His True Colors Chapter 2202

 As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian's figure suddenly disappeared, leaving behind only the coldness of the whole room.

        Zhang Gongzi was stiffly frightened by Han Qianqian's angry shout, and when he reflected, the window had broken, but Han Qianqian was no longer.

        "Grand Commander Fu, I ...... did I say something wrong?" Zhang Gongzi was shaking with fear.

        Fu Mang ignored him and rushed down the stairs at that moment.

        While Han Qianqian's figure shot straight out of Tianhu City, Tianhu City was by now filled with all sorts of eyes, and as he left the city, the news soon reached the ears of Fu Tian and the others.

        "Strange, strange, Han Qianqian has actually left the city." After Fu Tian received the news, he almost trotted all the way to the inner hall.

        Above the inner hall, Fu Mei and Ye Shijun had been waiting for a long time, they had even gotten up early today and sat here, specifically waiting for the so-called tomorrow from last night.

        Hearing the news from Fu Tian, Fu Mei and Ye Shijun were first stunned and then overjoyed, "Really?"

        "It is indeed true, I have placed at least a thousand spies outside early in the morning, and many of them just now saw Han Qianqian fly out of the city with their own eyes, and the direction is really in the direction of Firestone City." Fu Tian said with unbridled excitement.

        "It seems that Cool-Son Yeh has indeed not lied to us." Fu Mei said joyfully.

        Ye Shijun was also quite excited, "Then let's proceed as planned?"

        The two men nodded their heads.

        Then, the three looked at each other and gave each other a grim smile.

        At this time, although Han Qianqian was without his Heavenly Lu Pixi, he was able to push his Tai Xu Divine Step and his Qi energy was in full swing, without any reservation, and he was not even a little slower than usual.

        When evening came, Han Qianqian finally flew to the vicinity of Firestone City.

        In the distance between the mountains, a hidden city, made of lava, was surrounded by fire and smoke, casting a mysterious veil over the city, which looked like a city built on the crater of a volcano from afar.

        "Is this the Firestone City?" Han Qianqian's body stood up and Little White transformed after him, jumping onto Han Qianqian's shoulders.

        Little Tianlu Pixie had been captured and Lin Long was badly injured, so Xiao Bai understood that he was Han Qianqian's only helper at this time.

        "You're really good at finding places." Han Qianqian gave a cold drink, "Using the momentum of the mountains to create a formation to connect to the central Firestone City. When you go in later, you have to be careful. Although I don't know exactly what kind of formation it is, however, this Firestone City isn't simple."

        "Indeed, they know how to find places, but unfortunately, they have messed with the wrong people, just like I did back then." Little White let out a bitter laugh.

        Even if something was good, it only worked if someone would enjoy it, and if no one could enjoy it, then what was it?!

        Although Firestone City was exquisitely built and huge, it was destined, it was about to become an isolated city.

        "Should we call our brothers out to help?" Little White laughed.

        "No need." As Han Qianqian finished speaking, his body moved, the Heavenly Flame Moon Wheel transformed into a bow and arrow, and his jade sword burst across his body with a fierce arrow!


        The Heavenly Flame Moon Wheel and Jade Sword united in three and with a crisp and clear sound, it blasted directly at Firestone City's city protection boundary.


        With a loud sound, the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel as well as the Jade Sword slammed into the boundary, hard enough to cause the entire boundary to roll with electricity, and immediately afterwards, the three returned to Han Qianqian's hand.

        "Shit, this thing, it's really fucking hard." Little White whispered.

        "Then let's see if it's his boundary that's hard, or the axe in my hand!" Han Qianqian laughed coldly and raised the Pan Gu Axe in his hand, about to get up.

        "Who's coming!"

        At this moment, on top of the city walls, a group of experts from the Zhu Clan flew to the city walls one by one in shadow, looking through the boundary to see Han Qianqian rushing outside.

        "How dare you, how dare you come to my Firestone City and look for trouble." Amongst the crowd, an old man dressed in white with a red vermilion character on his chest shouted angrily, his cultivation level reaching a terrifying Eight Wasteland Primary Stage, truly an expert among experts.

        "What I want is the life of your Firestone City!" Han Qianqian laughed coldly, and his Pan Gu Axe suddenly flashed with brilliant light!

        It fell from the sky with the force of a thunderbolt from Mount Hua!

        Drink !!!!

        Boom !!!!!

        The powerful qi even blew the entire boundary to shake.

        "Han ...... Han Qianqian?" The white-clothed old man's face suddenly changed and he shouted angrily, "Immediately inform the top that the tiger has entered the cage!"


        "Old me is a tiger, do you think you deserve to be caged for a trash Firestone City?" Han Qianqian laughed in hideous anger and thundered down with his great axe.

        Bang !!!!

        The sturdy boundary was like pieces of dust under the axe, and with a muffled sound, the entire boundary's golden light quickly spread from the axe's mouth to the surroundings and quickly scattered towards the surrounding mountains.

        The sturdy boundary that used the breath of the mountain range, broke!

        "Han Qianqian, you are simply arrogant to the extreme. Do you really think that no one in this world can fix you?" The white-clothed old man bellowed angrily, "All the generals of the Zhu Clan!"


        "Take down this arrogant little boy!"


        As soon as the words fell, hundreds of black shadows attacked Han Qianqian from the walls of Firestone City.

        "If you touch my wife and daughter, I will bury your Zhu family with you!" Han Qianqian shouted angrily, and his body flashed with a great golden blanket!