

        Han Qianqian, who was covered in blood, stood there, although looking coldly at all the allied troops present from a great distance.

        But for a moment, the crowd of tens of thousands of people suddenly felt cold without wind, and many of them could not help but hug their bodies tighter.

        What was that? A demon from hell?