His True Colors Chapter 2203

 The words fell.

        A black shadow, like lightning, came straight, carrying the power to destroy the sky and earth, shocking the whole field.

        Seeing this situation, even the more numerous Zhu family, at this time, each face with a frightened.

        What the hell power is this? Strong enough to make people feel suffocated!

        Even though they had known that Han Qianqian was quite capable, and the Zhu family had long been prepared to deal with it, but when they really saw this guy's perversion, their hearts still trembled.

        "This guy, what the hell? Why is the aura so strong?"

        "Is this still a fucking person?"

        Han three thousand people have not yet arrived, several experts of the Zhu family have already chilled, some people's hearts even sprouted retreat.

        "Give me death!"

        With an angry shout, Han Qianqian came down with his axe, and the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel burst out at the same time, like a wild dragon sweeping through the crowd.


        Pan Gu axe raised to the sky, a hundred meters thick city wall hard under an axe, directly be cut to burst tens of meters, the violent explosion even made the entire city wall tremble.

        Heavenly fire moon wheel like a fire dragon electric cunning, across the vertical swing, where it passes, fire flash electricity entangled, countless deaths and injuries.

        Zhu family a group of experts, even Han three thousand pairs also did not take on, at this time has been beaten wretchedly, tired to cope.

        "With your strength alone, you want to fight my fire stone Zhu family, you are too arrogant." The white-clothed old man stomped his foot in anger, and his entire body directly ejected.

        Behind him, dozens of Zhu Clan experts also stabilized their bodies and immediately joined in with them to surround Han Qianqian.

        "Seek death!"


        Han Qianqian's golden light scattered greatly, and the golden light around his body even directly scattered, just like a divine Buddha, with his silver hair rising without wind and swinging.

        "I want you to sacrifice to heaven!"

        As soon as the words fell, Han Qianqian held the Pan Gu axe directly to kill the white-clothed old man.

        The left hand invites, the right hand attacks, its body is swift and fierce, its momentum is domineering, the white-clothed old man has never seen such a fierce attack, hastily responding to the battle under, with his terrifying strength of the early stage of the eight wilderness naturally does not fall behind.

        But soon, he found that something was wrong.

        Han Qianqian this guy only attacked, which made his attack very fierce. The white-clothed old man was tired of coping with the situation, and then he laughed coldly and slapped a palm over.

        I thought Han Qianqian this guy is finished, which know this palm shot down like a shot on the iron plate, Han Qianqian hurt how much he does not know, but Han Qianqian took advantage of this time backhand on his own body, he himself is not lightly injured.

        "Hiss, this guy is so strange, everyone be careful." The old man in white was knocked back several meters by Han Qianqian's punch and shouted to the people around him in time.

        "I little your mother!" The old man in white was attacked directly by Han Qianqian, who cursed angrily.

        Want to take a fucking breather? To see if the old man agrees!

        As soon as the words fell, a golden light and a white-clothed figure immediately rushed together again!

        Bang Bang!!!

        The sky shakes the earth!

        The two masters dueled, the fire splashed.

        From mid-air all the way to the vault, from the vault all the way to the fight to the void, mid-air, lightning and thunder, as if the sky were torn, at any time will be stepping square and down.

        Above the mid-air, the two do not leave any backhand, Han three thousand courageous, the old man in white also constantly seize Han three thousand not defending the opportunity to try to use their deadly attacks, defeating Han three thousand.

        Above below, a group of Zhu family experts, also always pay attention to the battle above, as soon as there is any opportunity, will immediately release an attack to help the old man in white remotely.

        But obviously, there are not many such opportunities.

        Han Qianqian under the Tai Xu Divine Steps had a fluttering body, sometimes far away from the white-clothed old man, and sometimes suddenly entangled in him, and although the gang wanted to help, they were afraid of hurting the white-clothed old man by mistake.

        "Now, you can go to hell!"

        Han Qianqian suddenly hideous disdainful smile, looking at the right arm was cut by this old man, golden blood, the next second, Han Qianqian fierce left hand slammed right hand, a blood instantly was shot into countless blood rain, straight bombarded the white-clothed old man.

        The white-clothed old man in a hurry, blandly just use his robe clothes phase block.

        But this, obviously, will make him pay an incomparably heavy price.

        And those who did not block the rain of blood, but at this time down the trend, straight down to shower those Zhu family experts.

        When the blood showered down, there are many people's faces or bodies are covered with a few drops of blood.

        When seeing the very golden blood flowing from Han Qianqian, a group of executives finally put down their hearts.

        "Elder Tianxiang is really a model for my generation, haha, it's only a few blows, and he has already injured that Han Qianqian."

        "Oh, they say that Han Qianqian is some kind of mysterious person, remarkable, I think, it's just like that."

        "Although the top of Mount Qishan is a master competition, this kid shines on it, but people who don't go to the top of Mount Qishan don't mean they are not experts. The eight worlds are immense, crouching tigers hide dragons, coincidentally or not, my Zhu family happens to have a potential dragon in the wild."

        Several Zhu family experts were already full of joy at this point, and were just about to drink to celebrate.

        "Han three thousand, a waste of time."

        Above the mid-air, after blocking the blood, the old man in white disdainfully put the blocked white clothes, despised and said.

        "Do you know me well?" Han Qianqian also did not attack, at this time gently stop body, funny look at the white-clothed old man.

        As far as Han Qianqian is concerned, at the moment he is just a dead corpse, naturally not interested in attacking again.

        "Do you think we will not do a little preparation? We naturally need to know a little about your situation. Knowing yourself and your enemy is the only way to win a hundred battles, don't you think so?" The old man in white laughed smugly.

        "Indeed." Han Qianqian smiled and nodded: "Knowing yourself and your enemy is indeed the only way to win a hundred battles, but the question is, do you really know me? If there is a deviation, then what should I do? However, I'm afraid you can only slowly taste this answer in your next life."

        After saying that, Han Qianqian beckoned, made a gesture of bye, and ignored what the white-clothed old man said again, turned around and flew straight down within the city walls.

        The white-clothed old man glared angrily, he is still here, this guy actually ignored to leave first?

        But he just wanted to chase after Han Qianqian, but found his body completely out of control, subconsciously look down, the pupils of his eyes suddenly widened!

        His body, at this time is full of all kinds of blood holes, through those holes, he can even see the sky behind him!

        "This ...... this ......" the white-clothed old man looked incredulously at the blood holes on his body, when was this caused?

        Suddenly, he shook violently: "Blood, it's all that blood!"

        With a resigned look, his torso also violently fell from the air.

        The gang of experts on the ground to help the formation, is happy, suddenly a number of people suddenly died, the state of its tragic, before reflecting, and heard the elders above the sky fell, dead dead, alive but also trembling with fear.

        And at this time, Han three thousand, has been head into the fire stone city, the killing of Qi people, like a massacre of devils!