His True Colors Chapter 2196

 Dozens of men stand outside the door carrying gifts.

        A young man stood proudly at the door, his stature erect.

        A few disciples, who were in charge of guarding the door, stopped them outside the door.

        "I have told you, our alliance master has rested tonight for something and will not see any guests, please go back." The door guard said in a cold voice.

        In order to prevent people from knowing that they were sending Su Yingxia and the others out of the city this evening, so Han Qianqian had given an order early on that he would not see any guests after dark.

        However, the group of people in front of him wanted to go in to see Han Qianqian, so the gatekeeper was naturally unwilling to do so.

        But it was clear that the other side would not stop until they were inside, and the two sides of the group were in an uproar.

        Fu Mang frowned and landed himself first, going to negotiate while Han Qianqian flew back inside the inn.

        "What's going on here? What's all this noise? Don't you know that the League Master has rested?" Fu Mang bellowed angrily and walked over with a few steps.

        "Greetings, Grand Commander Zuo." When the door guard saw that it was Fu Mang, he immediately bowed down respectfully. The young man, on the other hand, swept a glance at Fu Mang, his face full of disdain.

        "You are?" Fu Mang frowned and said blandly.

        "Hmph, well said, I am Fu Mang, the deputy head of the Fu family." After saying that, he disdainfully glanced at the door guard and said, "I'm here to give Han Qianqian a gift on the orders of Clan Chief Fu Tian and City Master Ye."

        "A gift?" Fu Mang frowned, "Sending what kind of gift?"

        "I'm afraid that's not for you to know, where is Han Qianqian, I want to see him." Fu Yu finished in a cold voice and was about to walk inside the inn.

        Fu Mang instantly reached out to stop him and smiled disdainfully, "If I didn't know, would you see if you could enter this door?"

        "Fu Mang, let me tell you, don't think I don't know who you are. Just a traitor to the Fu family, do you really think you've hugged a thigh and taken a chicken feather for an arrow?" Fu Yu was instantly dissatisfied.


        With a crisp sound, Fu Mang slapped Fu Yu directly on his face, which caused him to be shocked and look at Fu Mang incredulously, "How dare you fucking hit me?"

        "If you keep talking nonsense, I dare to kill you. But a mere junior of the Fu family, it's your turn to be reckless in front of me? I'm not afraid to tell you, even if Fu Tian comes, he can't enter if I tell him not to. If you have something to say, say it, and if you have a fart, say it!" Fu Mang shouted angrily.

        Fu Mang burst out in anger, at this moment, his men hurriedly pulled him back and advised, "Brother Fu, the patriarch is asking us to come to make amends, if it goes on ......"

        Hearing this, Fu Shuo's anger suddenly subsided a bit: "I am under the order of my clan chief and the order of Lord Ye City to send some gifts to apologize to Han Qianqian, we have all fought together against the enemy and fought together, there is no need to be unhappy because of some misunderstanding, my clan chief has dismissed the gatekeeper who did not know what to do."

        After saying this, Fu Shuo gave a wave of his hand, and ten attendants immediately opened the boxes, which were filled with some fine cloth and mountain treasures, damask and silk.

        "These are a small token of appreciation from our patriarch and city lord. I hope that Han 3,000 will ignore past grudges and work together in the future!"

        Fu Mang smiled coldly, before he waved his hand widely and had Fu Yu's men carry the things into the inn.

        Only when the things were finished did Han Qianqian slowly walk down from upstairs. When Fu Mang told Han Qianqian exactly what had happened, Han Qianqian only smiled and did not say anything.

        "Alright, we'll take the things, you can go now." Fu Mang echoed.

        Fu Mang and the others were very depressed, they had given them so many things, but without even a word of thanks, they had to be coaxed out.

        But just as he came out of the inn, he bumped into a group of acquaintances.

        "Isn't that the first lady of the Wang family?" The subordinate looked strangely at the group of people entering the inn, and could not help but wonder.

        And at that moment.

        In the Ye family residence.

        They should have turned off the lights and rested their doors, but at this moment, the lights suddenly turned on, and Fu Tian even put on his clothes in a panic and walked quickly into the inner hall after a subordinate's announcement.

        Fu Mei was almost woken up by the noise, and when she came out, she knew that a guest had come to the house. She was quite upset, but Fu Tian quickly sent a messenger to invite her and Ye Shijun to the main hall, saying that there was a happy event.

        Only then did Fu Mei depressedly lead Ye Shijun to the main hall.

        In the main hall, Fu Tian was already waiting anxiously, but apart from him and a few subordinates, there were no guests in the hall.

        "Where is everyone?" Fu Mei said irritably.

        "Coming coming." Fu Tian finished awkwardly while looking eagerly towards the outside.

        "Is there any rules? Coming to disturb us in the middle of the night and not seeing a single person for half a day? Even I've come out and they're still not here." Fu Mei sat down angrily.

        But as soon as the words left her mouth, Fu Mei couldn't help but sniff her nose strangely, because at that moment she suddenly smelt a very strange smell. It stank, as if she was standing in a sewer.

        "What's that smell? It stinks!" Fu Mei pinched her nose, stinking speechlessly.


        Just then, a rough laugh suddenly jolted out from outside, followed by a strange-looking man in the darkness, tall and dressed in strange clothes slowly walking in.