His True Colors Chapter 2205

 Zhu Kaixuan was stunned and his heart was cold, but before he could say anything, suddenly, Han Qianqian fiercely moved his hand.


        A loud sound, many executives behind Zhu Kaixuan as well as many Zhu family members behind Han Qianqian, after seeing this situation, could not help but don't bear to put their heads to the side.

        Han Qianqian hand holding Zhu Kaixuan's son like a twisted stick directly stuck in the throat to lift up, and then thumped on the ground.

        Zhu Kaixuan's son was so dropped, the whole person curled up on the ground, only open mouth, but painfully can not make a sound.

        "Don't say it, right?"

        "Shoo! Bang!!!"

        Another overhead grab, Zhu Kaixuan son was suddenly caught in the hands again, and then another violent fall!!!

        This time, he was already completely lying on the ground, his limbs twitching.

        "Say it or not!"




        Zhu Kaixuan closed his eyes tightly, not daring to see the scene in front of him, much less his own son, how miserable it really was to be thrown around like that!

        Three times in a row, Zhu Kaixuan's son was already lying on the ground almost motionless, blood had already stained his whole body, and mixed with countless mud, became a complete mud man.

        The brain slurry wetting his hair, so that his black hair looks flat added a lot of snow white.

        The Zhu family is used to living in a privileged position, which has seen this kind of situation, each of them shrunk in a ball of fear, hugging each other to death. Even those soldiers who have experienced a hundred battles, can not help but suck a cold breath at this time.

        Cruel, it is too cruel.

        Everyone couldn't help but turn their faces to the side, afraid to look at him even one more time, in case he looked at them and then tortured themselves to death alive.

        "Han Qianqian, that's enough, you should not hurt my family anymore, I can only tell you, if you still want to live, leave here immediately, this is the only message I can give you." Zhu Kaixuan was afraid, he only had two sons, one dead, and one left among his family members.

        "If you can't hand over the people, do you think I will leave?" Han Qianqian said coldly with disdain.

        "You want people, I'm afraid it's not possible. We are only following orders, so don't blame us." Zhu Kaixuan let out a long sigh and stared at Han Qianqian.

        Before doing this, he thought he would face Han Qianqian's retaliation, but he still dared, naturally because there was someone to back him up.

        "Good, then go to those who ordered you to beg for mercy."

        As soon as the words fell, Han Qianqian's right hand fiercely moon wheel attacked Zhu Kaixuan, and his left hand Heavenly Fire fiercely smashed into the Zhu family members behind him.

        Zhu Kaixuan just and the soldiers hurriedly resist the moon wheel, that head is already hell on earth.

        "Ah !!!!"


        Above the blaze, a hundred people howled miserably, those family members like a fireman, desperately jumping in place, the scene is simply miserable.

        "Put out the fire." Zhu Kaixuan shouted.

        Numerous soldiers rushed over to put out the fire while saving people.

        But soon, these soldiers not only did not manage to save people, but also several people were burnt by the fire Zhu family members because of too much pain and hold for help, was stained with fire and burned alive.

        Han Qianqian's heavenly fire, although Han Qianqian intentionally reduced the amount of fire, but how will be ordinary people can be extinguished?

        Looking at his family members roaring and screaming in the fire, Zhu Kaixuan was full of hardness and pain, looking at Han Qianqian, he gritted his teeth and said hatefully: "Han Qianqian, the revenge you killed my family is unforgivable, you are really too abominable."

        Some people, simply will not pay attention to their own evil words, but will only think that others beat him too painful, and bite back, and the Zhu family people are the same.

        The human heart is inherently evil, and sometimes, in addition to not being able to look directly at the sun in the sky, is not being able to look directly at the human heart.

        They did the same thing to Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia, Han Qianqian is just a backhanded sanction, but in their eyes ten evils.

        Han Qianqian backhanded to hold up the sky fire: "Now, you still say, where is Su Yingxia? This is the last time, big deal, I slaughtered your Firestone City, slowly find!"

        "How dare you!" Zhu Kaixuan shouted angrily.

        "Then let's try!"

        As soon as the words fell, Han Qianqian's hands fired the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel in unison, while his body also rushed towards Zhu Kaixuan.

        Zhu Kaixuan was also very angry at this time, the revenge of killing his son, the hatred of taking away his relatives, with a few experts then directly against Han Qianqian.

        Six against one.

        The firelight shot out in all directions.

        A time of seven people in the hall fighting fire, each other.

        And at this time the sky lake city.

        The allied forces of the support leaves, a large number of troops interspersed in the city chase, Han Qianqian originally lived in the inn, at this time has been the life and soul, blood flowing into a river, countless mysterious people alliance disciples suddenly by the support leaves allied forces of the siege, dead and injured.

        The Wang family residence, at this time, also shouting and killing, the four evil kings with the United forces to kill the Wang family.

        Outside the mountain of the Void Sect, a large group of allied forces of the Fuye are also quietly approaching.

        Outside of Firestone City, 40,000 troops of the Pill God Pavilion, 20,000 elite soldiers of the Eternal Life Sea, and 30,000 troops of the Fuye Alliance, from three directions, pressed towards Firestone City with a bang.

        The sky, at this time, black clouds pressed the city.