His True Colors Chapter 2198

 "My subordinate is truthful, I dare not deceive you in any way!" Fu Shuo said.

        Ye Shijun immediately looked at each other with Fu Tian and Fu Mei.

        The corpse king king saw got up and smiled disdainfully, "Lord Ye City, Clan Chief Fu, you think it over and have your subordinates arrange a few rooms for us four brothers, we are tired from our weeklong journey and will rest first."

        After saying that, the four evil kings looked at each other and smiled.

        With a big wave of his hand, Fu Tian told Fu Xuan to hurry up and take them to the guest rooms.

        Once the people had left, Fu Tian then said, "Shijun, if the Wang family is really as Fu Shuo said that the sentence changed to Han Qianqian, how about ......"

        After saying that, Fu Tian made a throat wiping motion.

        "You mean, promise the four evil kings?" Ye Shijun frowned and said.

        "The sky wants to rain, the mother wants to marry, the Wang family wants to join Han Qianqian's Mystics Alliance, what can we do? There's nothing we can do except watch." Fu Tian questioned, while sighing, "On the contrary, Han Three-thousand is now in full swing, and quite a few of us have already secretly joined them. By closing down the Wang family, we can get the help of the Four Evil Kings, and most importantly, it's also time to kill the chicken and give the monkey a good warning to those who have attempted to defect from the past."

        Fu Mei nodded, what Fu Tian said did make quite a bit of sense. Otherwise, if we continued, it would do no good to the Fu Ye allied forces, and the more people would only run away.

        "But if we do this, Han Qianqian will be unhappy, won't this be killing his people in disguise and making an enemy of him?" Ye Shijun worried.

        He didn't know what consequences provoking Han Qianqian would bring, and he didn't dare to try. Because if he tried it wrong, the consequences would be very serious, even to the point of destroying his Ye family's foundation.

        To this day, he clearly remembers the sentence in Han Qianqian's ear.

        "I can kill your father, just as I can kill you."

        He was afraid!

        Afraid of being like his father!

        This, in fact, was what Fu Tian and Fu Mei were worried about, once they angered Han Qian Qian, not to mention whether Han Qian Qian would take revenge, just cutting off the path of the Voidless Clan would disgust the two Fu Ye families to death.

        If it wasn't for this, Fu Tian and Fu Mei wouldn't have to meekly act like dogs in front of Han Qianqian but wouldn't dare to retort.

        "Neither this nor that, Han Qianqian is now riding roughshod over our heads." Fu Mei said furiously.

        "But at least for now we can still develop peacefully, Han Qianqian does what he does for Han Qianqian and we do what we do." Ye Shijun said.

        Although somewhat constrained by Han Qianqian, Ye Shijun also understood that under the aggression, as long as they did not mess with Han Qianqian, their Fu Ye Allied Army would have a growing development.

        "The problem is, I'm afraid Han Qianqian's ambition is not small, you guys are just pawns in his hands, once Han Qianqian gets bigger, will he let you guys have a good time?"

        Just as Ye Shijun's words fell, a cold sarcastic voice suddenly came from outside the hall.

        The three of them were startled and looked back, only to see a handsome man slowly walking in with a middle-aged man.

        "Who are you?" Ye Shijun frowned.

        "I am one of the five great commanders of the Pill God Pavilion, Ye Gucheng." The young man smiled gently and slowly sat down regardless of the rest.

        The middle-aged man next to him was none other than Wu Yan.

        Hearing that it was someone from the Pill God Pavilion, Ye Shijun and the others instantly clenched their fists slightly in a defensive stance, but seeing that Ye Gucheng just slowly sat down, it did not seem like he had come to look for trouble.

        "People from the Pill God Pavilion also dare to intrude into my Heavenly Lake City at night?" Ye Shijun frowned and said in a cold voice.

        "No need to be so nervous, don't worry, I'm not here to look for trouble, but to help you solve your troubles." Ye Kucheng laughed.

        "What troubles do we need you to solve? I'm afraid it's you guys who need to solve troubles, right?" Fu Tian said in a cold voice.

        Cool-Son Yeh was not angry and smiled gently, "I'm afraid I don't need to say anything else about how you won this time.

        Fu Tian was at a loss for words, he was a participant in the battlefield, who didn't know exactly how the battle was fought?

        "What do you want?" Fu Tian said in a cold voice.

        "I want to negotiate a deal with you." After saying that, Cool-Son Yeh's hand moved and an energy struck directly in mid-air, followed by the energy spreading to actually turn into an incomparably clear map, and the map was precisely centered on Heavenly Lake City, spreading over a dozen cities around it.

        With another movement in his hand, a large city was circled on the map in mid-air.

        "What's the point of winning a battle, but it's only to open up two cities, Sky Blue and Sky Lake. How about this, I'll give you two cities!" Cool-Son Yeh laughed gently!

        The three Fu Tian looked at them with their eyes and were dumbfounded.

        Those were the neighbouring cities to the left and right of Heavenly Lake City upwards, Dream Cold City and Firestone City.

        To a certain extent, they were the two most important entry gates to Heavenly Lake City, and by taking these two cities, the Fu Ye Alliance could become a complete hegemon.

        Not in the future, but now.

        With four cities in their hands, they can attack and defend!

        How can they not be dominant?

        Instead, they planned to explore and develop downwards, as the cities above were already owned by the Pill God Pavilion or some of the forces of the Eternal Sea.

        Moreover, these two cities were so huge that it would be difficult to gnaw them down.

        But now, Cool-Son Yeh has suddenly given up his hand, why?