His True Colors Chapter 2162

 As the flames from the blow were punched out with the fist, the ginseng baby, which had tended to look like its original form, suddenly leapt out of its body with a burst of green light.

        Under the green light, the little one also looked white and tender. With a slight lift of his left hand, a green light wrapped around Cool-Son Yeh.

        The body of the fallen Cool-Son Yeh suddenly flew up slowly and finally stopped in mid-air.

        The green light on Ginseng Wa's body was so bright that countless green energy was slowly injected into Cool-Son Yeh's body along his left hand and the green light emitted from his left hand that wrapped around him.

        Soon, Ye Lucheng's surrounding body was wrapped in green energy, like a cocoon.

        "Miss, what is this again?"

        Somewhere high above, Chi Meng could not help but wonder.

        Lu Ruoxin did not speak, her eyes did not even blink as she stared deadly at the scene in the distance.


        Suddenly, Cool-Son Yeh, who had been unmoving, let out a violent cough, and a large mouthful of black blood spat out right along his mouth. And what was even more bizarre was that at this moment, Cool-Son Yeh suddenly breathed and his limbs began to move faintly.

        Dead and resurrected!

        "What the ...... hell is going on here?"

        "That guy killed Lone Castle and then saved him from death?"

        Wu Yan and a few elders were as incredulous as if they had seen a ghost.

        Not to mention them, even Qin Shannon and the others were surprised at how Ginseng Wa managed to manage to bring Cool-Son Yeh back to life while wondering what the hell he was up to!

        "Are you awake? Apologise to my wife! I told you, I want you to apologise!" Ginseng Wa glared angrily and shouted coldly.

        Cool-Son Yeh felt a warm current filling his whole body, his whole body was incomparably weak, but at least he was slowly getting better, moving his sore whole body slightly, Cool-Son Yeh opened with difficulty, "Who is your wife?"

        "Qin Shuang!" Ginseng Wa bellowed in a cold voice.

        Last time, Cool-Son Yeh bullied Qin Shoucheng, but Ginseng Wa was arranged by Qin Shoucheng to stay in the Four Peaks house and was not allowed to go out, no one would listen but to Qin Shoucheng but the obedient Ginseng Wa really did not go out, thus only knowing these things afterwards.

        Now, Cool-Son Yeh injured Qin Shannon in front of the ginseng boy, which immediately made the ginseng boy go berserk.

        "Qin Frost!?" Cool-Son Yeh was stunned.

        Never in his wildest dreams did he think that the ginseng wa's wife would be Qin Shrost!

        Didn't Qin Frost like Han Qianqian?

        But soon, Cool-Son Yeh figured it out, and an unintentional sneer flashed at the corner of his mouth, "You want me to apologize to Qin Shrost, right? Yes, but I'm too weak to shout out now, can you keep it down?"

        Although the guy in front of him was fierce, he had directly broken his own Qi just now, and now he was able to cure himself alive by some unknown means.

        However, the purpose of curing himself alive was actually to make him apologize to Qin Shannon. Cool-Son Yeh had a plan in mind, since this kid was calling Qin Shoung his wife in one breath, it meant that his IQ was not high at least, and since he had tossed such a big circle for an apology, then he could use him to cure himself.

        "No way!" As soon as Ginseng Wa's words fell, the green energy in his hand really increased.

        Cool-Son Yeh immediately felt his body was much more comfortable and his spirit was much better.

        In just a few minutes, Cool-Son Yeh already felt that he had recovered 80% or 90%.

        Miraculous, truly miraculous.

        "Now, apologise." Ginseng Wa shouted in a cold voice.

        Cool-Son Yeh laughed coldly in his heart, this little thing was really a fool, but it did have some skills, it could actually make himself recover like this in such a short time.

        No wonder this kid Han Qianqian was so badly injured at first, but he suddenly came back in less than a few minutes.

        Just as Cool-Son Yeh was about to open his mouth, suddenly, his eyes shrank.

        This was because he found that the source of all these green energies were coming from Ginseng Wa's left foot, which was also almost missing a large part of it at this moment. And, as the green energy continued to come from his own side, what little was left of his left leg was slowly and rapidly being diluted.

        That is to say, the green energy came from this guy's body.

        Although he himself had recovered 70% to 80%, thinking about how fierce this fellow was just now, Cool-Son Yeh hit upon his own idea.

        Such a thing was a threat if left with Han Qianqian, but if left with himself, it would be a treasure! If he himself had such a thing, how much higher would his overall combat power rise?

        If he had such a thing, how much higher would his overall combat power rise? Perhaps even swallowing this thing directly would bring unexpected effects.

        Thinking of this, Cool-Son Yeh gave a grim sneer in his heart, and a plan was instantly formed in his mind.

        The next second, Cool-Son Yeh pretended to try to shout, but instantly covered his chest and coughed desperately.

        It was a coughing fit, as if he might die at any moment without being able to catch his breath. A moment later, he curled up: "Little ancestor, I was wrong, I was wrong, I really want to apologize, but ...... but... . but I'm really hurt too badly, I really can't shout out. How about I just apologize first? How about you try in?"

        Ginseng wa eyes flashed a trace of doubt, can't it be, where did it go wrong? The ruling Han Qianqian had lost an arm and affected his whole self?

        Thinking of this, Ginseng Wa steeply increased the green energy!

        But a cold light flashed in the eyes of Cool-Son Yeh!