His True Colors Chapter 2168

 After all, in others such actions would be normal, but in someone like Lu Ruoxin, who is incredibly calm and unassuming, even a genuine smile is a rare sight, not to mention her willingness to get up and even applaud, unable to stop herself from uttering praise.

        "Miss, I'm afraid Han Qianqian is letting the tiger back into the mountain by not trying to go after it as much as possible, so why are you still applauding and applauding?" Chi Meng asked cautiously.

        These were questions that she would only dare to talk about when Lu Ruoxin was in a good mood, although, it was rare for Lu Ruoxin to be in such a good mood these last two days.

        "Let the tiger return to the mountain? That's just a poor man chasing after a poor man." Lu Ruoxin smiled gently, "Han Qianqian's advantage over Wang Juzhi is not really obvious, if Wang Juzhi wants to escape, can Han Qianqian kill him? Since he can't kill him, what's the point of killing some shrimp soldiers and crab soldiers?"

        "These can be senior executives of the Pill God Pavilion, important minions of Wang Juzhi, killing more of them is equivalent to breaking Wang Juzhi's arm, and ...... how can they be shrimp soldiers and crab soldiers?" Chi Meng said at the end, the voice has been small almost inaudible.

        "A bunch of executives just, no more recruiting is not it, what is counted as a hand and foot. The real hands and feet, are those." Lu Ruoxin smiled gently and pointed at the tens of thousands of soldiers of Grand Commander Chen who were being held back by the Voidless Sect and the forces of the Xian Ling Master Tai who were fighting against the allied forces of the two Fu Ye families at the forefront.

        "That's the true hands and feet of the Pill God Pavilion."

        After saying that, Lu Ruoxin smiled gently and gently laid down her body, "There is no fear of gamblers in this world, but what is feared is, gamblers with brains... This time, Han Qianqian has won."


        "Yes." Lu Ruoxin nodded: "The one who won is the hand and foot of the Medicine God Pavilion."

        "This time, Han Qianqian's attack was in fact a huge gamble. Although he had twice succeeded in his sneak attack, even a thin camel is bigger than a horse, and the strength of the Pill God Pavilion is still not something he can easily shake. Han Qianqian was victorious because of his strange moves, his many killing weapons and the seemingly constant flow of energy in his body, which was unusually abundant. However, Wang Juzhi always has the advantage in numbers, so if the fight goes on hard, how do you think it will be?" Lu Ruoxin frowned slightly.

        "According to Miss's analysis, both sides actually have an advantage, which means that anyone could win." Chi Meng said.

        "That's right, fifty-fifty, or even six-four, seven-three, seven for Wang Juzhi and possibly three for Han Qianqian. However, even though Wang Juzhi has a good chance of winning, he has long been in disarray under Han Sanchi's successive surprise attacks, and every move has been successfully defused by his opponent, while every move of his opponent has hit him on the vital points. From the disciple under him to the bottom, his heart Qi was naturally gone." After saying that, Lu Ruoxin slowly sat up, "Plus Wang Juzhi couldn't afford to lose, ah, sometimes people climb too high, they will always be afraid of losing and falling on the ground too painfully, so he didn't dare to play for his life with Han Qianqian."

        "And once he doesn't dare to play for his life, what can he do but run?" Lu Ruoxin chuckled softly.

        Chi Meng nodded: "So what's wrong with this and the Medicine God Pavilion hands and feet?"

        "You look at the path and the front line now."

        As Lu Ruoxin instructed, Chi Meng let his eyes go over, both sides were engaged, but from the battlefield, both sides were slightly dominated by the Pill God Pavilion's side, while the two Fu Ye families, including Tian Lan's Fu family forces on the trail and the Voidless Clan's side, were even more anxious to stand down and could only barely rely on the terrain to hold each other back.

        "What about Han Qianqian giving up the chance to chase, and at this point suddenly making a comeback to kill the group of enemies on the path? Or what about the front line?" Lu Ruoxin smiled coldly.

        Chi Meng's eyes lit up at once.

        If Han Qianqian led his team to kill either side at this time, the Pill God Pavilion army on that side would be in extreme danger with their backs against the enemy.

        "A game of chess that was almost dead was broken open by Han Qianqian, no wonder you admire him, Miss." Chi Meng couldn't help but admire him at this point, even though she hated Han Qianqian so much, there were some facts that had to be acknowledged.

        "Gutsy!" Lu Ruoxin also did not refute Chi Meng's words, although there were too many people she despised, but the one she looked up to, the whole world, was just one person.

        Han Qianqian.

        As Lu Ruoxin expected, shortly after Wang Juzhi had fled, the group of guards from the main camp completely abandoned their armour and fled, while Han Qianqian completely abandoned all pursuit and turned his head to lead the strange beast straight at Grand Commander Chen's troops on the path.

        After seeing Wang Juzhi's escape, Chen's soldiers were already scattered, and now when they saw Han Qianqian suddenly lead his troops to kill them, they all fled.

        But, apparently, this was not the end of it.

        The frontline troops, both sides were fighting on a large scale, more than 100,000 against more than 100,000, the battle was unprecedentedly huge.

        Half of the valley was occupied by the two soldiers and horses, and from just a short distance away, you could see the dust and smoke rising, shouting and killing!

        Inside the camp of the main tent at the front, Xian Ling Shi Tai was studying the map in the tent, when the scout burst in: "Report to the commander ......"

        "What? Has the crisis at the main camp been lifted?"

        "No ...... it's ...... Han Qianqian who is leading tens of thousands of disciples and tens of thousands of strange beasts and is coming from behind our army, killing them violently!!!"