His True Colors Chapter 2171

 Hearing this, Fu Mei blushed slightly better, glanced at Fu Tian and said disdainfully, "What bad idea do you have again? "

        "Don't blame me for not warning you, you've tossed it around a few times and we've ended up disgracing ourselves. " Fu Mei said discontentedly.

        Fu Tian coldly snorted, "Just don't worry, how could I let Han Qianqian get away with so much? "

        After saying that. Fu Tian smiled, stood up and patted Fu Mei's shoulder, "I know how upset you are inside, Han Qianqian wants to take the first credit for this battle? That has to ask if we agree to it. "

        When Fu Mei heard this, she was obviously impressed, because what Fu Tian said was the core of her thinking: not to let Han Qianqian get any limelight.

        "Just wait, you'll find out tonight. " Fu Tian smiled coldly.

        On the other end, Han Qianqian, after breaking away from the battlefield. He then rushed back to the Voidless Clan without stopping. Although he knew, in all probability, that Su Yingxia's mother and son were fine, or else Qin Shannon would have come to report long ago, as a husband and father, Han Qianqian still desperately wanted to know if Su Yingxia and Nian'er had been injured or if they had been frightened.

        He rushed back to the main hall of the Voidless Clan on a dusty journey. When he saw that Su Yingxia and Nian'er were safe and sound, Han Qianqian could not help but let out a long breath and took a few steps over to embrace the two in his arms.

        The three of them embraced each other, and although they had no words, they sensed each other.

        After a long time, the three of them let go, Han Qianqian looked at everyone present, but only the figure of Qin Shantou was missing, frowning slightly: "Are you all okay? "

        The crowd nodded, but each one's face was covered with sorrow, and Han Qianqian's heart suddenly went cold.

        During the great battle in the square. A huge explosion occurred on the main road, and Han Qianqian wasn't sure what it was because of.

        "Senior Sister Qinshang she ......" Han Qianqian did not ask the question.

        "Senior Sister Qinshang she is fine, but the ginseng wa ...... is gone. " Fu Li looked at Han Qianqian with difficulty and told the truth.

        Han Qianqian instantly had a shock in his eyes and a sinking heart.

        "Qin Frost is in the backyard, you go and take a look. " said Hei Yu in a soft voice.

        Han Qianqian nodded and hurriedly rushed towards the backyard.

        Somewhere on a stone table in the backyard, Qin Shrost sat there, holding the seed in her hand, her entire being incomparably sad.

        Even when Han Qianqian arrived in front of her, she was unaware that Han Qianqian had come.

        Looking at the seed in Qin Shushi's hand, Han Qianqian also had a heavy heart for a while.

        In his mind, he remembered all the times he had spent with the ginseng girl, playing and talking back to each other. But she was overcome with sadness and tears in her eyes.

        "I'm sorry. " Han Qianqian murmured the words he most wanted to say.

        Although, it was already a little late.

        "Three thousand. You've come back? "Hearing Han Qianqian's words, the sad Qin Frost then slowly raised his head before holding the seed in his hands, "I'm sorry. I didn't protect it well, it ...... it became a seed now. "

        After saying this, Qin Frost could not help but fling herself into Han Qianqian's arms, losing her voice and crying bitterly.

        Han Qianqian sighed helplessly and could only hang his hands in the air.

        "Three thousand, the ginseng baby has only turned into a seed, so as long as we bury it in the soil and take good care of it, it will definitely blossom and bear fruit. Then a new ginseng baby will grow, don't you think so? "Qin Shuang was tired of crying before she lifted her head. Looking at Han Qianqian, she lost her voice and said in aggravation.

        Han Qianqian didn't know how to answer, he didn't know if this would bring the ginseng waifu back to life or not, but seeing how sad Qin Shrost was, he could only nod, "Maybe, that boy doesn't die that easily. "

        Nodding, Qin Frost let go of Han Qianqian. Holding the ginseng wares, he stood up and tried to find a very good patch of soil around.

        Han Qianqian sighed helplessly and took a few steps over. Grabbing Qin Shannon with one hand, "Senior sister, go back. "

        "Don't you mind me. " As soon as she broke away from Han Qianqian's hand, Qin Shannon continued to bend down and search for the best soil.

        Nodding, Han Qianqian turned away and returned to the main hall.

        "Qiushui. Shiyu, Xing Yao. "

        "Present! "

        "You three stay with Sister Qinshuang, whatever she wants to do. Just let her be. " Han Qianqian said with a somewhat sad frown.

        The three women nodded and retreated to the back hall.

        "Actually, this time it's all my fault, if I hadn't had to go with you, I probably wouldn't have encountered danger and the ginseng waifu wouldn't have had to be sacrificed. "Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianqian at this moment and blamed herself very much.

        "Yingxia, it's none of your business, the ginseng wa was only taking out his anger for Qin Shannon, so even if you didn't go, the ginseng wa would have ended the same way when he saw Cool-Son Yeh injure Qin Shannon. "I'm sorry," said Hei Yu comfortingly.

        "What is going on? " asked Han Qianqian.

        Fu Li sighed and told Han Qianqian the whole story.

        Han Qianqian finished listening. His teeth were clenched, this damned Cool-Son Yeh.

        If this revenge is not avenged, I will never be a man!

        At that moment. After Han Qianqian nodded his head in agreement, the disciple came in.

        "Seniors. It's getting late, Elder Sanyong has sent me to urge you all to prepare for the dinner. "

        "A dinner party? " Fu Li and the others naturally didn't understand, and after hearing this news, one couldn't help but wonder.

        Han Qianqian let out a long breath, "It's allied forces, attacking together, it's only normal for people to celebrate a dinner party, right? Let's call Qin Shang and the girls and go. " Han Qianqian said, pulled up Su Yingxia and picked up Nian'er, and headed out.