His True Colors Chapter 2151

 Looking at the furious Cool-Son Yeh, the elders of the five and six peaks were also not seminar groups, the whole night, Cool-Son Yeh was messed up with a mental breakdown, could they be any better?

        He did not sleep well, they also did not sleep well ah.

        However, at this time, they obviously did not dare to provoke Cool-Son Yeh and could only stand up meekly.

        Ye Gucheng angrily sat back in the main seat and slapped the table: "Fuck, this Han Qianqian, is he really fucking dying? He doesn't know what he's been up to all night, flying back and forth, but he's making us sleep badly."

        Wu Yan lowered his head and didn't know what to say.

        "What do you guys think, we have to think of a solution?" Cool-Son Yeh looked at a few people and drank in a cold voice.

        Wu Yan was thinking about it, but when the Chief Elder saw that no one was speaking, he volunteered, "Lone Castle, calm down, the more angry you are, the more you will be doing what that bastard Han Qianqian wants. The more you get angry, the more you'll get what that son of a bitch wants. He's just trying to make us feel unsettled, putting out fake news that he's going to raid us, and then flying over us.

        Ye Guocheng frowned and seemed to understand what the First Peak Elder was referring to, his tone was slightly better: "Master you mean ......"

        "Oh, Lone Castle, he said alone that we really have to guard against surprise attacks, but now he is engaging in such harassment, isn't it just a case of no silver bullet here?" The first peak elder laughed.

        Upon hearing this, the Five Summit Elders nodded, "Senior Brother Shoufeng is right, Han Qianqian's move is to make us not sleep well at all and be annoyed. However, apart from that, what could he have done?"

        "If he wanted to sneak attack he would have done so long ago, he wouldn't have waited until now, let alone wait until now to show himself." The Sixth Peak Elders also echoed.

        "This is a reasonable statement." Ye Lucheng nodded, since Han Qianqian was going to play a surprise attack, it was bound to be launched when he was unprepared, there was no need for him to fly in front of the enemy first and then launch a surprise attack after arousing others' suspicion, right?

        This is not called a sneak attack!

        "Senior Wu Yan, what do you think?" Ye Gucheng placed his gaze towards Wu Yan.

        Wu Yan basically agreed with these speculations, after all, once this reasoning was slightly analysed, anyone could understand it.

        However, Wu Yan was always worried, in case anything happened, it would be a total loss.

        Seeing how hesitant Wu Yan was, Elder Shoufeng became impatient. If he continued to toss and turn like this, his old body would really not be able to bear it, and he just wanted to catch up on his sleep. "I say, senior brother, what else is there to consider, is it that what we say doesn't make sense?"

        "Yes, senior brother, the most important thing is that it will be light in less than an hour or so, will he Han Qianqian still dare to come and sneak in?" The Five Peaks Elder also said glumly.

        "Playing a sneak attack in daylight, what's the difference between that and seeking death?" The Sixth Peak Elder also echoed.

        Wu Yan nodded and placed his gaze on Ye Gucheng, seeing that Ye Gucheng also nodded, he then let out a long sigh of relief, "It's fine, Han Qianqian wants us to rest badly and be worried and afraid at all times, so we'll just not do what he wants."

        As soon as his words came out, the three elders could not help but put down the boulder in their hearts, and could finally rest in peace for a while.

        "Brother, you should have listened to us a long time ago, otherwise, we wouldn't be in such a state tonight."

        "That's right, Han Qianqian knows that he can't beat us tomorrow if we regroup, so he's doing some tricks at night to harass us on purpose so that we don't have much energy tomorrow, we can't fall for the trick." The five and six peak elders laughed at each other as you said one thing and I said another.

        Hearing these words, Wu Yan also nodded in acknowledgement, "Perhaps, I was too careful, once bitten by a snake, a hundred years afraid of the shadow of the grass."

        Cool-Son Yeh nodded, "Alright, in that case, order down, half of the men to rest immediately, and the remaining half to keep watch. Another thing that can be appropriate for Han Qianqian flying around, don't be reporting it, just observe more."

        "Yes!" The elders of the first peak and the five or six peaks looked at each other quietly with great joy.

        Finally, they could sleep peacefully.

        With the order on this side of the main tent, the entire Pill God Pavilion disciples at the foot of the mountain also finally relaxed that tense nerve, the whole night, they were more annoyed than Ye Gucheng. At least, he was still able to rest in his bed inside the tent, while they were outside in the cold wind waiting to blow, and with a great deal of attention.

        As dawn was about to break, they were also even more sleepy and completely slackened off when they were given their orders.

        Ten minutes later, Han Qianqian's stream of light appeared again and made its way straight back to the Void Sect.

        Another half an hour later ......


        Suddenly, a furious shout came violently from the frontline position where the Pill God Pavilion was stationed, followed by hundreds of black shadows suddenly rushing over before many of the disciples could reflect.

        Although many of the Pill God Pavilion disciples had not rested, they were already sleepy just before dawn, and their spirits had been tight all night, so by now they were already sleepy and slow, and before they understood what was happening, they had already been killed.

        The disciples who had awakened from their sleep in a panic were trampled on brutally before they could even get up, killing and injuring countless others.

        In an instant, the 10,000 men and horses of the frontline troops instantly collapsed, and the sound of ghostly cries broke through the night sky.