His True Colors Chapter 2192

 And at this time, the Pill God Pavilion's royal palace.

        The palace, which had been built at great expense, covered an area of several thousand acres, and at a glance it looked like a dynastic bedchamber.

        But how glorious the palace had been when it was first built, how desolate it was today.

        The Pill God Pavilion had suffered a major defeat!

        Although it was not fatal, it was a wounding of the bones and the reputation was in tatters.

        Today, outside the main hall of the Pill God Pavilion's God King, a large number of elites from the Eternal Life Sea gathered outside the hall.

        Inside the hall, there was a sound of tables and chairs smashing.

        Ao Tian was furious and his whole body jumped like thunder: "Wang Juzhi, Wang Juzhi, what do you want me to say about you? A whole army of almost 300,000 troops was defeated in one battle, and that's it? You are worthy to be one of the Three Great Gods?"

        "What is your opponent? What? A bunch of rabble. It doesn't matter if you lose, what are you doing by dragging me into the Eternal Sea?"

        Ao Tian himself had led a whole hundred thousand clansmen from the Eternal Life Sea to support him, but when he was about to reach the battlefield, he was suddenly accused of being lonely.

        The Pill God Pavilion was defeated.

        Wang Juzhi led a group of people and his men all out of the battlefield!

        Wang Juzhi lowered his head and gritted his teeth.

        It was a battle that he was not happy about either, for the loss was simply a mess.

        "Do you know how the patriarch of the top of the Blue Mountain would die one day if he were to die?" Ao Tian said in a cold voice.

        Wang Juzhi bowed his head and did not say anything, but one of the executives, who did not know any better, spoke out, "The patriarch of the Top of Blue Mountain is dead? This is a great opportunity for us."


        Ao Tian backhanded and slapped the mouthy executive hard across the face, angry and amused, gritting his teeth and saying, "Yes, he died, laughed off by you stupid pigs."

        That executive immediately covered his mouth, not daring to speak, and Ao Tian's sarcasm also made a group of ministers of the Pill God Pavilion present all silent ears instead of daring to pit their voices.

        "Patriarch, although these people are stupid, they cannot ignore the fact that the mysterious man is still alive, and most importantly, he turned out to be the same wasteful son-in-law of the Fu family, Han Qianqian, who is holding the Pan Gu Axe." Ao Yong said softly at this point.

        Ao Tian collected his breath a little and nodded, "This, too, is indeed something I did not expect. This kid does have some skills, plus if he is Han Qianqian, it means he still has the Pan Gu Axe in his hand, if this kid is not removed, he will become a big problem in the future."

        "The most amazing thing about this kid is that he can summon tens of thousands of strange beasts to help him in a matter of moments. Wang Juzhi hurriedly defended at this point.

        "To be able to find and replace tens of thousands of strange beasts in an instant?" Ao Tian frowned.

        "Even if the storage ring is bigger, it can still contain one or two living creatures, to fit tens of thousands of strange beasts in it, let alone whether the size can accommodate it, even if it can, there is limited space to survive in it. How on earth did this kid, Han Qianqian, manage to do that?" Ao Yong wondered.

        Ao Tian didn't reply, the matter was indeed quite fishy.

        "And those strange beasts are so strange, obviously when we faced them last time, we could all still handle it, but the next time we faced them, we were extremely struggling, those strange beasts seemed to have suddenly surged in cultivation."

        "There's also this kid Han Qianqian who is like a big turtle, he was once trapped by us with the Eighteen Blood Monks and almost a group of us beat him for ages. But this brat was actually only seriously injured and didn't die at all."

        "Even if he didn't die, he went back in less than half an hour and acted like he was fine again. Although we did lose this time, we are not as weak as you think, but it is really because this kid Han Qianqian, time and time again, is simply speechless, making our morale low, thus making us fall into the trap one after another."

        Several senior executives of the Pill God Pavilion Building also hurriedly took the opportunity to explain. Cool-Son Yeh broke away from Wu Yan's support at this point and proceeded to kneel down on the ground, "Clan Chief Ao, I am Cool-Son Yeh."

        "Ye Gucheng, you defeated general, this time our Pill God Pavilion lost, a large part of it was because you, a fool, was tricked by Han Qianqian, and you still dare to come out and support your voice?" Grand Commander Chen shouted in discontent at once.

        Ye Gucheng frowned and said in a cold voice, "Yes, the defeat of the rear line troops was indeed caused by my mistakes, but, Chen Rongsheng, what about you? Where were you during the civil war at the main camp? At the beginning, if you had listened to me and set up an ambush on the main road, could he, Han Qianqian, have gone so well? It is still unknown who will die."

        Grand Commander Chen was enraged, but was unable to retort.

        "That's enough, do you still want to dog-eat-dog when it comes to this?" Ao Tian bellowed angrily, then, sweeping a disgruntled glance at Ye Gucheng, "If you have farts, just let them out."

        "Yes, report to Clan Chief Ao, I know how Han Qianqian could return suddenly full of blood despite our heavy injuries. That's because he has a ginseng waifu with him who is as strange as he is." Ye Gucheng said.

        "A ginseng waifu?" Ao Tian frowned and said.

        "It's the first time I've seen that thing too." Then, Cool-Son Yeh told Ao Tian and the others everything about the battle with the Ginseng Wa.

        After hearing this, not only did a group of executives from the Pill God Pavilion freeze, Ao Tian and Ao Yong also looked at each other in disbelief.

        They had never really heard of such things before.

        "Clan Chief, I'm afraid that for these things, I have to consult your father, the True God of our Eternal Sea I'm afraid." Ao Yong thought for a moment and whispered in Ao Tian's ear.