His True Colors Chapter 2197

 Even though there was someone in the room, Fu Mei was still terrified by the sight of this man.

        He was about two metres tall, dressed in mangled clothes with all sorts of strange decorations, with a white face and green mouth, a snake coiled in his hair, eyes as big as a bull, a high nose and a broad face, and ears like giant drops, his appearance was really ominous.

        As his body swayed, he stepped into the inner hall like a brute bull.

        Even though the lights were bright and they had seen his face in the darkness in advance and were prepared, when he entered the inner hall and got closer to each other, Ye Shijun and Fu Mei were still scared by his appearance and their faces froze slightly.

        "Bang!" With a loud bang, this big man directly placed an incomparably dried human leg on the table.

        Although it was a human leg, it seemed to have been specially treated, with a golden and transparent layer of amber-like stuff wrapped around the outer layer. Within the amber, the muscles of the leg are clearly visible, thick and explosive.

        The loud, crisp sound of the leg being placed on the table also indicates that the leg is extremely hard.

        "See you, Ghoul King, meet Clan Chief Fu Tian, City Lord Ye, oh, and City Lord's wife." Although he was greeting, the man's body was sitting straight, his eyes were even looking away, and his tone was full of arrogance. When he said the last sentence, Wang Jian was looking at Fu Mei, but there was no respect in his eyes, only contempt and provocation.

        Fu Mei's face instantly turned cold, but it was Ye Shijun, who was next to her, who could not help but reveal a smile at this moment, "So it is Mr. Wang See, the corpse king, the first of the four heavenly kings known in the Jianghu."

        "Well said!"

        "I wonder what the Corpse King has to teach me for his late night visit?" Ye Shijun asked.

        Fu Tian smiled, "To inform the City Lord, the Corpse King has come here specifically to join us."

        "Join us?" Ye Shijun was stunned, and in the next second, he laughed loudly, "If there are the Four Heavenly Kings known in the jianghu to help my Fu Ye Allied Army, that would simply be a great honour for my Fu Ye Allied Army, and in the future, not to mention dominating a side, even if it is to compete for the Three Great True Gods, it would not be out of the question."

        Hearing this, the displeasure on Fu Mei's face also passed in an instant, revealing a hypocritical smile, "This is simply a heavenly good thing, but, the Four Heavenly Kings, why do we only see one king?"

        The Corpse King laughed and clapped his palm.

        Fu Mei and the others only felt a gust of gloomy wind hit them, and three strangely shaped people suddenly appeared at the entrance.

        The Four Heavenly Kings was a beautiful name, the Four Evil Kings was what they were meant to be, the Corpse King refined corpses, the Blood God broke blood and condensed demons, the Bone Demon manipulated skeleton buildings, and the Evil Demon sacrificed dead spirits in yin, the four united, no evil, no bad, they had long been infamous in the jianghu, but were made to be feared because of their poisonous methods.

        "Introducing, the Blood God Zhou Tongtian."

        Body like a swallow, skin like powder, tragically white and enchanting, dressed in loose and strange clothes, like a devil in the dark.

        "Bone Demon Su Yan!"

        Eyes sunken and godless, eyes blackened, bones as thin as wood, bare hands as if they were a sheet of skin glued to bone.

        "Evil Demon General Ning!"

        Of the four, he was the only one who looked at least normal, and it could even be said that he was quite pretty, quite a feminine beauty.

        "Good, good, good!" Ye Shijun was immediately overjoyed, although he had never seen the strength of the four evil kings, but the reputation in the jianghu was already well known, the four stood in front of himself, Ye Shijun could feel the strong aura coming from them, which was far from being an expert.

        How can Ye Shijun not be happy to have such four fierce generals?

        "Don't rush to be happy first, we join you on one condition." The corpse king saw the corners of his mouth twitch disdainfully at this point, and raised his large hand abruptly.

        Hearing these words, several people froze.

        "What condition?" Fu Tian frowned and asked.

        "I want you all to do me a favour." Wang See smiled grimly.

        "What kind of favour?" Ye Shijun was also puzzled.

        "For you guys, it's just a small thing." Wang See smiled softly.

        "Our big brother wants you guys to help out with some troops and help us destroy the Wang Clan." Evil Demon General Ning laughed coldly.

        "The Wang Clan? You guys are talking about, but Wang Dong of Tianhu City?" Ye Shijun frowned.

        Wang See nodded slowly, "Precisely."

        The three of them looked at each other at once, Ye Shijun even frowned, in Tianhu City, the Wang Clan was a big family, and most importantly, the Wang Clan had joined the Fu Ye Allied Army, how was this going to be exterminated?!

        "What kind of enmity do you have with the Wang family?" Ye Shijun couldn't help but ask.

        "It's not much of a feud, who in this jianghu would dare to make a feud with our Four Evil Kings? It's just a matter of taking something from Wang Mang, as for what it is, it's not something you are qualified to know." Wang Mang said disdainfully.

        Ye Shijun's face suddenly turned cold, instead of saying that he was taking something, he was afraid that there was something in the Wang family that made these Four Evil Kings covet. He then said how these four evil kings would suddenly be so kind to come and join him, it turned out that it was just another plan.

        However, although the Wang family is now small and not much of a force in the United Leaf Army, it is at least an old and famous clan in Tianhu City, so without a clear and legitimate excuse, or without the benefits that the United Leaf Army wants, why should they fight?

        "Corpse King you are afraid that you don't know that the Wang family is also a part of my Fu Ye Allied Army, right?" Ye Shijun laughed lightly.

        "It's because I know that, that's why I'm so polite with you, cut the crap, how about we help you for a year and you help me eradicate the Wang family?" Wang See said in a cold voice.

        Although the Four Evil Kings were fierce, they weren't very sure about dealing with the old Wang family.

        Otherwise, with the character of the four of them, how would they come running to discuss it properly?!

        "The Wang Family has money and power, and although these four villains are fierce, they are arrogant and arrogant, he wants us to choose one of the two, I think, it's better to choose the Wang Family." Fu Mei said quietly.

        Ye Shijun was about to nod his head, when at that moment, Fu Shuo led a group of subordinates to slowly walk in.

        "Greetings to the patriarch, the city lord and the city lord's wife." Fu Shuo was very depressed and walked in to take a look at the four evil kings, and although he was taken aback, as a subordinate he did not say much.

        "Have all the things been delivered?" Fu Tian asked.

        Fu Shu nodded, "They have all been delivered, but ......"

        "But what?" Ye Shijun said sharply.

        "But ......" Fu Shuo rubbed his head in depression and continued, "But that Fu Mang is simply too arrogant. There's also something else that my subordinate doesn't know whether to say or not."

        "Just say what you have to say." Fu Tian was dissatisfied.

        With the Four Evil Kings here, he was in no mood to listen to Fu Mang's chatter here.

        "Yes......" Fu Shu nodded, "When I was returning, I saw that Miss Wang's family also went to the place where Han Qianqian was at night. Moreover, Miss Wang's family entered the inn more smoothly than I, the gift-giver, so my subordinate suspects ...... that the Wang family has defected to the enemy?"

        "There is such a thing?" Ye Shijun instantly frowned coldly.