His True Colors Chapter 2206

 Inside Firestone City.

        Han Qianqian's battle of one against six had not ended.

        But the soldiers and a group of experts who had not participated in the battle were already cold-hearted as they watched.

        The five top experts of the Zhu Clan of Firestone City, the capital of the five regions of East, South, West, North and Central, were all experienced in a hundred battles and worked well together. In the clan's civil war, the five of them together could even fight a tie with an elder of the Zhen clan like the white-clothed old man, whose strength was naturally amazing.

        With the addition of Zhu Kaixuan, an expert in the execution of evil, the six of them gathered together could be described as a group of stars.

        This was not something they imagined, but something fought out in actual battles, otherwise, how could Firestone City have such a large territory, and how could it be so scenic today?!

        However, after these six men took on Han Qianqian, it was surprising that in less than ten minutes, they were already showing their fatigue.

        They knew clearly that it was not that their men were not capable, but that Han Qianqian was simply too perverted.

        The offense was so powerful that it was dazzling, and not only did he have many strange attacks, sometimes he could even directly copy the attacks of the six of them. And in terms of defence, this guy was almost defenceless, hitting as hard as you wanted, but the problem was that even after the six members of the Zhu family had fought together for several rounds, they had not let this guy lose his majesty in the slightest.

        "What the hell is this? Is it a turtle?"

        "I didn't expect the legendary mystery man to be so domineering, no wonder he could strike a blow at the top of Mount Qishan that day. It seems that Jianghu rumours don't just exaggerate, they sometimes don't go into full detail. I'm afraid we know too little about Han Qianqian."

        "In the future, this person will definitely achieve some dominance and sit at the top of the heap. It's no wonder that the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea want to eliminate him completely, he will be a great danger in the future."

        "If it wasn't for the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Life Sea, if we work together with him, we would be able to achieve great things in the future, this man will be able to lead a new era in the future."

        The group of executives couldn't help but sigh, looking at Han Qianqian with both panic and appreciation in their eyes, but more than that, it was a pity.

        It was a pity that a handsome talent like Han Qianqian, who was simply a general made by God, had to be envied by the heavens and could only fall in Firestone City today.

        "How is the support from outside?" At this moment, a senior officer asked the soldier next to him.

        "Three large armies have been seen running outside the city and are coming towards Firestone City."

        Hearing the soldier's report, several executives let out a long breath, "How long will it take?"

        "In the time we planned, we can reach the city in about a quarter of an hour."

        Several executives nodded, these were the times within the plan, with the strength of their Firestone City soldiers, they recognised that they could hold off Han Qianqian for at least half a day, although this plan was overruled by Ao Tian, telling them not to be rash and that the army would arrive within half an hour.

        But all the executives of Firestone City thought that Ao Tian was merely being cautious and prudent.

        Until now, they did not think so anymore.

        "It's fortunate that Patriarch Ao Tian is being cautious and has only asked us to hold him back for half an hour, overruling which, according to our original plan, half a day? Oh, I'm afraid that Firestone City would really have fallen a long time ago."

        "Yes, this Han three thousand ......"

        "Fifteen minutes, with the city lord and the five captains against each other, it should not be a problem."

        Once this was said, the crowd unanimously agreed, and their hanging hearts finally let go. Although they were still at a disadvantage six against one, it didn't seem like they would lose anytime soon.


        Just then, just as the crowd had put their hearts down, a figure suddenly flew out of the battlefield, surprisingly smashing a stone pillar that was half a metre thick in front of the inner hall door straight into pieces.


        Needless to say, this person was none other than Zhu Kaixuan, the City Lord of Firestone City.

        Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

        There were five more muffled sounds, and the figures of the five great capitalists flew out and smashed in all directions.


        Han Qianqian was also in a stable position, perhaps standing too hard, and when he stomped his foot, the solid ground made of marble was hardened by several deep cracks.

        Soon, amidst the rubble, Zhu Kaixuan crawled out of the rubble in a mess, and when he saw that the five captains had fallen everywhere and were spilling blood, his heart was filled with endless fear.

        Like the other executives just now, he did not want to win Han Qianqian. He only wanted to take his five strongest captains and hold off Han Qianqian, and he didn't think there was any problem with the time.

        He didn't think it would be a problem, even if the time was short.

        But what he could not have imagined was that such a short period of time would become the longest in his life. He was so overwhelmed by the whole battle that at one point he thought every second was like a day. What's worse, they were defeated.

        The defeat was very sudden and very complete.

        He began to regret somewhat for agreeing to the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea to mess with this demon in front of him, otherwise, his Firestone City would not have turned into the earthly purgatory it was today, and his Zhu Family would not have fallen into this situation of no return.

        "Ah!!! Why, why ah?"

        Zhu Kaixuan roared in anger and looked up to the sky, his entire voice filled with resignation, anger, remorse and bitterness.

        He had painstakingly run the Zhu family for decades, and even more so, he had inherited the legacy of his ancestors to grow the family business, only to have everything destroyed today.

        He knew that if a quarter of an hour would not hold, then no one in Firestone City would be able to stop this demon in front of him.

        "For the last time, hand over Su Yingxia, or, leave the lives of all your people!" Han Qianqian didn't care about this and asked in a cold voice.

        If he couldn't find Su Yingxia and Han Nian, he wouldn't dare to slaughter the eight worlds.

        A single anger was for a redhead, but a single anger of Han Qianqian might be something that the whole world could not stop.

        After saying that, Zhu Kaixuan clenched his teeth and hesitated.

        "We really ...... haven't arrested anyone." Behind him, a senior executive of the Zhu family said fearfully.

        "Yes!" Han Qianqian smiled fiercely and manipulated his Pan Gu Axe, his figure like a ghost.

        Brush brush brush!

        Amongst the crowd of soldiers, at once the golden axe passed and dozens of people fell straight down.

        Brush, brush, brush!

        Another large group fell.

        Han Qianqian was like a human slaughterer, everywhere he passed, corpses were everywhere!

        Zhu Kaixuan's whole body was completely frozen, and the chill at the back of his spine made his whole body sweat furiously.

        One, two, three ...... ten, a hundred ...... When watching countless soldiers and executives turn into a cold corpse, even Zhu Kaixuan, who had walked in the fire of war all year round, was completely broken at this point.

        "I ...... I say!" Zhu Kaixuan sighed completely, "We ...... did capture Su Yingxia's group, but they are not in Stone Fire City!"

        "Then where are they?"

        "I don't know either, after we caught them as planned, but we were suddenly intercepted by a group of mysterious people halfway, those mysterious people were small in number, but one was more powerful than the other, Su Yingxia and the other group, were also intercepted halfway." Zhu Kaixuan depressed said.

        Han Qianqian frowned ......