His True Colors Chapter 2173

 Han Qianqian this head did not have much, but three Yong master is anxious, this matter from beginning to end is Han Qianqian single-handedly directed, and Fu Ye allied army and Voidless clan in this, played only certain aspects of delay, counted what they joined forces to accomplish.

        "Patriarch Fu, you are not ...... right."

        "Master Sanyong, I know, I know all, you inside, inside please. I, here still have important matters to discuss with you, this can be related to our area, the next ten years or even a hundred years of the great plan." Fu Tian interrupted, inviting Master Sanyong inside with unparalleled enthusiasm.

        Master Sanyong swept a glance at Qin Shuang, who was silent, looking at the pot of soil in her hands with concern and sadness, seemingly not even listening to what they were saying.

        San Yong hurriedly set his gaze on Han Qian Qian, who could not make decisions on these matters.

        Fu Mang and the others gritted their teeth and raged, their whole being so angry that they were about to rush up and punch Fu Tian.

        It was obvious that Han Qianqian was the one who fought for his life on the battlefield, and it was Han Qianqian who sacrificed the most, but in Fu Tian's mouth, he was worthless, such a brazen and shameless person was really a strange person in the world.

        The only thing is, Han Qianqian had been standing in the way of the forefront, with the obvious intention of not allowing them to make a rash move. So although Fu Mang was annoyed, he did not dare to disobey Han Qianqian's order.

        Han Qianqian smiled gently and pulled Su Yingxia back, "It's just a meal, we can eat anywhere."

        As soon as the words left their mouths, Han Qianqian's family found a table with fewer people, and Fu Mang and the others could only follow them to their seats.

        San Yong and several Voidless Sect elders immediately wanted to follow, but were pulled back by Fu Tian, who smiled gently and with a glance, the doorman who had just stopped Han Qianqian took a few steps to walk in front of Han Qianqian and the others.

        "This gentleman, the inner hall also belongs to the senior management seat of the two Fu Ye families, you are not allowed to sit here."

        Upon hearing this, Fu Mang instantly slapped his palm on the table, "Fuck, that's enough from you guys."

        With this angry slap, Fu Mang's movement was not small and drew the attention of many guests from other tables, and some of the Fu family members even stood up directly and unceremoniously.

        The whole happy scene was suddenly a bit of a sabre rattling.

        At that moment, Han Qianqian waved his hand, smiled gently and asked back, "Where should we sit then?"

        "Three thousand, why bother with them, fuck, these bitches are simply shameless, this meal, let's not eat it." Even after Han Qianqian spoke, Fu Mang still digressed and said.

        "That's right, making it sound like they're the main force, if they were really that capable, they wouldn't be trapped in front and unable to retreat by a frontline unit." Fu Li also said sarcastically in a cold voice.

        "Hey, why not eat a free meal when you have one?" Han Qianqian smiled and chuckled softly at Fu Mang's few people as he continued to ask, "Little brother, you haven't answered me yet."

        The doorman snorted coldly, "According to the rules, you can only sit outside the mansion, and you can choose your own seat outside the mansion instead."

        "Yes!" Han Qianqian smiled, got up, pulled Su Yingxia and headed out.

        Before leaving, Han Qianqian glanced at Sanyong and gave him a faint smile to show that it was alright. It was Fu Mang and the others who, after glaring at Fu Tian in annoyance, angrily followed Han Qianqian out the door.

        "Guests, it's not a problem, it's just some little people who didn't find the right place for a while." Fu Tian smiled softly.

        His series of actions were clearly a deliberate attempt to cover up Han Qianqian's merits in this battle, after all, from Fu Tian and Fu Mei's perspective, how would they be willing to let Han Qianqian go out into the limelight?

        However, this is all on the surface, covering everyone's mouth and concealing the truth, while in fact to accomplish this step, it is up to people like Elder Sanyong who are around. /

        After hearing Fu Tian's words, each of the two Fu Ye families also sat down, and the Fu family members who knew Han Qianqian even let out a long breath. Many of them had not taken part in the battle and were not aware of the truth, but only knew that it was Han Qianqian. Therefore, what they were curious about was how he had come back to life, but Fu Tian did not allow them to ask more questions, and now Fu Tian was intentionally belittling Han Qianqian, so that they at least had comfort in their hearts.

        No matter how he had died and come back to life, trash was still trash anyway, and that would meet the minimum standard in the minds of the Fu family.

        "Master Sanyong, please." Fu Tian glanced smugly at Fu Mei and said respectfully to Sanyong and the others.

        Fu Mei smiled at once, Fu Tian's move was very satisfying to her.

        Sanyong let out a long sigh and shook his head, he could only follow Fu Tian into the inner hall.

        After they sat down, Fu Tian called a few senior executives from the two families to accompany him, all of them were the kind of people who were fierce and fierce at first glance, and their intention was obviously to show off their strong troops.

        When Sanyong and Qinshang and the three elders sat down, they were quite embarrassed and did not know what to say for a while.

        "Come, Master Sanyong, on behalf of the two Fu and Ye families, I would like to toast you."

        Fu Tian and Ye Shijun were sitting to the left and right of Sanyong's group. Fu Tian was very enthusiastic, but it was Ye Shijun, who was sitting next to him, whose eyes had been fixed on Qin Sharon's body since he sat down, simply amazed by her beauty.

        Not only him, but also the young executives of the two Fuye families next to him were also intentionally or unintentionally glancing at Qin Sharon.

        Despite the fact that Qin Frost had been staring intently at the pot of soil in her hands from the beginning to the end and had not even looked at them with a straight face.

        Master Sanyong and the few elders awkwardly raised their glasses of wine and drank them down in one go, as a response to Futian's invitation.

        "In fact, now that our two families have joined forces to defeat the Pill God Pavilion, the area around here is clearly at peace. However, as you know, Elder Sanyong, my Heavenly Lake City and Heavenly Blue City would have been extremely difficult to travel along the old roads, so if we crossed from your Void Sect, we could save five to ten times the time." Fu Tian put down his wine cup, and without any nonsense, he went straight to the point.

        Sanyong nodded his head.

        Fu Tian smiled: "As you can see, even the Pill God Pavilion is no match for our combined strength, plus if the two cities of Heavenly Lake and Heavenly Blue are connected, we will be able to fight a hundred battles in the future. Given that we are working together so happily this time, I will not say anything dark to the obvious."

        "Can the Voidless Clan join our two families, Fu Ye, to plan great things together and become the hegemon of this side?"

        "Or, how about the Voidless Clan forming a life and death alliance with our two families of Fu Ye, so that from now on, we live and die in the same way and co-exist together, what do you think?" Fu Tian asked the question directly and continuously in one breath.

        Hearing these words, San Yong and a group of elders instantly looked shocked, while Fu Tian and Fu Mei and the others wore a confident cold smile.

        This was a blatant attempt to pull themselves in? Looking at their chests, had they forgotten one very important thing? Han Qianqian was the rightful master of the Voidless Sect.