His True Colors Chapter 2175

 Fu Tian was instantly delighted, "This is natural to invite."

        Sanyong shook his head helplessly and sighed as he sat up from his seat, "Then I will return as soon as I go."

        After saying that, Sanyong quickly got up and walked outside.

        "Isn't this better now? If I had known this, why would I have asked Qinshang? A daughter's family is really worried and indecisive when she is the head of the family." Seeing that Sanyong had gone out, several senior managers also relaxed and sneered at Qin Shrost.

        Qin Shuang did not reply, but continued to look at her potting soil.

        A few moments later, Sanyong returned, and the two gangs of Fuye stood up hastily, but when they saw that Sanyong was the only one who had returned, they were slightly chilled in their hearts.

        "Master Sanyong, where is that one?" Fu Tian said urgently.

        "Ai, I went to ask, he didn't want to come over, saying that it's the same wherever he sits to eat." Sanyong smiled bitterly helplessly.

        "This ......" Fu Tian was speechless and looked at each other with a few executives.

        However, it didn't matter, if a deal was made, their two families, Fu Ye, could be completely big in the future. This was how they could suppress Han Qianqian on both sides while making their own family bigger, killing two birds with one stone.

        "It's alright, we'll go over and find him personally." Fu Mei said.

        "That ...... is fine," Sanyong blushed, but eventually nodded his head.

        With that, a group of people slowly walked out of the main hall under Sanyong's leadership and arrived at the inner courtyard. Fu Tian was full of joy as he looked around in an attempt to find the man.

        However, Sanyong did not even stop and walked straight out of the main gate.

        Fu Tian frowned: "What ...... is this all about? How could your superiors be sitting in such a place? Is this a wrong arrangement somewhere? Master Sanyong, don't worry, I will deal with these lackeys later."

        Without replying, Sannaga got up and walked towards the street outside.

        The streets were full of guests, and those in this vicinity were usually some minor officials below the troops, in a small position.

        The group walked through a sea of people, causing the guests to look up.

        After all, the status of Fu Tian's group was just too dazzling for the day.

        "The senior executives of the Fu family, I heard that they all stay in the inner hall, why are they out here?"

        "Look at them with their glasses of wine, they seem to be looking for someone."

        "Couldn't it be that there's some important person sitting in here?"

        While several guests were talking, Sanyong's group had arrived in front of an alleyway.

        A table had been arranged in the alleyway at some point, and although there was little laughter, a clatter of dishes could be heard from inside.

        And at the very front of the alley stood a huge paper sign which was the barrier that blocked their view. On it were the words, Male dogs and female dogs were not allowed inside.

        Seeing Fu Tian and the others come to this sign, the group of guests whispered again.

        "Holy shit, the idiot at that table carried the table into the alley to eat on his own and wrote a paper sign like that there, I thought it was an idiot at the time."

        "I also thought I'd gotten my head out of my ass during the war, what's the point of having all this at a nice banquet? And as a result, the executives of the two Fuye families came to see him?"

        "Oh, I'm afraid it's because the people from the two Fuye families think this kind of behaviour of his is brainless, so they didn't allow to come out to stop it?"

        Hearing the whispered words next to him, Fu Tian was also quite embarrassed, and the executives behind him also frowned.

        Fu Tian asked to Master Sannaga who was beside him, "Master, what does this mean?"

        Without waiting for Sannaga to answer, just then, Qiushui hurriedly ran out, and then, with an embarrassed smile, "Sorry, there was a mistake."

        It was then that the Fuye executives could not help but sigh with relief.

        But in the next second, a group of people froze again as Qiu Shui picked up the pen and did not erase the words, but instead added a few words - Fu Ye two families with, a total of five words.

        "The two Fu Ye families and male dogs and female dogs are not allowed inside!" A senior manager of the Fu family read at once.

        Because Qiushui had written it in red ink, the five newly added words stood out.

        "Fuck, what does this mean? This is a blatant insult to our Fu Family and Ye Family as male dogs and bitches?"

        "Fuck, it's simply arrogant, how dare you humiliate us."

        "Master Sanyong, hurry up and have the people removed. Otherwise, don't blame us for being ungracious."

        A group of executives from the two Fu Ye families were instantly displeased, each one shouting in unbridled anger, and Sannaga was embarrassed, but just shook his head, "Gentlemen, this ...... is not something I am qualified to withdraw."

        Just then, Fu Tian but waved a big hand: "No need to get angry, the big picture is important."

        After all, the soft take down of the Voidless Sect is the top priority for the two Fu Ye families at the moment, so Fu Tian knows a great principle, a small intolerance is a big mistake.

        "My name is Fu Tian, I have come to pay a visit!" After saying this, Fu Tian raised his wine cup high.

        However, there was no response from within the lane.

        "I am Fu Tian, specially ......"

        "Qiushui." Just then, there was finally a response from inside, which made Fu Tian breathe a sigh of relief, but which knew that the other party was not responding to him at all, instead, he instructed Qiushui who was next to him, "Put the cardboard slightly sideways, it's a bit blocking the light, it's not convenient to eat."

        Fu Tian froze, but in the next second the whole person couldn't help but frown, because the voice, seemed rather familiar.

        "Yes!" Qiu Shui smiled and nodded, and then, placed the cardboard on its side.

        Once there was no cardboard, Fu Ye's group could finally see what was going on in the alley. A large group of people were gathered around the table, eating quietly, and the one who had just let out a shout was none other than Fu Mang, whom Fu Tian knew too well to be familiar with!

        At this moment, Fu Mang had long ago found it hard to hold back his laughter and laughed out loud.

        When Fu Tian was moved to anger, he found Han Qian Qian sitting on top of the main table, eating his food indifferently.

        "Han Qianqian?"