His True Colors Chapter 2165

 Ye Lucheng got up with a jerk, almost while the ginseng wa was not paying attention, and directly pushed away the ginseng wa who was only half standing on his feet.

        At the same time, Wu Yan's four forehead touchers also waved their hands wide and rushed over with everyone to save Ye Lucheng.

        "Bring that thing to me." As soon as Cool-Son Yeh bellowed, Wu Yan, who had come to meet him, immediately brought along three elders and hundreds of soldiers, and directly surrounded the ginseng wares.

        The remaining disciples, at this time, also surrounded Cool-Son Yeh, one by one, lighting up their weapons and aiming them intently at Qin Shannon and the others.

        "Cool-Son Yeh, that bitch." Qin Shoushang shouted in annoyance and rushed forward with his sword.

        Ginseng Wa had already spared him very much, but this guy was actually so despicable.

        "Don't do anything rash." Hei Yu hurriedly got up to block Qin Shou, coldly blocking Qin Shou behind herself, saying, "The other side is so crowded, rushing in will only get you killed for nothing."

        "Yes, Sister Qinshang, Ye Lucheng beat you, the ginseng child is already furious like that, if you were to have any trouble, wouldn't it be furious to death?" Qiushui also said urgently.

        Shiyue also nodded her head in a panic.

        Qin Frost looked at the women helplessly and said in despair, "Do you want me to watch it die?"

        Not caring so much, Qin Shant directly pushed several people away and was about to rush forward.

        At this moment, only to hear a shout from Ginseng Wa in the chaotic army, "Wife, don't come over."

        After saying this, Ginseng Wa looked at Wu Yan and the others and smiled coldly, "What? Want to catch me?"

        "This thing is strong in attack and can heal people, keep it alive, it will be of great use, Han Qianqian suddenly returned from serious injuries thanks to him." Ye Gucheng shouted at Wu Yan with all his strength.

        Wu Yan and the others nodded hastily, they had just taken in everything, and now they had the truth from Cool-Son Yeh, so they all laughed coldly at once.

        "Little thing, quite capable, how dare you even tease our Lone Castle."

        "Now both your legs are almost gone, I'll see how you can jump around."

        "Catch it back for me, and make me soup of this thing tonight."


        Wu Yan bellowed, and a group of disciples closed in around them, approaching step by step towards the ginseng wa.

        It was hard enough to stand on half a leg, but the ginseng boy saw the crowd wrapping itself up in three layers, and constantly narrowing the circle, without dodging.

        Suddenly, he smiled fiercely, and then suddenly looked at Qin Shannon in the distance: "Daughter-in-law, tell Han Qianqian that I'm warning him not to bully my wife while I'm away, otherwise, I'm not finished with him."

        After saying that, Ginseng Wa suddenly had a bloodthirsty cold light in his eyes and swept a glance at everyone around him.

        "A bunch of trash."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Ginseng Wa suddenly laughed loudly, and in the midst of his mad laughter, his entire body sprang up with red-red blazing fire.

        Immediately afterwards, the blazing fire burned more and more massive, and the more massive it was the stronger the scorching heat and aura it trapped.

        "Not good!"

        Wu Yan shouted loudly, leading the three senior disciples with fear on their faces and flying towards the back without regard for anything.

        And at this moment, the entire Ginseng Wa was already like a huge ball of fire.

        "Boom !!!!"

        A shocking explosion rang out, and Ginseng Wa's body was like a nuclear bomb erupting, countless flames directly sweeping across the surroundings.

        The earth moved and the mountains shook.

        Even the sky, slightly changed colour!

        The disciples who were closest to the Ginseng Baby's body were already turned into ashes in the flames before they could even reflect what was happening.

        Although Wu Yan and the four of them ran fast and had high cultivation levels, they were still struck by the nearest wave of fire. Like four wild ducks without wings, the four of them were burnt by the fire wolves and their bodies were covered in fire, falling down in a skewed manner, smashing to the ground in all directions and rolling around in pain.

        Even Qin Shannon and the others in the distance were blown backwards by the strong wind. If not for the several water circles set up by Hei Yu to block them, I am afraid they would have been knocked over.

        In the distance, Han Qianqiang and the others in the Pill God Pavilion, who were in the middle of a battle, were also blown by the waves of air and looked back at them.

        Somewhere on the high mountain.

        Lu Ruoxin gently raised her hand to disperse the blowing waves, shaking her head, her eyes profound.

        In fact, she had thought about sending Chi Meng to snatch this little thing over, but now she was getting more and more interested in Han Qianqian, even so interested that she couldn't bear to take something from him, so she dismissed the idea.

        Now it seems ......

        "Ginseng Wa !!!!"

        When the waves of fire scattered, when the waves of air blew away, between the eyes of the crowd back, only to see that the original place had not even an inch of grass, only layers of yellow soil remained, not to mention the gourd wares, even the ashes of those disciples did not leave a trace.

        Tears streamed down her face as she cried out in grief.

        But the response was no longer the usual disdainful and boisterous doll's voice of the ginseng children, only the various ashes falling from the sky.

        The sky above the wave of fire was dyed black with ashes.

        Between the raised eyes, countless ashes fell slowly like romantic little snow.

        The sky was filled with ashes, like fireworks for a while.

        Qin Shannon's tears fell like rain, and her whole body knelt helplessly on the ground. Suddenly, Fuli let out an alarming cry, "Look!"