His True Colors Chapter 2184

 Hearing the noise at the entrance, Han Qianqian faintly looked back at it.

        On the main entrance, about a dozen people dressed in white were pushing and shoving each other with those in the queue. Those in the queue were naturally demanding a statement, while the people in white were desperately trying to stop all the people without saying a word, escorting a middle-aged man in the queue to the door.

        The Alliance disciples at the other tables in the room instantly drew their swords, and Han Qianqian waved his hand, gesturing for the crowd to take it easy.

        "May I ask which one of you is Mr. Han Qianqian?" The middle-aged man in white asked.

        "I am." Han Qianqian said in a soft voice.

        "My master has an invitation for you to come to the mansion for a chat." The middle-aged man said respectfully.

        Without waiting for Han Qianqian to answer, Fu Mang was already away at the side and said softly, "Qianqian, don't go, beware of any deception."

        "Yes, ally, it's probably someone from the Fu or Ye families. We made them look bad in the street today, this must be an attempt to set up a Hongmen Banquet and invite the king into the jar." Shiyue also said anxiously.

        Han Qianqian looked back and saw that several people had worried looks on their faces, and even Qin Shuang, who had been staring at the potting soil for almost a day, was now looking up at himself in a wooden manner.

        Obviously, in everyone's mind, Han Qianqian could not go on this trip.

        "Who is your master?" Fu Li got up and said in a cold voice.

        The middle-aged man lowered his head apologetically, "I'm sorry, but Han Qianqian will know when he goes."

        "Then we will go together?" Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng also stood up at this moment and said.

        "My master said that only Mr. Han is invited." The middle-aged man said.

        "Three thousand, it seems that there is indeed a fraud!" Jianghu Baixiao Sheng hurriedly shook his head and advised.

        Seeing everyone's worried faces, but Han Qianqian smiled and patted Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng's shoulder, "You guys work hard after dinner, there are so many people outside, screen some suitable people into the alliance."

        "You're not really going to go, are you?" Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng said sharply.

        "What's the harm in going?" Han Qianqian laughed.

        "But, the Pill God Pavilion has been defeated and the two Fuye families have been humiliated, if you go alone, what if you are in danger?" Master Sanyong spoke out.

        Han Qianqian looked at Su Yingxia, and although her face was worried, from her eyes, Han Qianqian knew that she believed and supported her decision.

        Nodding his head, Han Qianqian dropped the words, "Do as you are told. Then, he followed the middle-aged man in white towards the outside.

        Outside the inn, there was a sea of people, and when they saw Han Qianqian walk out of the inn, the crowd was overwhelming, with countless people waving their arms or shouting loudly, their enthusiasm was extraordinary.

        "Han Qianqian, you're my idol! I've come with my 800 brothers to join you."

        "Han Qianqian, be my big brother."

        The noise and clamour was incessant. Luckily, Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng rushed out in time and told everyone to start registering according to the order, so Han Qianqian was able to follow a dozen men in white out of the crowd.

        The journey was uneventful, and when they arrived at the outskirts of the crowd, several footmen carrying a palanquin had been waiting for a long time.

        "Please, Mr. Han." The middle-aged man bent down respectfully and said.

        Han Qianqian nodded and sat in the palanquin. Although the palanquin was not very large, it was luxuriously decorated, and at first glance it looked like a wealthy family.

        Once in the sedan chair, Han Qianqian closed his eyes in a rare moment of leisure, resting and relaxing by himself.

        Unlike the anxiety of Fu Mang and the others, Han Qianqian was only mystified by the person who had invited him to be his guest in his house, and did not have the slightest worry.

        In this small Tianhu City, Han Qianqian did not think that there were many people who could hurt him.

        Moreover, Han Qianqian had already made some general guesses about this person who had invited him.

        One was the Upside of the Blue Mountain. In fact, it was strange to say that after Han Qianqian faked her death, Lu Ruoxin's initial threat and desire to come to herself had suddenly disappeared along with her. With her intelligence, Han Qianqian believed that her fake death could fool her for a while, but not for long. But who would have thought that she would have been fooled? What was even more strange to Han Qianqian was that he had heard from Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng some time ago that Blade Twelve and the others were doing very well now.

        All of this really made Han Qianqian feel unbelievable and even very unreasonable, but all the doubts Han Qianqian himself could not solve, so at the time of the Great War, Han Qianqian took the initiative to reveal his identity, and some of these factors were precisely because of this.

        So now that someone was suddenly looking for him mysteriously, Han Qianqian's first guess was that it was Lu Ruoxin.

        As for the second, Han Qianqian thought it might be Ye Shijun.

        The words he whispered to Ye Shijun's ear, Ye Shijun probably couldn't sleep day and night. In the past, the two Fu Ye families were at least united with themselves against the Pill God Pavilion, but with today's breakup, Ye Shijun's days would be even more difficult.

        Perhaps he was worried that the words had come true.

        But while Han Qianqian was thinking, the palanquin had stopped.

        As soon as it stopped, the sound of the water outside the palanquin was soft, and there was even the sound of the zither, a kind of peaceful gentle euphony in it, giving people a feeling of being in a fairyland.

        "Interesting!" Han Qianqian smiled.

        At this moment, the footman pulled open the curtain, the green water pavilion in the distance, and then look at the pavilion heavy zither player, Han Qianqian's face is written full of surprise.