His True Colors Chapter 2174

 It was inevitable for Fu Tian and Fu Mei and the others to be so chesty.

        The Pill God Pavilion had already been defeated, and this was one of the three great clans, and their Fu Ye Allied Army could be said to be on the verge of making a splash in the Eight Directions World. At the same time, even the Pill God Pavilion had been defeated, the Fu Ye Allied Army had no rivals, at least in this area, for now.

        So did the Voidless Clan have a choice?

        They had no choice!

        So, of course, Fu Tian and Fu Mei and the others did not find anything surprising about the Voidless Clan's incorporation.

        It was just a different approach.

        If hospitality could be exchanged for a peaceful solution, that would be best. If they were to be treated with respect, what could the Void Sect do if they were to take it on the chin with the strength of the Fu and Ye families?

        This is the main focus of this drama of Fu Tian today.

        If the intention to dilute or downplay Han Qianqian's merits was an external punch, then swallowing the Voidless Clan was the real knife to the heart.

        Once this is accomplished, the two families can completely complete their previous layout, with Sky Blue City and Sky Lake City in a horned position, closely linked to each other, then this area will become an extremely powerful existence for them.

        Not only would they be able to annex the surrounding areas and become a dominant power, they would even be able to challenge the True Gods and return to the top of the world in the future.

        And what is a little Han Qianqian worth? At that time, even if he had some skills, what could he do?

        Sanyong froze and smiled bitterly, "Clan Chief Fu Tian, your kindness is received by Sanyong. It's just that this ......"

        "Oh, I forgot, Master Sanyong said that the current head of the Voidless Clan is Miss Qin Shannon, and this is something that I naturally need to consult Miss Qin Shannon about." Fu Tian smiled lightly.

        Then, he raised his wine cup and toasted Qin Shrost, saying, "Master Qin Shrost, this matter concerns the prosperity of my two families, Fu Ye, as well as the Voidless Clan for a hundred years, it is a great plan, I still hope you will give your nod."

        "Yes, we can guarantee that no matter how the Voidless Clan joins our two Fu Ye families, we will treat the Voidless Clan as our own team and share our blessings." Fu Mei also said.

        How could Ye Shijun let go of an opportunity to show himself in front of a beautiful woman: "Sect Leader Qinshang, I, Ye Shijun, am the City Lord of Tianhu City, if we can cooperate, I can even guarantee that ten percent of Tianhu City's annual tax revenue can be given to the Voidless Clan for military expenses."

        Ye Shijun could not be described as generous, as he was offering ten percent of the tax revenue, which was actually a huge amount of money for any small sect.

        Even though the Fu family naturally wished to take the Voidless Sect without bloodshed, it was not so generous as Ye Shijun.

        But even so, at this moment, Qin Shant just looked down at the pot of soil in his hands, seemingly deaf to what they were saying.

        The two Fu and Ye families looked at each other in disbelief. Naturally, they did not know that Qin Shoung was in a grief-stricken mood, and despite being dragged here by Han Qianqian, they did not have the heart to care about such matters. In the eyes of the Fu family, they still thought that Qin Shoung was not satisfied.

        "How about I add another five points to your Voidless Clan on the tax?" Ye Shijun also froze for a moment, he had been so generous, but he hadn't even gotten a smile from a beautiful woman, which made him a little unhappy.

        Fu Mei was so angry that she gave Ye Shijun's thigh a fierce twist under the table on the spot.

        "Miss Qinshang, fifteen percent of the tax in Tianhu City is already a very high condition, although the Voidless Clan sits in a special geographical location, don't hold your selfishness too much." A certain senior executive droned in a low voice of dissatisfaction.

        "That's right, sometimes asking for a price is not only gainful, but can lead to trouble." Another executive also threatened in a cold voice.

        Qin Shuang remained silent, staring blankly at the pot of soil in his hands.

        San Yong's face was hard to read, and as he watched each of the two Fu Ye families with angry faces, he was really worried that this meal might be a Hongmen Banquet.

        Fu Tian was also a little impatient at this point and looked at Sanyong, saying, "Master Sanyong, what does Master Qin Shant mean by this? Is he saying yes or no? There has to be an explanation, right?"

        Sanyong smiled awkwardly, and at this moment, Lin Mengxi said softly at this moment, "Senior brother, Frost seems to be in a bad mood, so why don't we ask someone else?"

        "Someone else? Is it hard to say that there is someone else in charge of your Voidless Sect?" Fu Mei frowned coldly.

        This was something that Sanyong did not deny: "Indeed, there is someone who says something that is far more capable of swaying the entire Voidless Clan than what Qin Shrost says."

        The Second Elder, Third Elder and Lin Mengxi all nodded their heads.

        The Voidless Clan was already under the banner of the Mystic Alliance, and naturally respected an alliance master like Han Qianqian. What's more, Han Qianqian's performance had long since conquered the Voidless Clan up and down.

        "Since that's the case, then let's quickly ask him for his idea, I wonder which one of your elders he is?" One of the senior executives said with a sudden smile.

        Although a hard attack on the Voidless Clan was possible, it was the next best thing. For one, the Voidless Clan had shown its fighting prowess this time around, and could be aided by many wondrous beasts. If they joined forces with Han Qianqian, which was a place that the Pill God Pavilion had not even taken down, how much chance of victory did the two Fu Ye families have?

        Secondly, even if they win, if they suffer too many casualties, the two Fuye families will enter a short period of emptiness and be taken advantage of by others.

        Elder Sanyong smiled and shook his head: "He? Not at this table, but present."

        "Then why don't you quickly have an invitation?" Fu Tian said with glowing eyes.

        "Really?" Sanyong smiled bitterly.