His True Colors Chapter 2182

 The city lord's wife was beaten and the head of the Fu family groveled like a dog, all in front of a man.

        And this man was Han Qianqian, who had always presented himself as a mysterious person.

        The news, which was originally unreliable, became a hot topic of conversation in the city at this time, with everyone from the greats of the jungle to the common people either discussing the news in private or spreading it around.

        Naturally, the whole of Tianhu City exploded.

        Many of the heroes and heroines who had already joined the Fu Ye alliance, or who had heard of the victory of the army in Tianhu City and were ready to join them, heard the news and turned to the inn where Han Qianqian was staying, waiting to join the Mystics.

        Unlike the first time, none of those who had joined in Lake City this day dared to wait outside the door until late at night, as they had done the first time. This time, all of them lined up outside the door early in broad daylight.

        "Defeated, defeated, utterly fucking defeated."

        In the Ye family's city hall.

        Her face was still puffy and swollen, and she was being lightly compressed with ice packs on both her left and right sides.

        She looked like a pig's head at the moment.

        After a roar of anger, she fixed her gaze on Fu Tian, who was sitting at the top of the right-hand side of the group of executives present.

        Fu Tian was also depressed, his eyes full of hatred for Han Qianqian.

        "Fu Tian, is this the foolproof, divine plan you told me about? You're already a few decades old, can't you tell the difference between a self-inflicted humiliation and a magic plan? Now, Han Qianqian has made a big splash in the whole of Tianhu City. Go to the inn and take a look, the street outside is full of people waiting to join Han Qianqian's banner." Fu Mei's head was simply swelling with anger, the whole person was truly speechless.

        "Clan Chief Fu Tian, this matter, ah, not that I'm talking about you, as a clan chief, what kind of messy crap are you getting into? Originally, the defeat of the Pill God Pavilion by the Fu Ye Allied Army this time was simply a great good thing for our two families, Fu Ye. Now, with all this nonsense, the two families have become a laughing stock. It's better to win this fight than to lose it." A certain executive was also dissatisfied and said.

        "That's right. If we hadn't done that to him, the Fu family would be laughing in the inn now, watching the street outside waiting to join them, unlike what they are doing now." Some other executives also said shamelessly.

        At the beginning, when they were targeting Fu Yao and Han Qian Qian, none of these people did not support Fu Tian, but now that they have turned their heads, their attitude is different again.

        "It's really others rejoicing and us worrying, I thought we could take advantage of this great success and make a name for ourselves, plus the two cities will be free and majestic, but now it seems ......" another person also shook his head not unkindly.

        "Think about it, if we and Han three thousand did not fall out words, in terms of our dealings with the Pill God Pavilion this time, we can all pinch a rope to defeat each other, the Fu family back to the third family, there can still be a problem? It's a pity ......"

        Fu Wei's teeth oxygenated, but there was nothing to say.

        Fu Mei at this point complained and glared at Ye Shijun: "And you, you also call yourself a man? Just watch me being tortured by others like a dog? Ye Shijun, I've really misjudged you."

        Ye Shijun wanted to say something but stopped.

        "How can you blame Shijun for this? Fu Mei, it was someone from your Fu family who messed up this mess and ruined the future of the Fu family, and also disgraced it along with our Ye family. You guys were humiliated, and that was also self-inflicted." The Ye family senior executive said discontentedly at this point.

        "That's not true, your Fu family's storm with Han Qianqian is not something we in the Ye family are interested in. All we know is that even though you had a bad time, the results of this battle are clear. We, the Fu Ye alliance, can benefit from it anyhow, now ...... hey."

        "Shijun ah, your father died suddenly, there are times when you should stand up and speak out, don't let a woman with her maiden family toss around, you know? They don't want shame, we still want it!" An elder of the Ye family reminded Ye Shijun in a cold voice.

        Fu Mei was dumbfounded, not to mention the humiliation she had suffered outside, but when she returned home, the family had also caused civil unrest.

        "Enough, aren't we still losing here? The Voidless Clan is at least willing to open a channel to us now." Fu Tian finally spoke up at this point, being played in reverse by Han Qianqian could only admit his bad luck now, but he had to stand up to the Ye family when they were on a crusade against Fu Mei.

        Fu Mei was not trusted by the Ye family and losing power in the Ye family would not mean the slightest thing to Fu Tian, only countless bad things.

        Once this statement was made, the crowd was dissatisfied, but it was considered an acknowledgement of this fact, at least the foundation plate after this victory, the two Fu Ye families had gotten it.

        The Void Sect has given way, and the two cities of Tianlan and Tianhu will be opened up. In the future, the two families of Fu Ye can be cooped up like a dragon on this side, even if they don't say how much they will develop, but at the very least, they will be on one side and dominant.

        These vested interests are in fact what the two families need most.

        It's just that the way they got them really embarrassed the two Fu Ye families.

        "If you leave the green hills intact, you will not fear the lack of firewood, Han San thousand rash brats, the mountains and waters have a meeting." After saying that, Fu Tian took a long breath, "It was indeed an oversight on my part to lose face this time, I didn't even think that this bitch Han Thousand would actually secretly incorporate the Voidless Clan, which is why it's so embarrassing today. However, you guys are not worried, I already have a plan to make up for it to the maximum."

        When the group of people heard the first half of Fu Tian's words, they were still comfortable, but when they heard the second half, they all couldn't help but sweat.

        What the hell is this?

        Wasn't dying once enough?

        Even Fu Mei, who had always been bold, was on pins and needles at this point, and her sweat was standing on end, and her face still hurt!

        "Don't worry, I won't mess with Han Qianqian this time, I'll just use him a little. Fu Shuan, you go back and send some gifts to Han Qianqian and apologise on behalf of our two Fu Ye families." After saying that, Fu Tian looked at Fu Mei and then glanced at Ye Shijun: "Although Han Three-thousand has a grudge against the Fu family, Fu Yu is a member of the Fu family in the end. If we can get past the surface with Han Sanchiang, we can use this for publicity in the future."

        "Will it work?" Ye Shijun frowned.

        And at this moment, inside the inn.

        In contrast to the depression of the two Fu Ye families, this place was filled with laughter. The Mystic Alliance disciples who had been left here earlier had all rushed back specifically on hearing the news, originally thought to have been abandoned, although they were very depressed about Han Qianqian leaving without saying goodbye, and many had even left.

        But the rest of them waited for the return of the now even more popular Alliance Master, and were considered to have kept the clouds open.

        Just then, a group of uninvited guests dressed in white also marched quickly towards the inn.