His True Colors Chapter 2193

 Ao Tian frowned slightly, "Is there this need to alarm his old man?"

        "Han Qianqian's hijinks are simply too many, if we don't eliminate the root of the problem, I'm afraid there will be no end of trouble ahead." Ao Yong reminded.

        Ao Tian nodded, last time Han Qianqian did not die, this time he made his carefully cultivated Pill God Pavilion lose face to his grandmother's house, next time, it might be his eternal sea.

        There were some things that had to be guarded against.

        Just then, Cool-Son Yeh suddenly added, "By the way, Clan Chief Ao, although we lost carelessly this time, we were not completely defeated."

        "What, when did the strategy of not being able to defeat on the body but not letting go on the mouth become popular?" When Grand Commander Chen heard this, he immediately sneered.

        Ye Gucheng gritted his teeth, but did not dare to get angry.

        Wang Juzhi was also quite displeased.

        Ao Tian took all this in, swept his eyes at the crowd, and then looked at Cool-Son Yeh: "What bad ideas do you have again?"

        Cool-Son Yeh gently swept his eyes at the crowd, meaning that he only wanted to tell Ao Tian, and Wang Juzhi was about to shout angrily, but Ao Tian waved his hand impatiently, indicating that Cool-Son Yeh should finish.

        Ye Gucheng stood up and said softly, "Now that Fuye has won a great victory, there is a great celebration in Tianhu City, but in the middle of it, there is something even more exciting. I heard that Han Qianqian humiliated Fu Tian and Fu Mei in public."

        "What about this?" Ao Tian frowned.

        "Oh, Lone City has an immature idea." After saying this, Cool-Son Yeh moved to Ao Tian's ear and whispered a few words.

        After listening, Ao Tian frowned long and thought for half a day before finally nodding, "How many percent are you sure of?"

        Ye Gucheng gave a soft evil smile, "Eighty percent."

        "Good!" Ao Tian nodded and looked towards Wang Juzhi, "Restore Cool-Son Yeh, I believe he was just momentarily confused and accidentally fell for Han Qianqian's trickery, which is why he made the wrong move. But young people who know their mistakes can change, they should also be given a chance."

        Wang Juzhi's heart immediately tightened, while his entire body looked at Ye Gucheng with displeasure.

        Wang Juzhi was really not sure what this Cool-Son Ye had said to Ao Tian that Ao Tian would treat him in such a manner.

        "Clan Chief Ao, I object." Grand Commander Chen was the first to stand out in dissatisfaction.

        Even though Ao Tian was quite authoritative, how could he be willing to watch Ye Gucheng take the throne? : "Clan Chief Ao, I am not questioning your arrangement, but I am worried for the future of our Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea, and even more so, I am worried that you are being deceived by some spies."

        After saying this, Grand Commander Chen continued, "As we all know, it is true that our Pill God Pavilion has lost big this time, but, with our strength and Han Qianqian's strength as a comparison, does it really deserve to lose? Not necessarily so!"

        "Is it really Han Qianqian who is so powerful after the series of bewildering operations of Cool-Son Ye, which successively cost us an army to ambush the Fu family of Tianlan City and an army to resist the foot of the mountain of the Void Sect? In thinking about the fact that there are people who retreat with their own master in one piece, isn't this suspicious?"

        "Secondly, when Han Qianqian flew into the base camp, he thanked Cool-Son Yeh properly, which all of you here should have heard, right?"

        The words of Grand Commander Chen drew many people to nod their heads, after all, Han Qianqian had indeed said that.

        "That was clearly Han Qianqian's stratagem of separation, Chen Rongsheng, you wouldn't even believe that, would you? Besides, when the main camp was attacked, we and Lone Castle fought Han Qianqian's side with our lives, and nearly two thousand of our three thousand disciples were killed and wounded, and Lone Castle and I were also seriously injured, which is better than some people who ambushed us with tens of thousands of soldiers in the paths and ended up retreating with their bodies intact, right?" Wu Yan said sarcastically in a cold voice.

        Grand Commander Chen was furious and was about to speak, but he was stopped by the old scholar next to him.

        The old scholar smiled gently and said, "I am sorry, Clan Chief Ao, we did not mean to do so, but it is really not right to give such an important position to someone who looks rather suspicious, I am afraid."

        "I do think that this method of Cool-Son Yeh's is something that can be tried." Ao Tian shook his head, rejecting the old scholar's proposal, and then waved his hand, "Do as you are told."

        Ye Gucheng instantly smiled coldly and proudly, "Yes."

        "Also, Ao Yong, take some pills to him, injured like this, I'm afraid it will affect the plan." Ao Tian finished speaking and turned around to leave the main hall.

        "Many thanks, Clan Chief!" Ye Gucheng was immediately overjoyed, leading Wu Yan and the others to follow Ao Yong and also go out to get the medicine.

        As soon as Ao Tian and the others left, the whole meeting finally broke up, however, the group of people such as Grand Commander Chen did not leave.

        "Fuck, what's all this." Once the people had left, Grand Commander Chen immediately said angrily, "Your Holiness, not that I'm saying that, but this Cool-Son Ye is just too much, a traitor, and he can actually be rewarded by Clan Chief Ao."

        "Oh, reward or not is not important, what is important is that Ye Gucheng, as a person of His Holiness, is eating from the bowl and looking at the pot, does this still put His Holiness in his eyes?" On the side, the old scholar suddenly laughed grimly.

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        Upon hearing these words, Wang Juzhi's face, which had been fine, suddenly turned extremely ugly, the old scholar's words hit Wang Juzhi right in the heart.

        At this moment, his face was grim.

        On Han Qianqian's side, when he saw the visitor, he could not help but smile bitterly: "Is there something wrong? So early?"