His True Colors Chapter 2189

 When the underlings went out and pulled the curtains around them, the whole room was suddenly dark.

        Mr. Wang gently leaned on Han Qianqian's arm, indicating that he should now look at the roulette wheel.

        As the light lowered, Han Qianqian was stunned to discover that the entire wheel was surrounded by a faint green light.

        Immediately afterwards, Old Mr. Wang used his luck with his palm and lost it directly into the roulette wheel.


        The innermost layer of the roulette wheel still had a layer of circle, which was slowly turning at this time, and the green light was also dragging its figure at this time because of the rotation of the roulette wheel, just like a green dragon.

        And as the wheel spun faster and faster, the little green dragon actually broke away from the wheel and crawled towards the outermost layer of the wheel in the fixed circle.

        As soon as Mr. Wang withdrew his Qi, the entire wheel slowly stopped, and the green dragon gradually turned into a light shadow, eventually disappearing completely as the wheel stopped spinning.

        Han Qianqian frowned lightly, what is this thing? He had thought that it was just an ordinary antique, but he had not expected that a very strange and special energy would emanate from the wheel as it spun.

        This kind of energy was something Han Qianqian had never seen before.

        Whether it was the Eightfold World, or the Xuan Yuan World, or the Earth, or even the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books.

        Han Qianqian didn't know how to describe it, only that this power had far exceeded his own perception, and although it was released in a very small amount, the purity of it made one's brow furrow.

        "What is this?" When the wheel stopped and the curtains outside the window were closed up, the whole house was bright again, and the wheel in front of him looked like a worn out old antique as before.

        "The dragon wheel." Old Mr. Wang sighed and said softly. Although it was just a single blow, it had caused an extremely large drain on his internal energy.

        "My father is considered a party expert himself, but for the sake of this thing, he can only play chess at home in idleness nowadays." Wang Dong gave a bitter laugh.

        This, Han Qianqian believed, although Mr. Wang looked like an ordinary old man, his brow revealed an aura of unruffled authority, far from what a person could possess.

        However, this also aroused Han Qianqian's interest.

        Old Mr. Wang laughed, "To be precise, not only have I spent my entire life on it, but my father's generation, my grandfather's generation, and even several generations upwards, have all spent almost countless efforts on it. You could say that the Wang family has used at least ten generations of their hearts and souls, but unfortunately, to this day, I can still only barely get it started for a moment."

        "Then what exactly is this Dragon Plate? And what does it do that it would make you guys spend so much effort to figure it out?" Han Qianqian wondered.

        "I don't know, I only know that it's an ancient object." Old Mr. Wang shook his head and explained, "I heard that my ancestor obtained it by a chance coincidence, and according to the family book he passed down, it contains an extremely strong power, and once you unlock it, you can become a master-like existence."

        "A juggernaut-like existence?" Han Qianqian frowned, "Isn't that a true god? Could there be the power of a true god in here?"

        "The power of the true gods will only exist within the god mound, and what exactly this sovereign power is, I'm not sure, it requires you to unravel it." After Old Mister Wang finished speaking, he put the wooden box away and pushed it in front of Han Qianqian.

        "Old Mr. Wang, what are you doing?"

        "Do you possess the Pan Gu Axe?" Old Mr. Wang asked.

        Han Qianqian hesitated for a moment, but eventually dropped his guard and nodded, "Yes."

        "Perhaps, you are its owner." After saying this, Old Man Wang violently grabbed Han Qianqian's hand and opened the wooden box, while placing Han Qianqian's hand towards the dragon plate!


        A powerful aura was immediately forced from Old Man Wang's hand straight into Han Qianqian's hand, and the energy within Han Qianqian's body could not help but tumble, followed by a direct release outwards.

        When Han Qianqian's energy came into contact with the dragon plate, at that moment, a strange scene happened.

        The entire dragon plate slowly rotated, just like before, and the green light began to appear and gradually transformed into a green dragon, just like before.

        But what was different from what happened just now was that as the green dragon rotated around the outermost part, Han Qianqian made the green dragon shine even brighter, while a pit about the size of a palm was revealed in the centre of the wheel.

        "Don't be distracted." Elder Wang's words fell as he increased the intensity in his hands.

        Han Qianqian nodded hastily and held his breath as he urged his energy to continue pushing towards the dragon disc.

        As the power increased, the green dragon became faster and faster, and eventually it even really took on the shape of a green dragon, while the outer circle of the pit also lit up with a hint of a circle of light at this time, and inside the pit, a strange seal began to reveal its light at this time.

        When seeing this seal, Han Qianqian's entire brow furrowed and his pair of eyes stared at it with a deadly gaze, unable to move away even for a second.

        This seal, how ...... could it be it?

        This is simply impossible ah!

        Han Qianqian's entire heart rippled wildly, and his face was full of miserable shock!