His True Colors Chapter 2150

 As soon as they heard the name, all the disciples couldn't help but grip their guns tightly.

        Even though the stream of light had already passed above them and had long since faded away into the sky.

        The shadow that Han Qianqian had left in the hearts of these disciples was truly huge.

        "Fuck, was that really Han Qianqian?"

        "It's the middle of the night, where is he going?"

        "Is it hard to say that he's going to get help?"

        Several elders looked at each other, not knowing what to do, while Wu Yan and Ye Gucheng also murmured and looked at the place where the stream of light had disappeared, their eyes extremely complicated.

        "Could it be that Han Qianqian has run away?" The First Peak Elder suddenly guessed again.

        "Senior Wu Yan, what do you think?" Cool-Son Yeh faintly withdrew his gaze and asked with a frown.

        Wu Yan shook his head, "It shouldn't be running away. If he were to run, he would have done so long ago. However, judging from the remnants that swept by just now, that golden axe was just too dazzling, and it did look like Han Qianqian. It's just that I don't understand what he's doing flying over our heads at this late hour. And where was it that he was going?"

        "Then could it be to move help?" Cool-Son Yeh said worriedly.

        "What kind of rescuers could they be moving? Right now they are under siege, who would be willing to come and take up the cause for them?" Wu Yan's words overruled this doubt of Cool-Son Yeh.

        "This is neither, that is neither, then what the hell is it?" The First Peak Elder said with extreme impatience.

        The fact that Cool-Son Yeh loved to consider Wu Yan's opinion on everything nowadays had already made him furious, and now that Cool-Son Yeh was not even listening to his own words, the Chief Peak Elder was of course even more displeased.

        "In order to prevent accidents, it is better to tell the disciples to be careful. Since Han Qianqian has not fallen asleep, that means the raid could be launched at any time." Wu Yan thought for half a day and gave his arrangement.

        Ye Gucheng nodded and instructed his men, "Inform the disciples at the front that Han Qianqian has appeared, tell them to be vigilant, if anything goes wrong, I'll take them to show them to the public."


        After instructing this, Cool-Son Yeh's group waited for a few more minutes and after not seeing any sign of Han Qianqian's return, they then gave a few instructions and went back inside the tent.

        Similar to Cool-Son Yeh and the others, there was also the main army of the Pill God Pavilion as well as the front line of the Preordained Spirit Master's too troops, all of whom were alarmed by Han Qianqian's sudden appearance, but were confused when they saw that Han Qianqian only swept overhead and flew into the distance.

        However, Han Qianqian always went to a distant place and did not have any sound training for nearly half an hour.

        The group of people gradually dropped their guard.

        But shortly after everyone had lowered their guard, Cool-Son Yeh was just lying on his bed, preparing to close his eyes and rest, when he heard a loud shout outside the tent: "Report!"

        Cool-Son Yeh yelled out with great impatience, "What is it?"

        "The stream of light ...... has appeared again."

        Upon hearing this, Cool-Son Yeh and several other elders immediately sat up from their beds, not even bothering to put on their shoes, and scuffed their way outside. At that moment, another stream of light leapt across the sky from afar and flew straight to the Voidless Sect.

        The disciples of the three divisions of the Pill God Pavilion were once again on edge, keeping an eye on the movement of the Voidless Sect.

        But after ten minutes of watching, there was still no reaction from the Voidless Sect. It was as if Han Qianqian had just flown out and nothing had happened.

        "Fuck, what's he up to?" Ye Gucheng was furious at Bai Huai, angrily dropping his clothes and drinking.

        After cursing, he turned around and walked into the tent, and several elders followed suit.

        Several people closed their eyes and went to sleep one after another.

        I don't know how long the peace and quiet lasted, but almost as soon as they were sleepy and had just fallen asleep, there was another loud shout from outside the camp: "Report!"

        Ye Gucheng sat up with a thud, his entire face written with arrogance and impatience, and without even asking a single question, he directly rushed outside with several elders in a fury.

        Another stream of light flashed by and flew off into the distance.


        At four o'clock in the morning, when another stream of light flew off into the distance again, the faces of Ye Gucheng and the others had long since changed from shock to anger, from anger to now full of care, and if I had to say that it had changed, I'm afraid it was the look of exhaustion on several people's faces to the point of speechlessness.

        During the entire hours, Han Qianqian had almost flown back and forth, I don't know how many times.

        Each time, he flew out, flew back in about half an hour, and then tossed around the Void Sect for a few minutes before flying out again.

        The poor three divisions of the Pill God Pavilion, however, had to be on constant alert because of every time Han Qianqian flew in and out.

        This night, the three divisions barely slept soundly, especially Ye Gucheng and the others were the most annoyed, because as the most crucial barrier in front of the Voidless Sect, their duties were very important, so every time Han Qianqian passed by, it undoubtedly made them tighten their nerves.

        "Fuck." Ye Lucheng bellowed angrily and headed back into the tent in a rage.

        Once back inside, the five or six peak elders were the first to lie back on their cots, for them to hurry up and grab some time to rest.

        As a result, as soon as they lay down, Ye Gucheng rushed straight over and kicked the two of them in the bed. The two of them only felt the bed shake violently and sat up in panic.

        "Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep the fucking hell, what time is it, you guys are still sleeping? Get up all of you." Cool-Son Yeh shouted angrily.