His True Colors Chapter 2158

 The crowd nodded their heads as if they were mashing garlic.

        "The kind of person like Cool-Son Yeh values fame and status more than anything else, so he has managed to hold onto Wang Juzhi's thigh, how would he be willing to give up on that? Will he be able to find a better next home after he leaves Wang Juzhi? The Top of the Blue Mountains and the Eternal Sea are both old families now, where there is no place for him to stand. So, he has no choice." Han Qianqian rode on the Heavenly Locust Pixie and spoke softly.

        "So, he will definitely betray me, after all, as far as he is concerned, my threat is not the present after all, but only the future, even the very distant future." Han Qianqian smiled faintly and said.

        "Since you know he will betray you, why do you still want to do this? It would be better to kill him, at least to eliminate the aftermath." Shi Yan said.

        "Yes, there's no point in letting him go back." Qiushui also said strangely beyond words.

        Basically everyone was of similar mind, wouldn't that be like doing something useless!

        "My first two schemes have worked, what will Wang Juzhi and the others do?" Han Qianqian smiled and said to Su Yingxia.

        Su Yingxia froze and said, "Then they will definitely be more careful and calculate properly."

        Han Qianqian nodded, "So, they will definitely wonder if Cool-Son Yeh's betrayal is true or not. I deliberately didn't hurt anyone around Cool-Son Yeh, but only wounded him, just to make them think that there is a flaw in it, and it looks more like a bitter trick played by Cool-Son Yeh and me. Relating to the fact that Cool-Son Yeh has been hit by two consecutive tricks today, what will they think?"

        At Han Qianqian's words, Qin Frost immediately frowned, "You think they would think that Cool-Son Yeh is likely to be in cahoots with you? And that would explain why you didn't hurt the others."

        Han Qianqian smiled, that was exactly what he meant.

        "Ha, then in the end, they'll be smart for once, only to have their smarts backfire." Fu Li laughed softly.

        The people looked at each other and laughed, and just then, the Lin Long circled down and Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng flew in front of Han Qian Qian in it.

        "Everything is alright over there, right?" Han Qianqian said.

        Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng nodded, "It's all marching as you instructed."

        "Good, do things according to the original plan." Han Qianqian smiled, and with a wave of his hand, the team's speed quietly increased, heading all the way towards the Pill God Pavilion's main camp.

        Somewhere on a high mountain, Lu Ruoxin smiled gently, her long, slender legs curled slightly together as she said, "It seems that this good show is about to reach the climax part."

        "This Han Qianqian person is so cheap, using all kinds of despicable means." Once he saw the miserable appearance of Cool-Son Yeh last night, Chi Meng couldn't help but remember how he was fooled by Han Qianqian, remembering this, Chi Meng was furious and couldn't help but say, "You have the guts to really hurt yourself, what kind of man is this."

        The words just fell, Chi Meng suddenly felt a pain in the face, Lu Ruoxin did not move, but the slap but Chi Meng left face red.

        "Reckless woman." The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what to do. As the saying goes, soldiers are not tired of deception, to be able to use the simplest method on the field, to win over the opponent without moving a single soldier, this is brains, do you have it?"

        Chi Meng gritted her back teeth, her eyes full of defiance, to her, these strategic talents are only used by incompetent people.

        "Young lady, strength is paramount in the Eight Directions world, what kind of skill is it to rely on some small cleverness." Chi Meng slowed down her breath, still having a hard time calming her anger.

        Lu Ruoxin gave a soft disdainful laugh: "Little cleverness? The Pill God Pavilion has been completely overwhelmed from the beginning, with a clear advantage, but now? The situation has taken a turn for the worse and they are even surrounded by two sides, is this called being clever?"

        After saying that, Lu Ruoxin's face suddenly turned cold as she said, "If so, then even a hundred of you Chi Meng would not be enough to stuff your teeth with this little cleverness."

        Chi Meng hurriedly lowered his head, despite the reluctance in his eyes, he did not dare to second.

        Lu Ruoxin smiled gently, her eyes actually flashed with the slightest bit of excitement: "Forget it, because Han Qianqian has made this lady so happy, this lady will not be ordinary with you today, someone."


        "Give Chi Meng a seat!"

        Hearing this, Chi Meng panicked and knelt down, when could Lu Ruoxin be so kind, if she sat down, she was afraid of a big disaster then: "Slave servant doesn't dare!"

        Lu Ruoxin, however, was not angry, Chu Chu looked at Han Qianqian in the distant mountains and smiled, "Take a good look, the man that this young lady has taken a fancy to, exactly how to use the little cleverness you speak of, to destroy the dead."

        As soon as the words fell, the scene!

        When the disciples of the Voidless Sect on the small road had travelled to less than a mile from the junction, at that moment Fu Mang suddenly raised his big hand, ten thousand people stopped in unison, and a hundred beasts stopped.

        While in the direction of the main road, Han Qianqian and the others quickened their pace.

        A few minutes later, Han Qianqian's side suddenly sounded a drum, while Fu Mang waved his hand, and all of them instantly hid under the grass on the path, and walked slowly with their bodies crawling!


        Outside the main tent, Wang Juzhi had long since come out with his men to personally supervise the battle, and when he saw the scouts coming forward, Wang Juzhi stood up at once.

        "Report to your Holiness, there is indeed a noise in the direction of the main road, however, my subordinates have scouted in the air and found that although the noise above the main road is extremely loud, there are only less than a few dozen people in number." The spy hurriedly replied.

        "What about the small road?" Wang Juzhi said with a frown.

        "The path is peaceful, but there are too many weeds and trees on the path to see anyone, but the dust is flying overhead, so it is obvious that a large force is passing by."

        Hearing the scout's reply, Wang Juzhi immediately glared in anger and gritted his teeth.

        "Your Holiness, the facts speak louder than words, it is fortunate that Your Holiness is wise, otherwise, the consequences would be unthinkable." Grand Commander Chen stepped forward slightly at this point and smiled.

        "Now that the path is clear, it is obvious that the side of the main road is just a bluff, while the side of the small road is where the heavy troops are. Although I have always believed that Cool-Son Yeh would not dare to betray you, Your Holiness, sometimes the truth speaks louder than words." The old scholar added fuel to the fire.

        Wang Juzhi gritted his teeth and bellowed angrily, "If he dares to betray me, I will make him die a horrible death."

        "Your Holiness, cleaning up after him is a small matter, right now Han 3,000 is attacking is a big matter, since a large number of suspected enemy troops have been spotted on the path, we'd better hurry and set up an ambush." Grand Commander Chen said.

        "Yes, your Holiness, the path may be small, but if we use the weeds as cover to set up ambushes on both sides and extend the route, we can eat their large army just the same." A senior officer echoed at this point.

        "Aren't they outnumbered? Then we'll set up a boa constrictor and wait for them to get into our mouths and eat as many as we can." Another executive also shouted excitedly.

        Wang Juzhi thought for a moment and nodded heavily, "Chen Rongsheng, what are you still standing there for? Why don't you hurry up and set up? Right, lengthen the battle line and tell your men not to rush out, and to close the door after letting them all in."

        "Yes!" With an excited response, Grand Commander Chen hurriedly rushed off towards the path.

        At that moment, a huge drum was suddenly heard on the main road, and Han Qianqiang came flying into the sky on his brave body!


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