His True Colors Chapter 2180

 Ye Shijun's hand was swollen and painful from this slap, not to mention how deep a mark would be left on Fu Mei's face.

        His body trembled slightly and his eyes swept Han Qianqian with great fear, then he looked at Fu Mei with some grumbling and barked coldly, "What are you still standing there for? Go over."

        Fu Mei looked at Ye Shijun incredulously, "What are you talking about? You want me to go over there? Ye Shijun, are you crazy, I am your wife."

        "Go over." Ye Shijun turned his head away, not wanting to talk any more nonsense to Fu Mei on this matter.

        Seeing Ye Shijun like this, Fu Mei's whole expression turned extremely fierce, then like a crazy woman, she directly rushed up and grabbed Ye Shijun, roaring angrily, "Ye Shijun, are you still a fucking man? Someone else is clearly going to humiliate your wife in front of so many people, and you still fucking ask me to go?"

        "If someone else wants to sleep with me, you fucking have to pluck me naked and send me there too!"

        Fu Mei was like a total shrew, extremely good-looking and vain, she naturally understood what the past meant, so at this time she didn't even care about her ugly appearance, expecting to scold Ye Shijun to wake up.

        How could Ye Shijun not understand that if his wife was disgraced, he would be disgraced as well? But it's better to be humiliated than to die, right?

        Faced with Fu Mei's spiritedness and madness, some people were taken aback by her mad dog look, while others covered their mouths and sniggered. Previously, Fu Mei, who was quite the top of the world, turned out to be like a mad dog when she was down and out, and all that pretended wealth and reserve was ironic in retrospect.

        "That's enough." Ye Shijun was not satisfied and pushed Fu Mei to the ground: "Hurry up and go over."

        Seeing Ye Shijun's eyes so determined, Fu Mei was gloomy as she threw her gaze to the few executives at the side, who normally surrounded her like a dog. But at this moment, when they saw Fu Mei casting her gaze, the group either looked away or rolled their eyes.

        Fu Mei smiled miserably, she knew that she had no other choice.

        Fu Mang gave a glance, and Qiushui and Shiyue immediately walked over to Fu Mei's side, picking her up and dragging her straight to Han Qianqian's front.

        Han Qianqian glanced at Su Yingxia, who nodded her head.

        Su Yingxia came to Fu Mei's body, and when she saw Su Yingxia, Fu Mei's eyes showed a fierce light.


        Su Yingxia was not polite, she raised her hand and slapped Fu Mei directly on the face.


        Another slap!

        Su Yingxia showed no mercy at all, and these two slaps also caused a trace of blood to seep out from the corner of Fu Mei's mouth, but even so, she still stared fiercely at Su Yingxia with an angry gaze. If she could kill someone with her eyes, she could probably kill Su Yingxia ten thousand times over.

        However, Su Yingxia did not show the slightest bit of weakness, and even looked straight at Fu Mei: "Back at the Fu family, I said that I would return the two slaps you slapped me with sooner or later, and this is today."


        Another slap!

        "This slap was delivered by me as Han Qianqian's wife. Fu Mei, you keep calling my man a waste, but what happened, seducing my man in private?" Su Yingxia coldly hummed.

        At these words, the group was in an uproar.

        "No way, the City Lord's wife actually seduced Han Qianqian?"

        "I can't believe it, she's usually so arrogant, but she's a bitch at heart."

        "That's right, what's Han Qianqian's status, what's a small city lord?"

        "I'm afraid that if it was Lord Ye, there would be a green field on top."

        Ye Shijun's face was ice-cold and he was extremely embarrassed. He knew that Fu Mei would definitely be repaired in the past, and he himself would lose face, but he did not expect that accidents would follow one another, and that a big melon would fall from the sky and actually fall on his head.

        "I ...... I didn't ......," Fu Mei gritted her teeth in a deadly denial.


        Another slap!!!

        "This slap is from me on behalf of the ancestors of the Fu family, you and I are considered cousins after all, yet you tried to seduce your cousin's husband, moral turpitude!"

        After the four slaps, Su Yingxia then withdrew her hand and nodded at Han Qianqian, indicating that she was out of breath.

        Han Qianqian's eyes were sinister, although he knew that, given the character of someone like Fu Mei, Su Yingxia must have suffered a lot during her imprisonment by the Fu family, but how could he have imagined that this trifling bitch had actually hit Su Yingxia with her hands.

        Fu Mei was dazed by the four slaps and her hair was in disarray.

        Han Qianqian yanked Fu Mei's hair and pulled her head up, then said coldly, "City Lord's wife? You really think you're something? Let me tell you, I don't want to care how you rule in the Fu family, but if you dare to come and mess with my people, not to mention you're a mere city lord's wife, even if you're the city lord, you're still just a dog in front of me."

        "Singing Yao."

        "Slave servant is here."

        "Her mouth is too foul, you should help her control her mouth properly."


        Xing Yao nodded and took a few nervous steps to come in front of Fu Mei, however, seeing Fu Mei's fierce eyes, the always civilized Xing Yao was a bit scared at this moment.

        Qiu Shui Shi Yan looked at each other, and then smiled coldly at each other.

        "It's very simple, Xing Yao, if your mouth stinks, you have to fight poison with poison." Shiyue laughed.