His True Colors Chapter 2179

 Feeling Han Qianqian's gaze, Fu Mei's entire body could not help but be startled.

        Fu Tian's entire body was furious and looked at Han Qianqian incredulously, "Han Qianqian, what exactly do you want?"

        "What for? Fu Tian, it's fine for your Fu family to bully me and insult me, but the matter of you bullying Ying Xia and Nian'er, do you think I'll pretend it never happened with you?" Han Qianqian smiled grimly, the cold light in his eyes even directly caused Fu Tian to feel a chill in his back, "But don't worry, for the time being, I have no intention to take revenge, I'll give you credit, now, first, collect some interest."

        "Let Fu Mei come over." Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

        But one thing was certain, if the Voidless Sect did not side with them, there would only be one outcome. Whether they won or lost, the two families would be devastated and even devastated.

        "Han Qianqian, don't even think about it!" Fu Mei was scared, but she was so calm that she cursed angrily, "Just because you're a waste of earth, you want to bully my lady?"

        Han Qianqian gave a cold kick and fiercely stood up, his hands booming.

        The Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel transformed into a red and blue bow and arrow, and with a shake in her hand!!!


        The four dragons suddenly leapt out and roared into the sky!

        With another wave of his hand, hundreds of strange beasts appeared out of thin air, all gathered behind Han Qianqian, lining up neatly through the aisle, each one showing their teeth and a fierce look.

        The sudden appearance of hundreds of strange beasts, coupled with the four dragons circling in the sky, was so powerful that all those present were shocked.

        The most terrifying thing is that Han Qianqian is still holding the Pan Gu axe in his left hand, his hair is suddenly silver, his whole aura is spread out, and the pressure of his huge body can be felt within a hundred meters to the point of suffocation.

        "This guy ......"

        "This aura is too strong, right? Is this still a human being?"

        "This kind of aura, I once only saw it from the two True Gods at the top of the Blue Mountain and the Eternal Sea when I was at the Palace of Qishan. It's powerful, it's just so powerful that one can barely breathe."

        "What is even more terrifying than this is the army of strange beasts beside him. Don't you guys forget that in this battle with the Pill God Pavilion, it was this group of strange beasts that made several surprise attacks and dealt a fatal blow to the Pill God Pavilion."

        "I heard that the strange beasts were from the Voidless Sect, how could they be suddenly controlled by that guy?"

        A group of spectators were shocked while discussing what was happening in front of them.

        At this moment, a man slapped his head and said in a shocked voice, "Holy shit, what did I just say? I can't believe that my unreliable gossip is the real news?"

        "What do you mean?" The next person asked.

        "The gossip says that this battle has little to do with either of the Fu Ye families, or even with the Voidless Sect, and that it mainly relies on one person. And that person, it is said, is the Mystic." The man said.

        At first, he didn't really believe in these gossips either, so naturally he thought they were unreliable, but how could he know that the further he looked into this drama, the more he realized that the facts were surprisingly similar.

        This was not fucking gossip, this was clearly a shocking insider story.

        "Wait! That's not right, I remember the mystery man is the one with the unique red and blue weapon, how come this guy is too."

        "The point is not the red and blue weapons, but ...... the axe in his hand, don't you think that is simply ......"

        "A panga axe?"

        With a startled shout from someone, followed by the entire crowd exploding.

        "Isn't the one holding the Pan Gu Axe in his hand ...... that Han Qianqian, the Ye family's former wasteful son-in-law?"

        "Rumour has it that before the tournament at the top of Mount Qishan began, Han Qianqian had however accidentally fallen into the Endless Abyss, how could he possibly be alive? This isn't Han Qianqian, is it?"

        "Could it be that the Pan Gu Axe was given to this man before Han Qianqian's death?"

        The group of people all frowned, curious about this matter.

        "That man is Han Qianqian!" Suddenly, someone shouted out, "Have you forgotten what Fu Mei said about him just now? He said that that man is a waste of space from Earth."

        At this remark, all the guests watching this group of guests all froze. Fu Mei, who was full of anger, also froze, as she obviously did not expect that her thoughtless remark had accidentally leaked out the secret she was most reluctant to let others know.

        "Fu Mang, Fu Yao, oh my, how those two beside him have always looked familiar to me, but I didn't know who they were for a while. Now, I finally remembered."

        "That means that this person is really Han Qianqian?"

        Although many people were surprised, and many did not want to believe this fact, it was the only explanation that made sense in their minds at the moment.

        He was the "dead" son-in-law of the Fu family, and more importantly, he was most likely the mysterious man who had become so popular and caused such a stir.

        With the Red and Blue martial arts, plus the two key figures of the Mystic Alliance, Fu Mang and Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng, everything seems to have been uncovered before the truth.

        If that was the case, it also meant that that Han Qianqian from Earth was not a waste at all, or even an overpowering dragon in the Eightfold World!

        "Just because I'm a waste of Earth!" At that moment, Han Qianqian looked at Fu Mei and suddenly said in a cold voice.

        "He really is Han Qianqian!!!"

        "Oh my god, I cracked up, he's really the Ruined ...... No, the son-in-law of the Fu family, Han Qianqian?"

        Although many people already believed that he was Han Qianqian, when the person in question had personally nodded his head, the shock it brought was clearly still powerful.

        But many people also had a deeper question.

        "How on earth did this guy get out of the Endless Abyss? Isn't there a legend that if you fall into that thing, you can only die? This is the truth that countless True Gods have told us with lessons of blood."

        "Could it be that this guy is an earthling and because he's so inferior, the Infinite Abyss doesn't actually have that strong of an effect on inferior beings."

        "You can shut up, saying such things, are you afraid of not knowing how to die?"

        Upon being reminded by a bystander, the fellow who had said that Han Sanchi was a low-class creature instantly turned pale and hurriedly shut his mouth.

        But there was another person who, at this moment, although he appeared to be standing frozen on the surface, his legs were in fact already going weak.

        Ye Shijun.

        When he was sure that the man in front of him was the Fu family's Han Qianqian, his forehead was already sweating furiously with cold sweat; it turned out that he was the man wearing the mask that day.

        The words he had attached to his ear suddenly rang in his ears at that moment. He really did not lie to himself, those were all true.

        Fu Tian completely sighed at this point and nodded to Fu Mei, signalling her to stop talking and hurry over.

        Several executives of the two Fu Ye families also turned their heads to the side, with obvious meaning.

        "Are you guys crazy? You want me to bow down to that trash? I'm warning you, it's not only me who will lose face, but also your two Fu Ye families!" Fu Mei's entire expression was fierce as she roared.


        But at that moment, a heavy slap suddenly slapped her across the face, and she looked back to see that it was Ye Shijun.