His True Colors Chapter 2166

 As Fuli exclaimed, Heiyu and the others directly raised their heads and looked down the road, and Qin Shou, whose eyes were rustling with tears, also slightly raised her head at this time.

        In the sky, amidst the countless ashes.

        A red golden light slowly fell as the ashes fell, standing out among them.

        "What's that?" Fu Li froze.

        The gang all looked dumbfounded, except for Qin Shannon, who, at this point, defied everything and flew straight towards the sky with a single leap.

        Hei Yu hurriedly followed after her, but she did not fly up with Qin Shannon, she only set up several water circles halfway, blocking halfway for Qin Shannon to protect her.

        Even though, at this moment, the Lone City of Ye section was not threatening in any way.

        Some of the disciples had already escaped earlier, some of them had perished in the fire waves, and the group of disciples who had followed him had been knocked straight to the ground by the air waves.

        Because of the close proximity, they had nothing to fatally injure them, but their bodies were badly injured by the Qi wave.

        The four elders, on the other hand, were even dying, where there was no fighting power to speak of.

        "Ginseng wa."

        Flying next to the point of golden light, Qin Shannon stretched out his hands and caught the golden light, which was, inside, a seed about the size of a pea.

        When it flew to Qin Frost's hand, the golden light dispersed and the seed lay peacefully in Qin Frost's hand.

        Looking at the seed, Qin Frost's heart ached as he shed tears.

        The ginseng baby that used to be alive and well was now only the size of a cold pea.

        In the centre of the seed, there was a smear of trouser marks that appeared whiter than the surrounding area, which made it look and drew Qin Frost's thoughts of how the ginseng child looked when it was alive.

        "You fool." Grumbling, Qin Frost's eyes were all touched as she looked at the seed.

        Tears, sliding down her eyes, fell into Qin Frost's palm.

        "Qin Frost, let's retreat first, what if this gang has support?" Hei Yu collected the water circle at this moment and flew to Qin Shrost's side.

        "Besides, Ying Xia needs someone to take care of her too."

        Qin Shrost nodded with tears in her eyes, usurped the seeds in her hands, and led Meditation Rain and Qiushui and the others, rushing off in the direction of the Voidless Clan in the distance.

        And at that moment, Han Qianqian.

        Long ago, he had already rejoined the battle, and although he did not know exactly, he knew that the huge explosion that came from the main road was by no means a good thing.

        And while the fact that Qin Shant and the others had safely flown away signalled that they might be out of danger, someone had definitely had an accident.

        With fury, Han Qianqian's body glowed with golden light, blasting Wang Juzhi backwards and forwards.

        The Tai Xu Divine Steps were ghostly and uncanny.

        The No-Phase Divine Skill was evil and raw, even though Wang Juzhi's skill was evil, it could not stop a simple copy and paste.

        The Pan Gu Axe is so big and wide that it is invincible and no one avoids it.

        The Jade Sword with Heavenly Fire and the Moon Wheel are now even more skilful in Han Qianqian's hands.

        Even though Wang Juzhi was a demigod, he was surrounded by countless experts.

        Even though Wang was a demigod and had countless experts around him, he was still overwhelmed by Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian was like a scalpel, cutting through the iron barrel formation of Wang Juzhi's people, and he came and went as he pleased.

        Wang Juzhi was drenched in sweat and looked at Han Qianqian with an extremely complicated look, he really could not understand why he could not stop Han Qianqian even though he was there.

        He was still a demigod, to be sure.

        Although it was not so much that he could not defeat Han Qianqian, he could not do anything about it.

        "I know more or less everything you know, and what I know, do you know?" Han Qianqian smiled coldly as the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel transformed into twin swords, charging left and right in the air as Han Qianqian charged forward with his Pan Gu Axe.

        The sword of heavenly fire burns when touched, and the sword of the moon wheel melts when touched.

        The Pan Gu Axe opens the way to invincibility.

        Who dares to stop it?

        "Come on!"

        A sprint was completed, and Han Qianqian killed a bloody path through the crowd, and around the bloody path, corpses were strewn all over the place, and even though Han Qianqian had already rushed to the head, no one on the tail dared to approach.

        The first time he shouted in anger, all the people present did not dare to take a step forward, instead they fell back.

        Wang Juzhi's hands trembled and his tiger's mouth was numb as he stared blankly at Han Qianqian's back. If there weren't so many people, Wang Juzhi believed that he would be at a disadvantage in the fight with Han Qianqian.

        If the fight continued, he might even be defeated by Han Qianqian's hands.

        Admittedly, this had to do with his unstable foundation as a demigod, but it also had to do with Han Qianqian's fierceness.

        This guy, like a fucking perpetual motion machine, doesn't know how to get tired at all, and his energy is so huge that it's suffocating.

        And more and more ferocious, how can this not let people fear it?

        Even Wang Juzhi didn't dare to go up, the others naturally didn't dare to go up, they all looked at each other, they would die if they came close to him, who would dare to come close.

        "Demigod? Who would dare to approach him?" Han Qianqian shook his head and laughed bitterly, "Pill God Pavilion? Oh!"

        "Bah!" Han Qianqian gave a disdainful gulp.

        "A bunch of rubbish!"

        After saying that, Han Qianqian snapped back, a pair of eyes with a cold blanket of smooth points, stiffly frightened a bunch of people took another step backwards.

        Just at that moment ......