His True Colors Chapter 2204

 Without the fetters of the experts in front of him, Han Qianqian went on the rampage, like a lion charging into a flock of sheep.

        Even if the Firestone City after the outbreak of the war, there are countless additional elite soldiers to support, but these for Han Qianqian, is just a laughing piece of powder.

        "Boom !!!!"

        Han Qianqian, carrying the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel, bombarded with Heavenly Fire in his left hand, and entangled with the Moon Wheel in his right hand, everywhere he passed, people fell like grass, and there was no life on the ground.

        In the city, there were fires everywhere, purple lightning entwined, corpses were everywhere, blood flowed into rivers.

        With these want to resist Han Qianqian, difficult.

        Want to resist the furious Han Qianqian, even more difficult.

        Originally the beautiful Firestone City, but now it is like a purgatory on earth, cries, screams, in all directions! The sound of wolves howling incessantly.

        Han Qianqian stood in mid-air, golden body and silver hair, stepping on the blood mountain river, like an evil god.

        Ten thousand soldiers were killed and wounded, more than a thousand experts were beaten to half crippled, and at this time, the golden light shining Han Qianqian body, is also blood all over.

        "Hand over Su Yingxia Han Nian, otherwise, I slaughter your whole city!"

        The words fell, an axe thunder down!


        Another hundreds of people died under the light of Yu axe, a hundred meters of the street also left a gully half a meter deep.

        Shock !!!!

        Even though there are still many soldiers in Firestone City, none of them dared to move a bit at this time.


        Just then, an angry shout.

        In the next second, thousands of soldiers quickly lined up, another group of experts led by a few middle-aged men quickly walked out, and at the forefront of the crowd, it was the city lord of Firestone City, the Zhu family head, Zhu Kaixuan!

        "Your Excellency is Han Qianqian? I have no grudges with you, why did you break into my city and slaughter my Firestone City?" Zhu Kaixuan said in a cold voice.

        Half of Firestone City was under fire, the people fled, the soldiers were all broken, as the city lord, how could he sit still?

        "Hand over Su Yingxia and the others, and I will spare your dog's life." Han Qianqian's face was icy cold.

        "Han Qianqian, I don't know what you're talking about! My Firestone City didn't arrest any of your people!" Zhu Kaixuan shouted angrily, but obviously the flash of haste in his eyes had deeply betrayed him.

        "No is it?" Han Qianqian smiled wickedly, his figure turned into a lightning bolt, and in the next second, had directly appeared in front of Zhu Kaixuan.

        As a city lord of a party, Zhu Kaixuan's cultivation level was naturally not bad, almost the moment Han Qianqian appeared in front of him, he had already left with a withdrawal.


        Han Qianqian also did not stop in the slightest, a fierce acceleration, directly tearing a huge gap in the formation of a thousand people behind Zhu Kaixuan hard.

        "What kind of pervert is this?" Someone let out a strange cry of terror.

        "It's not good, he's heading for the City Lord's residence." The other person beside Zhu Kaixuan suddenly reflected at this moment.

        Zhu Kaixuan's heart immediately tightened, and with a big wave of his hand, he hurriedly led everyone to rush towards the City Master's Mansion.

        But when he arrived at the city lord's house, the courtyard of the house, already full of soldiers and courtyard corpses, the entire graceful and luxurious residence, at this time is already fresh blood scattered in all directions, the house screams and cries are piercing eardrums.

        In the big house, hundreds of family members of the Zhu family have been forced into the corner by Han Qianqian.

        "Han Qianqian, you are still a famous figure in the eight worlds, bullying women and children, what kind of skill is that? Come at me if you have the guts!" Zhu Kaixuan shouted and rushed in with his men.

        "So you know too, what's the matter with rushing you, huh? What about my wife and daughter?" As soon as the words fell, Han Sanshu's right hand moved, and a Zhu family member's neck suddenly crooked and fell to the ground, never to move again.

        "What's the matter with you? Don't you dare to come at me?"

        Several more family members fell down.

        "You!!!" Zhu Kaixuan was furious.

        Han Qianqian smiled fiercely, his hands moved again, a family member was immediately sucked directly into his hands, his fingers moved, only to hear a muffled sound in that person's throat, and then collapsed without breath in Han Qianqian's hands.

        "Han Qianqian, you are a heroic mystic who is admired by many people in the eight worlds, do you really intend to keep killing these unarmed people?" Next to Zhu Kaixuan, an old man shouted angrily, attempting to use morality to suppress Han Qianqian.

        But unfortunately, he was clearly using the wrong person for this move.

        "I, Han Qianqian, never cared to be a good man, much less a bullshit hero, if you dare to touch my family, I will have your whole city buried with you. Die!"

        With a wave of his hand, more than twenty family members behind Han Qianqian perished instantly!

        The Zhu family's eyes widened, the man in front of them was not a mysterious man, but a demon from hell!

        "Dad, don't talk nonsense with him, let's kill him together." Just at this moment, Zhu Kaixuan's son beside him suddenly said sharply.

        Hearing his son speak, Zhu Kaixuan's heart suddenly fluttered and he hurriedly tried to protect his son, but a black shadow suddenly flashed by, and then, his son had disappeared from sight.

        "So this is your son?" Han Qianqian's entire person had already grabbed the boy and stood on top of the inner hall when he showed up, with an evil sneer on his face.

        "Have a little fun?" Han Qianqian looked at Zhu Kaixuan.