His True Colors Chapter 2188

 And the game is over!

        "Oh, the late generation is not talented and cannot solve the game, what a wonderful game." Han Qianqian was ashamed, Old Master Wang's chess skills were indeed superior, and he himself had tried almost every possible way.

        He had tried almost every possible way, dangerous moves, confusion, almost everything he could use, and he had racked his brain. But even so, Mr. Wang was able to face it with ease, defending himself tightly and not giving himself any chance at all.

        "No, no, no, you are far too modest, a whole hand of certain defeat and you managed to go like this. Despite the draw, the tide has been turned. I, on the other hand, had the advantage in hand but could never get another one, so although it was a draw, it was actually a loss for me." Old Mr. Wang shook his head with a bitter smile.

        Then, Old Mr. Wang smiled and looked at his son Wang Dong, "With such intelligence and wisdom, it is no wonder that the Pill God Pavilion had such an advantage in hand but was ultimately defeated."

        Wang Dong also nodded along, he knew his father's chess skills very well, but Han Qianqian could play a dead game to this point, his cleverness was definitely not comparable to ordinary people.

        "At the same time, he can be overbearing at critical moments, catching me off guard, and at the same time, when I am gaining momentum, he can pretend and avoid me at every turn, even holding back again and again, he is really a great man, able to stretch and bend, the latter is fearsome!"

        "Are you still hesitating?" Old Mr. Wang said to Wang Dong.

        Wang Dong was dry and did not hide, "That thing is the work of several generations of the Wang family."

        "I understand, but I think Han Qianqian is the ideal candidate, and, not to be considered as a second choice." After saying this, Old Man Wang stood up and gently looked towards the inner hall, "The one who gets it should have both literary and artistic skills."

        "Han Qianqian is capable of twisting the world in literature and securing the world in martial arts, I think he is the best candidate." After finishing his speech, Mr. Wang then looked at Wang Dong, "Most importantly, Han Qianqian is only a person who remembers his old feelings."

        Wang Dong froze and looked at Han Qianqian.

        "If Han Qianqian did not remember his old feelings, he would not have come to the royal residence today, let alone accompany the old man to play chess, and at the same time, he would not have given you and Simin important positions in his alliance." Old Mr. Wang laughed lightly.

        Saying that Han Qianqian remembered his old feelings, Old Mr. Wang's words were a good explanation, but the words that followed were not understood by Wang Dong.

        From the beginning to the end, Han Qianqian had not mentioned anything about the Wang family joining the Mystics Alliance, and as for arranging any position was even more bullshit.

        Even Han Qianqian, who was the person in question, was very puzzled at this point, how did Old Man Wang know that he was planning to arrange an important position for Wang Dong?!

        "The fact that three thousand people came to the door in person is in itself a reminder of old feelings, otherwise, with the position three thousand people hold today, would they need to do so? Besides, as I said, since he is a man who remembers his old feelings, he naturally wants to give my family something in return, so it is inevitable that he will give important posts to Dong'er and Simin. Old Mr. Wang smiled and said.

        Han Qianqian nodded, since he considered Wang Simin a friend, it was only natural that his friend's father should come to his home to confirm his request out of respect. The second was that Han Qianqian had indeed come to repay the favour.

        If it were not for the two pills from the Wang family, Han Qianqian would not be here today. Although the process was convoluted and not what Wang Dong had wanted in the first place, Wang Simin did help himself with his life in the Carefree Village. Han Qianqian still owes the Wang family two pills.

        Han Qianqian also knew Wang Dong's mind, and even more so his recent encounter, and giving him a place in the Alliance would improve his face while giving the Wang family a certain sense of security and future value.

        This should be the best way to repay him.

        "What Old Mr. Wang said is true, and I'm not going to lie to you, Three Thousand has exactly that intention." Han Qianqian did not deny it.

        "Oh, three thousand, although you are amazing at chess, however, the old man is not bad either." Old Mr. Wang laughed softly.

        Han Qianqian glanced at Wang Dong and then said, "Simin has already spoken to me, my alliance now has two halls, left and right, however, as there are quite a few people in Lake City today who are planning to join us, if you don't mind, Uncle Wang, I would like to consolidate these new recruits into a central army, with you and Simin personally leading it, together with the left and right halls to form the iron triangle of my alliance, I wonder what you think? "

        When he heard Han Qianqian's words, Wang Dong's eyes lit up. Han Qianqian's alliance was now in the ascendant, and many people were trying to get into it.

        "Dong'er, what are you still standing there for? Go and get your things." Old Mr. Wang said with a smile.

        Wang Dong nodded and hurriedly turned around and headed towards the house.

        "One more game?" Old Mr. Wang said with a smile.

        Han Qianqian responded, and resumed his seat with Old Mr. Wang, starting the game once more.

        Wang Simin simply moved a small bench and sat gently next to it, quietly watching the two play chess.

        After a long time, Wang Dong slowly came out with a mahogany box in his hand.

        Then, he placed the box beside the two men and stayed beside them, quietly watching them play chess.

        Han Qianqian played a strange game of chess, seemingly without a pattern, but he played a combination of moves and siege, supplemented by tempting ambush moves, just as the sea seemed calm, but in fact the waves were turbulent and the currents were turbulent.

        Wang, on the other hand, is all about steady steps, watching the big picture while guarding the details, almost as impermeable as an iron barrel formation, before attacking occasionally in such situations.

        The two sides were not quite tit-for-tat, but at least they were inseparable, and it was only when it was dark that they slowly came to an end.

        A draw!

        It was still a draw!

        If there had to be a winner, perhaps Han Qianqian could barely count, after all, he had a slight advantage!

        Wang Simin had already arranged for her servants to prepare a dinner, including a dish that she had cooked herself.

        After dinner, the servants cleared the table before Wang Dong put the wooden box on the table again.

        Mr. Wang smiled gently at Han Qianqian and gestured for Wang Dong to open the box.

        After receiving the order, Wang Dong got up and proceeded to unveil the wooden box first, revealing that it was a plane similar to an eight trigrams, except that the yin and yang eyes were hollow.

        Then Wang Dong took out two keys from his body and inserted them into the two yin and yang holes, and with a movement in his hand, the whole box emitted the sound of gears turning.

        Immediately afterwards, the eight trigrams spread out towards the two sides, and a tray slowly rose up in the centre, while on top of the tray, a wheel made of bronze lay quietly there, covered with bronze patina.

        "This is ......" Han Qianqian frowned, this thing was really mediocre, it could be worth some money on earth also reckon it was the reason it was an antique, but other than that, there was no other value.

        Wang Juzhi smiled gently and waved his hand, the subordinates all went out, the doors and windows were also closed, and then, the whole room also suddenly went dark.