His True Colors Chapter 2207

 With another movement in his hand, another group of people turned into corpses.

        "I'm not lying to you, Su Yingxia and the others were really cut off halfway through the journey, and we don't know who it was. Perhaps, perhaps it was the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea that did it, the matter itself was instructed by them for us to do it, in order to lure you to Firestone City and then join forces to besiege you." Zhu Kaixuan said fearfully, "They were afraid that we wouldn't be able to stop you, so they might have cut people off halfway without following the plan."

        "If you don't believe me, you can go outside and take a look, the people from the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea, they should be arriving soon."

        Han Qianqian raised his eyes and glanced above Firestone City, where the four dragons were flying rapidly and circling, obviously spotting a large number of enemies.

        So, what Zhu Kaixuan had said was true?

        Hei Yu was a spy from the Pill God Pavilion or the Eternal Sea, betraying Su Yingxia's information halfway through, and then finding a Firestone City to be the scapegoat, luring himself in and then stalling him!

        It seemed that this should be the case.

        "Good, you can go on your way in peace." Han Qianqian bellowed coldly, and his jade sword was directly placed on Zhu Kaixuan's neck.

        "Don't kill me, don't kill me, although I moved your wife and daughter, but ...... you also slaughtered my family, let's ...... us get even, okay?" Zhu Kaixuan trembled as his voice begged for mercy.

        Think he a party city lord, but fell so kneeling begging for mercy, the former city lord style but as a dog.

        "Your family?" Han Qianqian swept a glance at the Zhu family members who had become charred corpses behind him, Zhu Kaixuan was nodding desperately at this point, Han Qianqian suddenly smiled disdainfully, "They?"

        "Not even a hair of Su Yingxia's head can compare!"

        As soon as the words fell, Han Qianqian's jade sword swept.


        Zhu Kaixuan's head, with eyes wide open, instantly fell from his neck to the ground.

        Seeing that Zhu Kaixuan was killed, a group of soldiers and executives were shocked, and those with weak legs sat down on the ground, followed by a group of people fleeing in all directions!

        A few minutes later.

        The three armies, totalling nearly 100,000 people, surrounded the entire Firestone City, which was already full of fire, and the sky, at that moment, was all blood red.

        "We're too late." Wu Yan leaned on Ye Gucheng's side and said in a cold voice.

        Looking around, Firestone City was already full of devastation, broken walls and ruins abounded, corpses were on the ground and blood was flowing in rivers, where was the prosperity of the past.

        "What does it matter to us whether it's late or not? From the very beginning, the death or survival of the Zhu family has not been in my consideration. If they didn't die, would they be able to hold back Han Qianqian?" Ye Gucheng laughed coldly.

        "That's true." Wu Yan nodded with a light smile.

        "Their deaths will only deal a serious blow to the two Fu Ye families." As Cool-Son Yeh finished speaking, he and Wu Yan looked at each other with a smile.

        With such an important geographical city as Firestone City, even a fool like Fu Tian knew that it was vital to the Fu Ye allied forces, so how could it be unknown to the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea, who aspired to dominate the Eight Worlds.

        The edict was undoubtedly true, but so what? It was written by Zhu Kaixuan, and it clearly stated that he would be loyal to the United Leaf Army for as long as he was the City Lord, but the question was, what if he died?

        From the very beginning, the Zhu family was bound to die in Cool-Son Yeh's chess piece, and what was given to the Fu Ye Allied Army was nothing more than a blank cheque.

        "Cool-Son Yeh, this move of yours is truly brilliant, it can both lure Han Qianqian here and completely dismantle the meticulous alliance between the Fu Ye Allied Army and Han Qianqian, it is simply two birds with one stone." Wu Yan laughed heartily.

        The Fu Ye Allied Army had people, Han Qian Qian was strong alone, and the union of the two families did give the Pill God Pavilion a headache. But if the two families were separated, or even if they had a grudge against each other, then it would be different.

        Right now, this was the case.

        "Those stupid pigs in Fu Tian, all they do is daydream all day long, is teasing them any different from teasing a monkey?" Cool-Son Yeh laughed disdainfully, "As for Han Qianqian, does he think he's the only one in this world who's smart? I will do to him what he does to me!"

        Wu Yan nodded happily, "But, Goucheng ah, how did you know that Han Qianqian's wife would pass through Firestone City?" This was the necessary prerequisite, whether all the plans could be implemented, this was the most crucial place.

        Speaking of this, Lone City Ye also felt incredible, when he first heard this news, he originally didn't even believe it, it was just that at that time, in front of Ao Tian, Grand Commander Chen and the others dumped the pot and made their own situation, so the dead horse was treated as a living horse, which knew that it was true, and it was quite rewarding.

        "I'll tell you slowly when I kill Han Qianqian and go back to drink." Cool-Son Yeh laughed coldly.

        Wu Yan nodded, "Okay, no problem. By the way, there is one more thing you did beautifully in Lone Castle, last night Zhu Kaixuan sent an urgent letter saying that when they captured Su Yingxia, they were attacked by a group of mysterious people, and Su Yingxia and the others were taken away with them. Hey, hey, you must have sent someone to do this, right?"

        "The Zhu family wasn't even on your radar, so how could you let them hold such an important handle? Fantastic, sec."

        "Su Yingxia is missing?" Cool-Son Yeh suddenly said incomparably puzzled.