His True Colors Chapter 2155

 With a cold look on his face, Ye Gucheng led his men and horses and arrived in front of Wang Juzhi.

        Before he could stand still, his angry body slapped him on the face with a heavy blow.

        This slap was so strong that Ye Gucheng's whole body was directly slapped onto the ground, his hand covered his burning face, a trace of anger flashed in his eyes, but in the next second, he still hurriedly and obediently knelt down.

        "Waste, waste, you are simply a waste, I asked you to guard the foot of the mountain of the Void Sect, and this is how you guard it for me?" Wang Juzhi growled in anger.

        Before the reinforcements came, the Pill God Pavilion was now in danger, being attacked from the front and back, once both sides attacked at the same time, the Pill God Pavilion was naturally exhausted to cope, and such a passive situation was caused by Ye Gucheng.

        And this was something that Wang Juzhi had already told him in advance. So now that something had happened, how could Wang Juzhi not be furious.

        "This time, when Cool-Son Yeh lost his position, he made a serious mistake, not only did he lose his position, but he was even fooled by Han Qianqian. Chen said in a cold voice.

        Wang Juzhi looked slightly sideways, a little puzzled.

        "During the evening, Han Qianqian let slip that he would make a surprise attack, but it turned out that Ye Gucheng did not take it seriously at all, which is why the disciples were unprepared when Han Qianqian came to kill them. Grand Commander Chen and I had previously advised him to solidify his defences, whether the other side was real or not, as long as we got through last night, the advantage was always in our hands, but unfortunately ...... Grand Commander Ye was bent on having his own way and wanted to be in power." Chen Grand Commander next to the old scholar said.

        Grand Commander Chen faked a long sigh and said bitterly, "Your Holiness, I was personally sent by you to assist, but, Grand Commander Ye said that I was only assisting, and that everything had to be at his command. However, my subordinate is guilty of always failing to do what Your Holiness has entrusted me with, so I would like to ask Your Holiness to condemn me."

        After saying this, Grand Commander Chen knelt down directly.

        This was a move that could not be described as ruthless, first knocking himself into the mud, and then pulling Cool-Son Yeh down with one hand to stomp on it, as deep as he sank, Cool-Son Yeh would only sink deeper than that.

        Self-damage eight hundred, kill a thousand enemies.

        Cool-Son Yeh was at a loss as to what to say. This slash of Chen's was almost straight into his heart, so that no matter how he explained it, it would no longer mean much.

        He could only look at Grand Commander Chen fiercely.

        "Venerable Lord, you had ordered this a long time ago, but Ye Gucheng is still so careless, if losing the position is a small matter, not taking your words seriously is a big matter." At this moment, a certain person who was on Grand Commander Chen's side could not help but say.

        These words instantly made Wang Juzhi's eyes glaze over, this was his scales.

        Seeing how angry Wang Juzhi was, that person quietly looked at each other and smiled with Grand Commander Chen.

        "Your Holiness, Lone City has not dared to disobey you in any way, we have been on guard all night, we just saw that Han Qianqian has been flying around overhead for so long and it was about to break dawn, so we just let our guard down a little, how could we know that ......" Wu Yan hurriedly pleaded.

        "Yes, your lord, this Han Qianqian has been flying around for a long time in the early hours of the morning, not to mention the frontline troops, in fact, even our base camp side did not take it seriously." A certain executive who was on Cool-Son Yeh's side also pleaded.

        "This Han Three Thousand is false and real, it is indeed difficult to tell, although Cool-Son Yeh is also at fault, he is also excusable."

        "Your Holiness, killing a great general on the verge of battle is hurting our morale."

        Several executives saw someone stand out, and at this point, they also hurriedly spoke out.

        "Then according to you, in the future, anyone who makes a mistake can put the blame on the enemy."

        "Your Holiness, if this matter is not dealt with seriously, I'm afraid that the team will be difficult to lead in the future."

        "To be so relaxed when you know the situation is critical, is this the kind of mistake a great commander should make? Without an explanation, is it right to face those dead disciples?"

        On the other side, the senior executives of Grand Commander Chen's lineage also choked out angrily at the same time.

        Wang Juzhi was annoyed and shouted angrily, "That's enough!"

        In fact, there was something that spoke to Wang Juzhi's heart, even he, after Han Qianqian had flown around, had completely let his guard down, and how could he have thought that this fellow would suddenly attack at the imminent break of dawn.

        This point in time was, in a way, too dangerous, because once dawn broke, Han Qianqian's army would be completely exposed and would then only become a live target.

        Moreover, Master Xian Ling was at the front line guarding the Fu Ye allied army, and if she were to kill her beloved disciple at this time, I was afraid that it would cause even more trouble.

        However, by making such a mistake, Cool-Son Yeh had even thrown the entire army into great trouble.

        If he was not punished, how could he convince the public.

        Just then, Cool-Son Yeh's face turned cold: "Your Holiness, can my subordinate redeem himself?"

        Wang Juzhi frowned, "How can you atone for your crime?"

        "I'm not going to hide it from your Holiness, Han Qianqian originally wanted to kill me, however, he didn't, he kept me useful." After saying this, Cool-Son Yeh gritted his teeth and said, "Han Three-thousand wanted me to lie to you, saying that he would raid the main camp from the small road, but in fact he would come from the big road to kill. If we set up an ambush on the main road, we can then directly catch Han Qianqian off guard."

        Although Han Qianqian had threatened himself that if he could not coax Wang Juzhi into setting up an ambush on the side road, then the next time they met they would definitely make their gang worse than death.

        Wu Yan had also promised Han Qianqian that this would be how he would exchange for Cool-Son Yeh at the party.

        But what are these promises and promises in the face of today's status? If Wang Juzhi punishes himself severely, he will lose everything he has now, but what's a promise? And Han Qianqian wanted to make his life a living hell, at least for the time being, but it was not certain that this would happen.

        What if the Pill God Pavilion wins?

        Hearing this, Wang Juzhi's brow furrowed, "Are you serious?"

        Cool-Son Yeh raised one hand fiercely, "Cool-Son Yeh swears to the heavens that if there is even a half-hearted lie, the heavens will strike thunder and lightning and the whole family will die."

        Wu Yan took advantage of the heat and said, "Your Holiness, we are loyal to Your Holiness and have no second thoughts, but the loss this time was really due to the trickery of that Han Qianqian, so please be wise."

        "Yes, Your Holiness, Han Qianqian threatened us that if we did not lie to you and set up an ambush on the path, we would definitely kill us and make our lives worse than death, but ...... we still have not betrayed you." The first peak elders also hurriedly said.

        When Wang Juzhi heard these words, the anger in his heart lessened quite a bit, but at that moment, Grand Commander Chen, who was on the side, suddenly stood up, then took a few steps, came up to Wang Juzhi's ear and whispered, "Your Holiness, aren't you worried that Ye Gucheng is deceitful?"

        Wang Juzhi immediately frowned, "What do you mean by that?"