His True Colors Chapter 2161

 Cool-Son Yeh pointed at himself, "You're talking to me?"

        Ginseng Wa's white face was full of determination, and his eyes were full of anger.

        "Shit, little thing, has the hair grown back yet?" Cool-Son Yeh looked at the little thing that was missing an arm in front of him, and the whole person laughed disdainfully.

        After saying that, Cool-Son Yeh directly walked over and kicked the ginseng wa on its body.

        The ginseng wa was immediately kicked directly to the ground, the difference between the two, in terms of size, was really huge.

        "Rubbish, get lost and play!" Cool-Son Yeh swept a disdainful glance and directly stepped over the ginseng wa's body, if it wasn't urgent to catch Su Yingxia, just such a small thing, he would have to torture it severely.

        Dare to mess with him, this is not looking for death, what is it?

        "Stop right there!"

        Suddenly, just as Cool-Son Yeh had crossed over to go after Su Yingxia, a violent shout came from behind him.

        A teasing smile twitched out of the corner of Ye Lucheng's mouth and he was about to reply when suddenly he only felt what seemed to be something different behind him, a powerful aura rose up violently behind him and the smile on Ye Lucheng's face froze.

        Between turns, the pupils of Ye Lucheng's eyes dilated.

        "I say again, apologise to my wife."

        With a furious shout, on top of the ground, the ginseng waifu who had been kicked down, was now bubbling with blood-red flames, and his whole body was as if it was on fire. His face, which was originally cute and smooth, was now fierce, and his big eyes were burning with a blazing fire, just like his body.

        If it was a ginseng baby just now, then this guy, now, was a fire baby.

        "This ......" Cool-Son Yeh soliloquized.

        Not only Ye Gucheng, but also Wu Yan, Qin Shou and the others in the distance all froze, Wu Yan's group was more amazed, after all, they had never seen such a thing before, while Qin Shou and the others were surprised because the ginseng wa was always the little guy with the stinky but cute mouth under their eyes.

        But at this moment, Ginseng Wa was full of murderous aura, and the most appalling thing was that there was a very strong energy spreading outwards from his body.

        "Apologize !!!!"

        With a furious shout, the ginseng wa rushed directly towards Cool-Son Yeh, with a speed that was staggering.

        Cool-Son Yeh only felt a fierce wave of heat hit him and hastily drew his sword to resist.


        The sword was blocked, but Cool-Son Yeh was still knocked back several steps, his tiger mouth was numb, and the sword was even bent, leaving a burned black mark on the sword.

        "I want you to apologise."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Ginseng Wa rushed up again.

        At this moment, Han Qianqian, who was fighting with Wang Juzhi, after flying several steps each with a palm against Wang Juzhi, looked at Ginseng Wa's side and frowned for a moment.

        From the time of the God's Mound, Han Qianqian knew that this ginseng waifu was not as simple as he thought, and at this moment, he was even more sure of his inner suspicion.

        With a soft smile, Han Qianqian's eyes gazed at Wang Juzhi: "Now, I will accompany you to have a good time."

        Han Qianqian had been unable to do anything about Su Yingxia's insistence on coming, and had made preparations in advance before the battle, but the problem was that the number of men and horses was really limited, and those who could be drawn to protect Su Yingxia were almost exhausted, so he explained that they were hiding before leaving.

        However, Han Qianqian was still worried about Su Yingxia's safety, after all, on the way here, he saw the several thousand troops that Cool-Son Yeh had ambushed on the main road.

        Han Qianqian expected that Cool-Son Yeh would be distrusted or even used idly by Wang Juzhi, but what he did not expect was that even though Cool-Son Yeh was used idly, Wang Juzhi still gave him troops and horses, and there were quite a few of them.

        So when he rushed up, Han Qianqian deliberately thanked Cool-Son Yeh loudly, in addition to wanting to disrupt the harmony of their Pill God Pavilion, he also wanted to anger Cool-Son Yeh, so that he would transfer his anger to himself.

        But to his surprise, this despicable person, in turn, found Su Yingxia and the others and attacked.

        What was good was that at this moment, the strange change of the ginseng wa had put his mind at ease.

        The high mountain place.

        Seeing the red light scattered all over the main road, Chi Meng could not help but frown, "Miss, what is that thing?"

        Lu Ruoxin's willow brows were furrowed and her face was full of seriousness, she didn't know exactly what that thing was, except that its aura was so strong that even Lu Ruoxin, who was so far away from it, could vaguely feel it.



        "Do you apologize or not!!!"

        In the midst of the battlefield, with every shout, Ginseng Wa inevitably slammed its body heavily into Cool-Son Yeh, who could only use all his strength to resist.

        With each slam, Cool-Son Yeh would take a big step back, and with three consecutive slams, not to mention three steps back, Cool-Son Yeh felt that his hands were numb.

        The sword in his hand was even bent into a bow!

        "Do you way not apologize !!!!"

        Another furious shout, Ginseng Wa fiercely jumped to mid-air, his right hand Lun full, a fist smashed!!!


        A crashing sword sounded, then, a fierce flame directly from Ginseng Wa's body, with that fist blasted away, while flying directly towards Cool-Son Yeh.


        A flame swept straight through Cool-Son Yeh!!!


        Cool-Son Yeh's eyes went wide, followed by a wild spray of blood!

        The sword, which was already bent enough, was now completely twisted, with the most bent part already clinging to his chest.

        He felt his internal organs tumbling madly inside his body, and a sharp pain even made him unable to breathe for a while.


        Ye Gucheng's feeble feet went weak and he fell directly to his knees.

        "I want you to apologise!"

        Ginseng Wa's anger was unrelenting as he raised his fist and punched straight away!

        This punch was still extremely strong, but, just as it reached Cool-Son Yeh just a hair's breadth away, Cool-Son Yeh did not dodge, instead, his entire body fell helplessly to the ground, no longer moving.

        "This ......"

        "This ......"

        Wu Yan and the others looked at each other with disbelief, staring at this scene with difficulty.

        Ye Gucheng, actually ...... was actually killed by that little dot, punch after punch, directly!

        Qin Frost and the others were equally shocked and unable to look back, normally that nagging little cutie, was actually so fierce now. You know, that was Cool-Son Yeh.

        The best of the young generation!

        But this was the kind of person who couldn't even fight a few times in front of Ginseng Baby!

        It was hard for them to believe, even though the truth was right in front of them.

        The three thousand disciples who had been attacking were now so shocked that they stopped moving their hands, their faces full of shock, and some even threw their weapons and banners away, trying to run backwards.

        With the commander dead, a group of juniors naturally scattered.

        If someone had peered into his body at that moment, he would have found that his firstborn was almost shattered. I'm afraid he could never have dreamed that he, who was so arrogant and proud, would die in front of an insignificant little fellow.

        "Do you think that just because you are dead, you can stop apologising? I said that I want you to apologise to my wife." The anger on Ginseng Wa's face remained unabated as he bellowed angrily.

        At that moment, a bizarre scene occurred.