His True Colors Chapter 2160

 Two lines being entangled means and isolation for yourself today?

        "What? Spitting up blood? Didn't you just have a good laugh?" Han Qianqian said with a cold laugh.

        How could Han Qianqian not understand this truth? When the troops came in two main attacks today, Han Qianqian had already asked Qin Shang to have the Fu family send a message to the Fu Tian Tong of the Fu Ye allied army outside in advance.

        The drums on Han Qianqian's main road might have been a bluff in the eyes of the Medicine God Pavilion, but in reality it was a signal for Han Sanqi to launch a general attack!

        "Han Sanqian, you simply bully people too much! I'll kill you!" Wang Juzhi gritted his teeth and trembled as he shouted angrily.

        How could Wang Juzhi's heart be resigned to the fact that his situation had been turned around by Han Qianqian like this?

        The more resentful he was, the angrier he became at Han Qianqian, until his whole body was trembling with anger.

        "A good hand of cards played badly? And the Pill God Pavilion? One of the three great True God families? I pooh!" Han Qianqian laughed disdainfully, and without any nonsense, he carried his Pan Gu Axe in his backhand, and with a fierce roar, the Heavenly Lu Pixie charged straight at Wang Juzhi.

        Wang Juzhi gave a fierce drink and met him directly.

        Dozens of executives looked at each other and were about to back up.

        At that moment, another roar was heard, and the Great Heavenly Lu Pixie suddenly killed the battlefield!

        "Fuck, what can we do?" Cool-Son Yeh was frozen in place, unable to help or not help.

        If Han Qianqian won, then he would be dead and buried, but if he didn't help, what would he do if something happened to Wang Juzhi?

        Wu Yan was hesitating when he glanced over his shoulder and saw that Su Yingxia and the others, who had appeared with Han Qianqian, had disappeared.

        He looked around for a long time but did not find anything, and was turning back in frustration when suddenly, he heard a very small sound from far behind him.

        After Han Qianqian had left, Su Yingxia and the others had hidden in some weeds nearby, so it was difficult for Ye Lucheng and the others to find them.

        The next second, Cool-Son Yeh led the gang and pounced on them. Qin Shannon and the others, knowing that they were exposed, panicked and escorted Su Yingxia to the back.

        Suddenly, a circle of water appeared in the air, followed by a blue and white figure weaving rapidly through the circle of water, and several of the disciples who rushed ahead were directly knocked away several metres by the waves of water flying out.

        Immediately afterwards, Hei Yu stood indifferently.

        He couldn't afford to mess with Han Qianqian, and if he was caught by Han Qianqian when he went to help Wang Juzhi, it would be a violent beating. But he was going to help Wang Jiuzhi, and Su Yingxia was naturally the best choice now, so it was imperative!

        "Give me a go!"

        With a wave of his hand, Wu Yan and the others immediately surrounded Hei Yu. Although the Sea Maiden was formidable, the four elders of the Voidless Sect plus quite a few disciples, Hei Yu was obviously not at a disadvantage, but in just a few moments he was directly surrounded and unable to get out.

        Ye Lucheng laughed coldly and ran towards Su Yingxia with the remaining disciples with a blast.


        Four unison dragon roars were heard as four huge dragons fiercely attacked.

        Ye Kucheng was annoyed, Su Yingxia, which looked like nothing, but in reality every step was a pit, waved his hand widely and sent quite a few disciples to answer the battle while he himself rushed towards Su Yingxia at the same time.

        "Not even you two stinky girls want to stop me, right?" Seeing Qiushui and Shiyue who were blocking Su Yingxia, Ye Gucheng was a little annoyed.

        And beside Su Yingxia, there stood Fu Li and Qin Shannon!

        Cool-Son Yeh was simply speechless, "Come along."

        "Xing Yao, take Ying Xia and Nian Er to go first." With a cold voice, Qin Shrost led Fu Li, Qiushui and Shiyue and then ran directly at Cool-Son Yeh with her sword.

        The three women took on the disciples, and Qin Shannon took on Cool-Son Yeh.

        After all, Cool-Son Yeh was nothing in front of Han Qiancheng, but against the rest of the Eight Directions world, he was considered a master of the younger generation.

        Although Fu Li had helped Qin Shang in the middle, but with Fu Li's ability, the result was very powerful.

        At this moment, silver light flashed and the Lin Long landed directly on the ground.

        Looking at Su Yingxia with Han Nian about to get on top of the Lin Long, Cool-Son Yeh gritted his teeth and directly smacked Qin Shannon away, followed by his whole body flying directly towards the Lin Long.

        Seeing that it was too late, Cool-Son Yeh understood that it was obviously difficult to capture Su Yingxia alive to threaten Han Qianqian, but if he killed Su Yingxia, he could deter Han Qianqian as well as prove his innocence to Wang Juzhi.

        Thinking of this, he instantly slapped his palm in his hand, directly towards Su Yingxia's back.

        "Madam, be careful!" Xing Yao shouted, pushing Su Yingxia onto Lin Long and using her own body to help Su Yingxia resist Ye Gucheng's palm.


        A fresh blood from Star Yao sprayed all over Su Yingxia's body. Solely, Lin Long had already flown, Su Yingxia's mother and son were out of danger of life, just above the ground, Star Yao slowly fell to the ground.

        Ye Lucheng's face was cold and he was about to go after her, but at that moment, a figure, however, suddenly blocked in front of Ye Lucheng.

        "After hurting my wife, do you want to just walk away?" A cold cry came.

        Subconsciously, Ye Lucheng looked around and glanced back and forth, but saw nothing, and when he looked down, he could not help but suddenly snort a laugh.

        A not-so-large ginseng boy with a missing arm stood in front of him, his face full of murderous aura.