His True Colors Chapter 2164

 At the sound of the words, the ginseng wa continued violently.

        The green energy increased.

        At once, Cool-Son Yeh's whole body could not help but tremble, his eyes were wide open, and the blood all over his body was like boiling water, not only boiling and jumping, but also desperately gushing up to his brain.

        And Cool-Son Yeh's body, moreover, swelled and expanded as if it had been pumped with air.

        From a handsome and normally built young man, he instantly transformed into a huge fat man who seemed to weigh a hundred kilograms. In Han Qianqian's words, it was like a fermented pickled powder.

        "Aren't you very cool? Come on, I'll make you feel good!"

        Ginseng Wa shouted coldly and angrily as he continued in his hands.

        "I ...... I'm wrong ...... I ......," Ye Guocheng felt that it was unusually difficult to breathe, Lingkong desperately struggled With a fat hand trying to touch his throat, but found that because his body was too swollen, his hand could not touch at all.

        Eventually, under the continuous encirclement of green energy, Ye Guocheng's eyes widened and he twitched a few times, passing out.

        "You think that's all right?" Ginseng Wa laughed hideously, the tiny human smiling but as evil as a ghost.

        With a flash of green energy in his hand, he put Cool-Son Yeh directly onto the ground, while red light emerged from his body!!!

        Red fire jumped!

        "Get up for me, get up!"

        Ginseng Wa's blazing fire brought a fist and smashed into Cool-Son Yeh.

        One punch!

        Two punches!


        The entire main road was filled with the muffled sound of fists striking against the body, one after another, resounding for miles.

        Everyone was staring in awe, none of them dared to say a word, and even less did they dare to help.

        After a dozen punches had been thrown by Ginseng Wa, Ye Gucheng's swollen head was already covered in blood and his face was even more disastrous.

        Wu Yan and the elders turned their heads to the side, unable to bear to look.

        The Ginseng Boy was so fierce that even Cool-Son Yeh couldn't even get a few face to face, so what could they do?

        At that moment, the Ginseng Wa threw a final punch, just like last time, and the fire light swept through Cool-Son Yeh's body with his fist.

        And Cool-Son Yeh was completely unmoving.

        "Get up!"

        With a cold cry, Ginseng Wa's body once again turned green, and the green energy simultaneously dragged Cool-Son Yeh slowly into mid-air, while slowly wrapping around him.

        Not long after, Cool-Son Yeh let out a soft cough and slowly opened his eyes again.

        Immediately after, he began to be repaired his body, then healed, then swollen with difficulty ......

        Then, again, he was blown down by a punch from Ginseng Wa.

        Wu Yan held his hand to his forehead and bowed his head in speechlessness. The five and six peak elders were also all the same, it was all impossible to watch.

        He was beaten to death, brought back to life, and then beaten to death.

        "Even if this Han Qianqian is a pervert, even his men are so perverted. Shit." Wu Yan was depressed, but at the same time, he was also secretly glad that it was fortunate that Cool-Son Yeh was in the front, if it were himself, he would have been tortured like this, and his back would be chilled just thinking about it.

        The fifth elder held his forehead, not even daring to raise his head for fear that others would see him speak, "Yeah, yeah, shit, even a thing that small is perverted like this, it's like fucking entering a nest of perverts."

        "Senior Brother Wu Yan now miscellaneous do ah?" Sixth elder posture the same, scared to tears.

        Wu Yan also did not know, that perverted gadget in, they also do not dare to help, but as a close friend of Cool-Son Yeh, before Cool-Son Yeh at least not dead through, and can not just withdraw.

        After all, Cool-Son Yeh was the backbone of their gang, and even more so, the future.

        "Miscellaneous office? What else can you fucking do, pretend to have a headache." Wu Yan said in a depressed voice, lowering his head and continuing to cover his forehead with his hand.

        Qin Shannon looked at the ginseng wa, but her face was crying and laughing, laughing because although its methods were too cruel, playing Ye Gucheng like a fool, crying because, Qin Shannon's heart was full of emotion, because the ginseng wa was using its own body to take out her anger.

        Although she never took Ginseng Wa's bite of wife seriously, and even just treated Ginseng Wa as a cute little friend, she was still extremely touched by Ginseng Wa's act of doing so.

        Fu Li and the others were also stunned, after all, the image of Ginseng Wa in their eyes was more or less the same as what Qin Shant had thought. How could they have imagined that this little friend would be so strong and so perverse in his methods?

        "Brother, I was wrong, I was wrong, I apologise, is it okay if I apologise?"

        Once again awakened, although his eyes had just opened and his whole body was still weak beyond measure, at this moment, he hastily and incomparably used all his strength to kneel down directly.

        If he continued to mess up like this, he was really going to have a mental breakdown.

        Who the hell could bear to die and live and die?

        Moreover, the process was extremely difficult, either painful to the point of death, or so pleasurable that he would die of swelling.

        The ginseng boy's face was cold, his left leg was long gone, and the remaining right leg, too, was almost half gone.

        As soon as the green energy withdrew, Cool-Son Yeh's entire body landed heavily on the ground, falling dizzily. Struggling to get up from the ground, Cool-Son Yeh's eyes were filled with hate.

        On what grounds? On what grounds? He, Cool-Son Yeh, was a young leader of his generation, but he had successively capsized in the Voidless Sect, and both times he had lost to the "man" beside Qin Shuang. Wasn't he supposed to be the most deserving of Qin Shuang in the world?

        Twice, his face had been swollen, and he was not happy.

        However, given the situation, Cool-Son Yeh could only grit his teeth, look at Qin Shou in the distance, lift his breath, and loudly say, "Qin Shou, I'm sorry."

        "Kneel down and say!" Ginseng Wa said in a cold and angry voice.

        Cool-Son Yeh frowned, "Don't you go too far."

        Asking himself to kneel down in front of a group of his own men and Wu Yan and the others? Then where could Cool-Son Yeh's face go from now on? How could his majesty survive?

        But when he saw the green energy in Ginseng Wa's hand, Cool-Son Yeh's knees went weak and he fell to the ground.

        "Qin Shou, I'm sorry." Cool-Son Yeh hung his head and shouted.

        The Pill God Pavilion disciples who had not escaped were immediately demoralised, some of them even dropped their weapons straight away, the main leader had already knelt down and apologised, so what were they, the little soldiers and generals, struggling for?

        Ginseng Wa looked back at Qin Shou, "Wife, are you still satisfied?"

        Looking at Ginseng Wa, who had almost only a small portion of both legs left and an arm missing from the upper half of his body, but who was smiling brightly at herself at this moment, Qin Shannon's tears rolled in her eyes and she nodded, "Satisfied."

        Of course she was not forgiving Ye Lucheng, but she could not bear the thought of the ginseng wa hurting herself in this way.

        High above, Lu Ruoxin's face showed shock and her pupils shrank slightly.

        She was not moved, nor did she feel ridiculous in any way.

        Only a belly full of shock.

        Although she despised the so-called young leader like Cool-Son Yeh, she did not deny that Cool-Son Yeh was completely incompetent. But Ginseng Wa was able to torment Cool-Son Yeh in such a way that Cool-Son Yeh was not yet able to fight back.

        "I wanted to see a good show, but to my surprise, there is an even better show within a show, this gadget ......" Lu Ruoxin smiled faintly.

        However, just at that moment, suddenly ......