His True Colors Chapter 2172

 When Han Qianqian and his party arrived at Tianhu City, the city, which was within the high walls, was already decorated with lights and colours everywhere.

        From the moment they entered the city, the streets were lined with large red wooden tables used to entertain the people of the city, almost filling the entire street. On the way there, Han Qianqian saw a group of Mystic Alliance disciples who had joined later, including Zhang Gongzi.

        When they saw Han Qianqian, they cheered just as much.

        Ever since Han Qianqian had suddenly disappeared from the last inn, they had been waiting in agony in the city, not daring to make a move. It was also true that they could not afford to go to the battle; after all, no one was willing to do such work that would not be recognised by the two Fuye families.

        But the long-awaited wait was always worth it. Today, there were rumours that the mysterious man was Han Qianqian, and that the battle had been brilliantly planned by Han Qianqian.

        Although San Yong and the others had arrived first, they had been waiting for Han Qianqian at the entrance to the outer street. After all, everyone in the Void Sect knew clearly that Han Qianqian was their main backbone.

        In the distance, at the gate of the Ye family, Fu Tian was personally waiting at the entrance with several senior executives. The news that Sanyong and the others had entered the city long ago had been known to them early on, but it hadn't been given much thought as Han Qianqian and the new head of the sect, Qin Frost, had not arrived.

        After all, Fu Tian knew best whether Han Qianqian had any merit, so it was normal to wait for him, while Qin Shannon was the new Sect Leader, so it was even more appropriate to wait for her.

        A few moments later, Fu Tian saw from afar, Han Qianqian and the others walking over.

        "Master Sanyong, I've heard a lot about you."

        Above the main gate, Fu Tian smiled and led the people at once, then warmly greeted them.

        "Clan Chief Fu, I have heard a lot about you for a long time." Sanyong gently laughed.

        "This battle has been hard on all of you from the Voidless Clan, and on behalf of the two Fu Ye clans, I would like to express my gratitude. This time, our two families joined forces to defeat the Pill God Pavilion, it will be a good story." Fu Tian smiled and said.

        "Oh, the Voidless Clan is also grateful to the Fu Ye two families."

        "By the way, this is the legendary new Sect Leader, Miss Qin Shuang, right?" Fu Tian smiled enthusiastically at this point.

        Qin Shrost was stunningly beautiful, only her eyes were slightly puffy and lifeless, and she was holding a pot of soil in her hand. Even when Futian drew the conversation to her, she did not even glance sideways for a moment.

        "Exactly, by the way, let me introduce you again, this is Han ......" Sanyong also noticed that something seemed wrong, this Fu Tian came up and welcomed himself, followed by Qin Shuang and obviously ignored Han Qianqian.

        This is very terrible behavior for Sanyong, this is simply the main priority is not distinguished.

        "Hey, this one doesn't need much introduction from Elder Sanyong, does he, Han Qianqian?" Fu Tian finished, glaring at Han Qianqian, also deliberately aggravating his tone in front of Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian smiled helplessly, although he knew that Fu Tian must have a flower trick, he really didn't know what this guy wanted to do at the moment, so he simply nodded his head, and was too lazy to talk to him in general.

        Seeing Han Qianqian nod, Sanyong is not good enough to say anything else.

        Fu Tian smiled smugly and led the way to the Ye family residence.

        Inside the inner courtyard, a group of senior executives from the Fu and Ye families were sitting there, all talking and laughing and buzzing with excitement; to them, the great defeat of the Pill God Pavilion was a happy event since.

        "Master Sanyong, Master Qinshang, these are all the soulful figures within my Fu and Ye allied army, both brave and warlike martial generals, as well as far-sighted strategists, they have all made their mark for this battle." Fu Tian happily introduced them.

        The crowd hurriedly rose one by one, smiling and saluting one after another. Not many people from the Ye family actually knew much about Han Qianqian's appearance, but many of the Fu family were surprised.

        After all, to them, although many did not know that the mysterious man was Han Qianqian, they were very surprised that Han Qianqian had "come back from the dead".

        With a cold look from Fu Tian, the Fu family had a million heartfelt questions and shut their mouths.

        "Come, Elders, Sect Leader Qin Shuang, please come inside." Fu Tian smiled gently and made a gesture of invitation.

        Obviously, the Hanbai divine jade table in the innermost hall was the true main seat.

        Only, just two steps away, Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia were stopped by someone.

        "No one other than the important people and dogs of this battle are allowed to enter." The gatekeeper next to him said to Han Qianqian's family of three at this point without ceremony.

        As soon as he heard this, Sanyong suddenly felt that something was wrong and hurriedly exclaimed, "Three thousand is ......"

        "Ai, Master Sanyong, this great battle is a joint effort between my Fu Ye allied army and your Voidless Sect disciples as well as the thousands of strange beasts, three thousand is just a person from a small alliance cooperating inside my allied army, according to the rules, he can only sit in the outer hall." Sanyong said with a smile at this point.

        He naturally did not know exactly what had happened to the Voidless Clan, after all, at that time, they were still being held at the forefront by the Pill God Pavilion, and the Heavenly Blue's Fu family, that would not even know where they were.

        Therefore, he did not know the truth, nor was he willing to know any truth, only that others would know the truth from his mouth.

        These words were spoken very loudly and clearly for all present to hear.

        Han Qianqian smiled dumbly as he thought that he had roughly guessed what this fellow Fu Tian was up to. It was just that this guy would never be so simple. He was a bit curious to see how the play directed by Fu Tian would turn out next!