His True Colors Chapter 2199

 Despite the happiness falling from the sky, the three men were no fools to believe in a good thing falling from the sky, and, what's more, a pie of this magnitude!

        "What do you want? Would you be so kind?" Fu Tian said warily.

        "What do I want?" Cool-Son Yeh smiled gently, "Patriarch Fu, you should not think so badly of me, someone Ye. Although we are enemies, however, the enemy of an enemy is sometimes a friend, isn't it?"

        "You are a smart person, you should know who I am talking about." Cool-Son Yeh smiled gently.

        Fu Tian and the others naturally knew that the enemy of the enemy that Cool-Son Ye was referring to was Han Qianqian.

        "Patriarch Fu, a thousand things are not as good as having them yourself. If I were you, I would take these two big cities, make myself bigger when the time comes, and then choose to join our Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea, or join the Top of Blue Mountain, or maneuver around both sides and take all the benefits from both sides to strengthen myself, these three are better than following Han Qianqian as a dog, right?" Cool-Son Yeh laughed coldly, and then, with a few steps, walked over to Fu Tian's side.

        With another smile, he whispered in his ear, "Even if you are willing to be a dog, with that shitty business of your Fu family, do you think, Han Qianqian will let you go just because you are a dog? He only wants to make himself big and dominate the eight worlds, so he's just keeping you a dog's life to work for him for the time being."

        Fu Tian froze, as Cool-Son Yeh's words had clearly spoken to the deepest part of his heart.

        What he had done to Su Yingxia and Han Nian, there was no way Han Qianqian would let himself go.

        This was also clear to him, so he had always wanted to build up his strength as well.

        "Now you don't need to be a dog, you can still strengthen yourselves." When Cool-Son Yeh finished speaking, he looked at Fu Tian with an evil smile.

        Fu Tian said in a cold voice, "Then what do you want from us?"

        "I want you all to shade him and kill all the allies of his Mystic Alliance, and I want the Voidless Sect to be exterminated! Finally, I want you all to join forces with me and besiege Han Qianqian." Cool-Son Yeh suddenly shouted with cold eyes.

        "Besiege Han Qianqian?" Fu Tian and Fu Mei and Ye Shijun were instantly shocked.

        But in the next second, the three of them were boiling with fervour at the same time for almost different purposes.

        If they could kill Han Qianqian, then they would be able to rest easy in the future.

        "With our Pill God Pavilion plus your Fu Ye allied army, what can he Han Qianqian do, even if he is capable?" Ye Kucheng laughed coldly.

        Fu Tian nodded, this was not denied.

        "The location of the siege, we choose here." Seeing Fu Tian nod, Wu Yan at this moment moved his energy in his hand, and the location of Firestone City was instantly marked in red!

        "Firestone City?" The three of them were puzzled.

        The siege was not a problem, but why should the location be set at Firestone City?

        "First thing tomorrow morning, Han Qianqian will leave Heavenly Lake City and head for Firestone City. After he leaves, you should clear out the remaining members of the Mystic Alliance in Heavenly Lake City. After that, you will divide your troops into two, one way to destroy the Voidless Sect, and the other way to support Firestone City at once, can you do that?" Cool-Son Yeh asked.

        "Why does Han Qianqian want to go to Firestone City?" Fu Tian was puzzled.

        "That is something that you don't need to worry about, just do what I tell you to do." Cool-Son Yeh sneered.

        "Then how do I know if you are lying to us?" Fu Tian continued.

        "I knew you would ask that." Cool-Son Yeh let out a cold laugh, followed by flinging out a yellow imperial edict from his hand, "There are no permanent enemies in the world, only permanent interests. This is an edict from Zhu Chunhou, the city lord of Firestone City, and it is clearly written on it that as long as the Zhu family is here, Firestone City will always obey your two families, Fu Ye, and there is also the seal of the city lord on it, including the seal of the patriarch of the Eternal Sea!"

        Fu Tian took the imperial edict and took a look at it, and said to Ye Shijun and Fu Mei, "Both the edict and the seal are genuine."

        "This is the deposit." Ye Guocheng smiled.

        The two couples, Fu Tian and Ye Shijun, looked at each other, unable to hide the excitement in their hearts. Previously, they were afraid that after they flipped with Han Qianqian, their power would be restricted, but now, it was completely different.

        After turning against him, the Fu and Ye families would have a brighter future.

        "Good, if Han Qianqian does leave the city tomorrow, we will definitely do as you instructed." After Fu Tian received Ye Shijun's nod, he turned back and said.

        "Don't worry, he will definitely leave the city, I vouch for the reputation of the Eternal Life Sea and the Pill God Pavilion, rest early, tomorrow is busy." After Ye Lucheng finished speaking, he smiled coldly, turned around and left straight away.

        Looking at Cool-Son Yeh's departing back, Fu Tian and Fu Mei as well as Ye Shijun were really confused, this guy Cool-Son Yeh, why was he so sure that Han Qianqian was going to Firestone City?!

        "If what he said is true, then this is a great opportunity for us." After Fu Mei made sure that Cool-Son Yeh had left, she suddenly said in a cold voice.

        "Taking the four cities and completely solving the problem of the Voidless Sect giving way will indeed be quite helpful to our development and growth." Ye Shijun said.

        "At the same time, we can also get the four evil kings to help us for a year, and most importantly, we can relieve Han Qianqian of this major problem in our heart, it seems that this deal is a good deal for us in any case." Fu Tian chuckled softly.

        Fu Mei and Ye Shi both nodded their heads.

        "The only variable now is to see if Han Qianqian will leave the city tomorrow or not, and even more so if he will go to Firestone City!" Ye Shijun muttered.

        "Tomorrow?" Fu Mei's eyes shrank.

        Tomorrow, would that really happen?!