His True Colors Chapter 2156

 Grand Commander Chen snorted coldly, "Your Holiness, is there such a coincidence? Han Three Thousand's raid was a great victory, but none of our main generals were killed, if it were you, would you possibly be able to?"

        "Hiss!" Wang Juzhi immediately sucked in a breath of cold air.

        After all that Han Qianqian had gotten up to, finally taking the victory, chopping off the tail but not the head, this was indeed somewhat unjustifiable.

        "Even if he really wants to use Cool-Son Yeh to turn against us, then just let Cool-Son Yeh go, why should he even let Wu Yan and the others go, isn't that the same as letting the tiger go back to the mountain? Especially when the two armies are still at war!" Grand Commander Chen said in a cold voice.

        When two armies were at war, it was natural to kill as many high-fighters as the other side could, and this kind of practice of killing each other would be done by anyone.

        "What you mean is ......" Wang Juzhi said with a frown.

        "I'm afraid they are all Han Qianqian's secret pawns, acting out in front of us, making us set up defenses on the main road while they actually take a shortcut to raid us." Grand Commander Chen said blandly.

        Wang Juzhi's face was instantly stricken, and when he thought about the loss of his troops and the successive tricks on Ye Gucheng, it seemed that everything made sense.

        After a moment of silence, Wang Jiuzhi suddenly lifted his head and raised his hand, telling Grand Commander Chen to go down, and when Cool-Son Yeh saw Grand Commander Chen give him a cold smile, he had a sense of foreboding.

        "Fine, Cool-Son Yeh, I will give you a chance to redeem yourself, you lead three thousand men and horses to set up an ambush on the main road immediately." Wang Slowly said.

        "Three thousand?" Cool-Son Yeh was stunned, three thousand men to take on Han Three Thousand's army of strange beasts and the reinforcements from the Fu Family's Sky Blue City, wasn't that a bit inadequate!

        "Grand Commander Ye, the army is not in numbers but in precision, besides, in a battle of ambush, why would you use so many men?" Grand Commander Chen laughed.

        "Grand Commander Chen, regroup the defeated generals from the front line plus the disciples of your ministry and wait for the order of the marquis." Wang Juzhi commanded.

        "Yes!" Grand Commander Chen was indescribably happy, the troops scattered from Ye Gucheng's defeat amounted to nearly 20,000 people, plus the 20,000-odd men and horses that he had been saving their strength and how to participate in the war, could be said to be the most powerful troops in the main camp today.

        The fact that Wang Juzhi had asked himself to take command of this force was enough to show that Wang Juzhi had now put the heavy responsibility on his shoulders. As for waiting for orders, there was no need to say anything else, it was obvious that he was asked to go to the trail to ambush secretly.

        When he thought of this, Chen Rongsheng smiled smugly.

        How dare you compete with me?

        Although he did not know what Grand Commander Chen had said to Wang Juzhi, he must have had nothing good to say, otherwise, Wang Juzhi would not have given himself only 3,000 men and horses.

        What could three thousand men and horses do? The battle of the monks is not a battle of ordinary people, there is no need to fight with a single sword, if you meet a few more masters, they can die with a single fucking slap, not even enough to be cannon fodder, and you have to engage in an ambush?

        This is the same as a kid ambushing a bunch of strong men!

        "This Grand Commander Chen is really fucking despicable, taking advantage of our slightest negligence to mess with us, damn it, don't let me catch a chance in the future, catch a chance to mess with him to death." Ye Gucheng shrugged off his hand with resentment and anger.

        But because of the excessive force, the wound immediately tore, grimacing in pain.

        "Being shaded by Han Qianqian and having to be shaded by one of your own, the more you think about it, the angrier it makes you." The First Peak Elder echoed.

        Wu Yan frowned, "Alright, cut the crap, since the Exalted Lord has given a fresh account of the task, it's better to get it done."

        "Senior Brother Wu Yan, what do you mean by that? Is it hard to say that there is something wrong with us scolding Han Qianqian and Grand Commander Chen?" The Five Peaks Elders were dissatisfied.

        "Yes, senior brother, that's your fault, those two bitches Han Qianqian and Grand Commander Chen have done this to our Lone City, what's wrong with talking about them?" The Sixth Peak Elders were also dissatisfied.

        When they saw Han Three-thousand just now, they had wimped out, so they naturally wouldn't let go of the opportunity to curry favour with Lone City Ye at this time.

        "Oh, what can we do if we scold Chen Rongsheng here? Show Han Qianqian a dog-bite dog scene?" Wu Yan shot back with dissatisfaction.

        The group of people instantly shut their mouths.

        One by one, depressed beyond belief, they set up an ambush on the main road.

        And at that moment, a few dozen kilometres away from the main road. On top of the path, row after row of Void Sect disciples held up the banner of the Mystic Alliance in a vast manner.

        Behind them, was the army of the Fu family of Sky Blue City.

        At the forefront, Fu Mang rode a flying tiger, followed by hundreds of strange beasts, and in the formation of strange beasts, a giant elephant carried a luxurious little palanquin on its head.

        The palanquin was incredibly luxurious, but it was covered with a golden curtain all around, so it was impossible to see what was inside.

        Still, it was obvious that the one Han flag on the top of the palanquin indicated that it naturally belonged to Han Qianqian's seat.

        The procession was vast, and plunged along at great speed.

        At the same time, a long silver dragon in the sky carried a man, falling from the sky and cutting all the way straight to the side of the main road.

        On top of the wide road, Han Qianqian, with Su Yingxia, Heiyu, Fuli and Qin Shansheng, was walking slowly as if they were a small group of tourists.