His True Colors Chapter 2163

 Go ahead, cure it!

        The more you are cured, the more crippled you become, let's see how I will deal with you later!

        Cool-Son Yeh laughed coldly in his heart.

        The lack of Ginseng Wa's right arm, he also began to gradually understand that it was most likely related to Han Qianqian's sudden return from serious injuries in the first place.

        With more and more green energy, Cool-Son Yeh's entire body only felt lighter and lighter, and his spirit was getting more and more jittery, while on the contrary, the opposite Ginseng Wa's left thigh had almost disappeared by half, and was almost about to be paraplegic.

        "Now, you can speak, can't you?" Ginseng Wa bellowed coldly, seeing that Ye Gucheng, who was wrapped in green energy, was already red and glowing, he was basically sure that there was nothing wrong with Ye Gucheng.

        After all, although Han Qianqian had not died in the first place, the problem was that the injuries were extremely numerous and heavy, plus Han Qianqian's body was special, so it would cost Ginseng Wa an entire arm.

        But Cool-Son Yeh didn't have to, even though he was almost dead just now, he had his breath in him, and his injuries, although fatal, were not many fatal injuries, and even less so because he didn't have Han Sanchiang's special physique that was so heaven defying.

        Half a leg would have almost kept him unharmed, let alone the fact that it was now far more than half a leg.

        "It's still close, it's still close, you try again." Ye Gucheng still pretended to look like I was having a hard time, acting and being mean straight to the peak of his life, but inside he was dying of joy.

        A cold aura flashed in Ginseng Wa's eyes, and he knew that he was being played.

        He was someone who could talk back to Han Qianqian and was more than capable of calling Han Qianqian a fool, so how could he be as foolish as Cool-Son Yeh imagined?!

        It was just that the little guy sometimes cared too much about Qin Shou and wanted to help Qin Shou out too much, and his anger had gone too far for a while.

        "Still want to try?" Realising that he had been tricked, Ginseng Wa shouted coldly.

        "Try, of course I want to try, my chest hurts, ouch, my throat hurts a little too, ouch, my lungs hurt a little too, little ancestor, you just pushed too hard, ouch, I hurt everywhere." Up to now, Cool-Son Yeh still had that shameless look, desperately trying to act in front of Ginseng Wa.

        Ginseng Wa smiled coldly, "Okay, then I'll try again."

        As soon as the words fell, the green fierce in Ginseng Wa's hand was fiercely pushed up, more rapidly and fiercely than before, and Ye Guocheng in the green energy immediately felt a warmer liquid flowing throughout his body.

        The feeling of comfort, the feeling of warmth, even made him feel as if he was about to float.

        This was perhaps the so-called "no sickness, no lightness".

        Cool-Son Yeh's face suddenly could not help but reveal a restful and comfortable smile, go on, little trash, the old man is having fun here while you are consuming here.

        "What is this? Is this Ginseng Wa beating Cool-Son Yeh or helping Cool-Son Yeh?" Fu Li put away his sword and walked over to Qin Shannon at this point.

        Qin Shoushang shook her head, she didn't know what Ginseng Wa was doing here!

        Although the ginseng wa was unforgiving with its mouth, after spending a lot of time together, Qin Shannon knew that this little fellow was actually quite nice to people, and it was also very smart, only, how come it couldn't tell the difference between friend and foe now?!

        If he had been killed, it would be a good thing for everyone, but why!

        The most crucial thing is that it is understandable that the ginseng boy has a hard mouth and a soft heart and is not willing to kill people, which is in line with the nature of this guy. The problem is, there is no way to cure Cool-Son Yeh so happy, right?

        On the far side of the hill, Chi Meng was just about to say something, but was stopped by Lu Ruoxin reaching out straight away, she was watching the scene intently and didn't want to be disturbed by anyone at all.

        She had never seen this gadget before, and never knew that it could be so fierce and at the same time heal people so magically.

        And at this point in the field, the green energy was already pushed to its maximum.

        Countless green energy body prizes surrounded Ye Lucheng and turned into a huge green cocoon, and Ye Lucheng, in the midst of the green light, was floating in the air when he suddenly frowned.

        He began to feel as if his body was a little uncomfortable, his breathing rate also began to speed up, and his mind also somewhat began to drift off.

        "What's going on?" Cool-Son Yeh scratched his head in uncertainty, unsure of what was going on.

        "I forgot to tell you a truth, what goes around comes around, it's like when you're sick you should take medicine, but medicine isn't more than enough, beware of being saved by what you are, it backfires." Ginseng Wa sneered coldly, but the green energy in his hand did not stop at all, even though the remaining half of his leg had disappeared.

        Cool-Son Yeh was stunned, and in the next second, hurriedly said, "I'm fine, I'm fine, you should quickly withdraw, I'm fine, I ......"

        "You think you're better?"

        "Yes yes yes." Ye Guocheng nodded his head in a hurry.

        Ginseng Wa smiled coldly, "That's you feel. I don't want you to feel, I want me to feel. You are still badly injured, continue."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Ginseng Wa violently increased the green energy in his hand again.


        Cool-Son Yeh was immediately flooded with another huge surge of green energy into his body, and his entire body instantly felt like a huge stream of water had been poured into it. In a flash, Cool-Son Yeh felt his body suddenly swell up.

        When he lowered his eyes, his hands were indeed swollen, his feet were swollen, and his face was swollen too.

        "That's enough, that's enough, I've had enough."

        "Enough? I say, it's far too early, come on, carry on." Ginseng wa suddenly smiled grimly.