His True Colors Chapter 2152

 With the front line collapsing instantly, the 30,000 men in the centre line had some time to wake up, but they were only rushed into battle.

        The army of strange beasts was in no man's land, stomping with iron hooves and roaring with fury.

        The nearly 10,000 mobile troops that followed and the 30,000 troops brought by Grand Commander Chen rushed to support them in a panic, but the 30,000 people in the centre line were completely scattered, all of them lost in thought and unmotivated to fight, and even ran around in a frenzy as they fled for their lives, so that the 40,000 troops were not only unable to help, but also had to avoid the fleeing disciples.

        But at that very moment, tens of thousands of strange beasts had fiercely pounced on their heels.


        Inside the main tent, a long, tearing roar pierced the night sky from outside the tent.

        The roar was so loud that it sent a shock through the hearts of Ye Guocheng and the others.

        The sound was so harsh that it made people's hearts desperate and confused.

        In the next second, a man covered in blood rushed in and then knelt down on the ground in a panic: "Report to Grand Commander Ye, no ...... no ...... it's not good, it's not good, Han Sanchi The first thing that happened was that the army of the Chinese army was destroyed."

        "What?" Ye Gucheng stood up directly from the bed with a teng, his whole face was even worse than that of a bitter melon.

        Wu Yan put on his shoes in a panic and rushed in front of his visitor with a single arrow step, grabbing him by the collar and shouting angrily, "What did you just say? Have the guts to say it again?"

        The disciple's face was pale with fear, but he dared to tell the truth: "Elder, Han ...... Han Qianqian has come to kill us, our army is defenseless, the first-line positions were swiftly overwhelmed, and the 30,000 Chinese troops in the middle line were scattered due to the suddenness of the incident. ...the strange beast troops have ...... already attacked not far outside the tent."


        Ye Gucheng's body staggered and fell onto the bed with a pale face, and Wu Yan's eyes were also filled with shock, his entire person was as demented as if he had been demented, and he could not help but slowly let go of the man's collar, completely dumbfounded.

        Han Qianqian had really attacked.

        Moreover, the first attack was a ten-thousand-army swing down, as powerful as a bamboo, destroying the entire force to the very centre.

        The First Peak Elders and the Fifth and Sixth Peak Elders were already scared to death, but they could only run faster than one another if they had to do the real thing.

        "How could this happen?" Cool-Son Yeh really found it hard to understand how Han Qianqian could suddenly choose to raid at such a time!

        Wasn't this the result they had finally come up with after heavy analysis?

        Why would it end up like this?

        Wu Yan had never dreamed that their defence, which had lasted all night, would collapse at the last moment. Han Qianqian had suddenly attacked just before dawn.

        But it was obvious that Han Qianqian wanted to be taken by surprise.

        When Ye Lucheng and the others rushed out of the tent, there were swords and shadows outside, and the sound of killing was heard everywhere.

        "Han Qianqian!" When Ye Lucheng saw Han Qianqian, his back teeth almost gnashed.

        Because Han Qianqian was burying his future!

        Cool-Son Yeh lifted his sword and charged straight towards Han Qianqian, his breath in full force, leaving nothing to chance.

        "I'll kill you in order to relieve the hatred in my heart. Ah, suffer death."

        With a furious shout, in a flash of lightning, Ye Gucheng had already rushed directly towards Han Qianqian. With a glance, Han Qianqian kicked several people in front of him, and at the same time, he grabbed the jade sword with his backhand and stabbed the incoming Ye Qucheng straight backwards.

        "No!" Wu Yan shouted sharply, trying to dissuade Ye Qucheng, but it was obviously too late.


        The tips of the swords met and fire splashed everywhere!!!

        "Anger is useless, do you think you can scare me just because you are angry? Or finish me off?" Han Qianqian smiled contemptuously and gave a slight shake in his hand.

        At the tip of the sword, Cool-Son Yeh immediately felt an extremely strong strange force transmitted directly along the sword into his physical strength, his feet stumbled, and he actually retreated several steps, while almost at the same time, a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out directly from his mouth.

        Ye Gucheng was strong, even the best among many young men, but unfortunately, against Han Qianqian, he was completely inadequate.

        But he was resigned, resigned to the fact that the trash he despised stood on high and looked up to him again and again, humiliating him mercilessly again and again.

        He was the strongest.

        "Go to hell." Ye Gucheng shouted, and with a fierce retraction of his sword, his figure directly trailed out a streak of shadow, attacking Han Qianqian like a bolt of lightning.

        "Gryphon!" Han Qianqian laughed coldly, his jade sword in one hand, his figure also transformed into a phantom, directly disliking him.

        The two figures were instantly intertwined like lightning.

        Perhaps in the eyes of others, this was an even match, but in the eyes of Wu Yan, the elders, the fight between Ye Qucheng and Han Qianqian was more like clashing eggs against stones.

        Whether it was strength, speed, energy, or the subtlety of their stance, there was a huge gap between them.

        As long as Han Qianqian was willing, within ten moves, Ye Gucheng would definitely die. However, Han Qianqian did not strike to the death, instead, he was like a cat catching a mouse when it was full, not eager to kill it, but treating it as a toy.

        It seemed that Cool-Son Yeh was taking the initiative to attack, but in reality, he was completely held back by Han Qianqian, and it could even be said that Han Qianqian was deliberately using his own defence to guide Cool-Son Yeh to attack himself.

        "Cool-Son Yeh is being completely tricked, if this goes on, he's already begging for help if he doesn't tire himself out." Wu Yan's heart was burning with anxiety.

        Not only was he worried about Cool-Son Yeh's safety, but he also noticed that Han Qianqian was clearly humiliating Cool-Son Yeh.

        "What the hell are you doing? Hurry up and call for help." Wu Yan angrily shouted at the three elders next to him, and all three of these foolish asses were dumbfounded and remained frozen in place, not knowing what to do.

        Only then did the three Shoufeng elders let out a cry and hurriedly called out for help.

        Several teams of people rushed towards Han Qianqian at once.

        "You're dead." Looking at the helpers coming forward, Cool-Son Yeh smiled hideously and steeply increased his aura, attacking Han Qianqian straight away.

        Han Qianqian smiled wickedly, like a devil: "Is that so?"

        With a sudden movement of his backhand, a huge axe slashed directly into the ground in reverse, and suddenly the golden light flourished and streams of light spread.

        "Those who come forward, die," Han Qianqian didn't even turn his head back, he just bellowed angrily.

        A group of several raging teams of Pill God Pavilion disciples were scared and dared not move forward, but only dared to move backwards. The disciple who rushed at the forefront simply sat on his buttocks on the ground, his legs staring at him, hating to rush up and run backwards.