His True Colors Chapter 2149

 When Wu Yan finished, he owed his body and hurriedly advised, "Luzheng, the matter is important, once we withdraw our troops, in case Han 3,000 attack, the consequences will not be conceivable."

        Ye Lucheng frowned, what Wu Yan said was not without reason.

        "Senior Wu Yan, you are too careful, right? The Fu family army on the mountain has not moved, and we have waited for several hours, now we are sleepy and the disciples are complaining, if we continue like this, I am afraid that if we are not laughed to death by that Grand Commander Chen, the disciples can secretly curse us to death." The First Peak Elder muttered.

        "Yes, if Grand Commander Chen tells Wang Juzhi about all this, then what will Wang Juzhi think of us at Lone City? The enemy will just let out a little news and our side will be farting around all night." The Five Peaks elders were also dissatisfied and said.

        These people were all more interested in saving face, especially since they had followed Cool-Son Yeh, and were obviously treated quite well here at Wang Juzhi's place, getting all the wind and rain they wanted.

        Besides, what was the point of following Cool-Son Yeh and giving up the Elders of the Void Sect? Wasn't it for the glory, the wealth, and the loftiness? If they had to put up with the humiliation of Grand Commander Chen's gang, they would naturally not be happy about it.

        The Sixth Peak Elder nodded, "Yes, Lone Castle, Wang Juzhi has always thought very highly of you, considering you to be young and talented, and very intelligent, if the same when we have to go up twice, Wang Juzhi is afraid that he will be very disappointed, right?"

        "You guys!!!" Wu Yan was furious, compared to the three elders, Wu Yan clearly valued more than just the immediate glory and arrogance, but more importantly, the future.

        What he wanted was power.

        "Lone Castle, do not listen to their nonsense, right now, the most important thing is to hold on to tonight, at least, this holds our basic." Wu Yan hurriedly advised.

        As long as it was properly guarded, Cool-Son Yeh's position at least would never change, this was their basic disk. But if Han Qianqian succeeded in a sneak attack, the consequences would be very terrifying.

        For him, face was an extremely important thing, and the ridicule of others was an unacceptable thing. What he wanted was the admiration and absolute envy of all his peers.

        What he wanted was the admiration and absolute envy of everyone. To have someone like Grand Commander Chen, who was usually subordinate to him, mocking him at this time was something he could not bear. However, Wu Yan's words did hit the nail on the head.

        At that moment, he heard an urgent shout from outside the tent.


        Immediately afterwards, a disciple hurriedly ran in.

        Without waiting to stand still, the disciple fell to his knees with inertia, obviously the matter was too urgent.

        "What's the panic?" Cool-Son Yeh asked in a cold voice.

        "There is movement in the Void ...... Void Sect."

        At these words, the first peak elders and the five or six peak elders froze, their faces pale, while Wu Yan clenched his fist and waved, "Indeed."

        Ye Gucheng stood up straight away in his haste, "Report this quickly."

        "Yes!" The disciple took a long breath, "This night, Han Qianqian ordered Qin Shantou to gather the Voidless Sect disciples together, but never issued a divisional order, and a large number of people were waiting there. However, just a few minutes ago, this group of Voidless Sect disciples, all of them, moved."

        "Are they about to attack down?" Wu Yan frowned while saying.

        "No, I heard that they were told to go to the vegetable gardens of the Voidless Sect's peaks." The disciple said.

        "Vegetable gardens?"

        Ye Qucheng's group collectively stared wide-eyed, what was Han Qianqian up to? In the middle of the night, sending a disciple to the vegetable gardens, is this insane?!

        "What are they going to do in the vegetable garden?" Wu Yan swallowed, bewildered to the core.

        "I heard that they were told to go and collect the vegetables and herbs from the vegetable garden."

        The group of people were even more dumbfounded, it was not unusual for them to be thieves in the middle of the night, but going to the vegetable garden in the middle of the night to pick vegetables and collect herbs was really the first time they had heard of it.

        The Chief Elder was baffled: "Is this Han Qianqian crazy? Gathering all the disciples to pick vegetables and herbs, what is he trying to do?"

        The Fifth Peak Elder suddenly smiled, "I guess this Han Qianqian knows he is in danger, so he is picking food and medicinal herbs in time to use them against the battle to come. However, how would he know that we still have reinforcements from the Everlasting Sea? As soon as the reinforcements arrive, they will be wiped out like a wreck, and they won't be able to finish eating even if they pick so many things."

        The Sixth Peak Elder also laughed coldly, "I told you it was fake news, didn't I? Brother Wu Yan is still too cautious in his work. How dare he attack the mountain with so many of us here? It's just that we were accidentally transferred by him, allowing him to gain a small advantage."

        Cool-Son Yeh nodded slightly, what the three said was indeed true.

        It was fine to play intrigue, but at most, you would only get a little advantage. To take down the mountain, with absolute numerical superiority, it would be a nightmare if he, Han Qianqian, wanted to win by those tricks.

        "What is Han Qianqian doing?" Wu Yan cautiously asked his disciple.

        "Han Qianqian went back to the Four Peaks after his success in the night attack, and has been taking his wife and daughter back to his house to rest since then, and has not come out." The disciple said.

        Wu Yan frowned, how was it a little unbelievable that Han Qianqian could sleep peacefully when a great battle was about to take place? "Are you sure he was resting? And not gone elsewhere?"

        "There were lights in Han Qianqian's house all the time, and they didn't go out until midnight." The disciple reported.

        Hearing this, the First Peak Elder instantly laughed dumbly, "Senior Brother Wu Yan, see, I said you were too overthinking."

        "Yes, although Han Qianqian is fierce, he is only one person in the end. Having fought for two days in a row and staged a sneak attack at night, he is naturally tired and wants to rest himself, so he puts out a smoke bomb to make us too tired to defend ourselves and dare not pull out to sneak attack him, so that he can rest himself with peace of mind. As for this next disciples picking vegetables in the middle of the night, it is also very obvious, but is only playing a false shake, drunkenness is not wine, in the middle of the night to collect things." The Five Peaks elders put their hearts down and laughed at this point.

        "I have to say, this Han Qianqian is indeed quite clever, and is a wonderful person in terms of scheming. However, it's just like that." The Sixth Peak Elder also said with a smile.

        Cool-Son Yeh nodded his head, and he was finally much more at peace now that things had come to this point.

        Since Han Qianqian's true intentions had now been found out clearly, he could also stop his losses in time. Glancing at Wu Yan, Cool-Son Yeh waited for his opinion.

        Wu Yan frowned and pondered for a moment, and was about to nod his head.

        Suddenly, at that moment, there was a clamour outside the tent, and Cool-Son Yeh and the others instantly looked chilly and rushed out.

        Many of the disciples outside the tent looked up at the sky, and in the sky, a stream of light flashed and passed all the way over the tent, heading straight in the direction of the main camp, and finally, towards a place further away.

        "That's ...... isn't that Han Qianqian?"