His True Colors Chapter 2147

 Han Nian suddenly took Little White into her arms, she loved this cute rabbit so much.

        Being hugged by a petite body like a doll, Little White immediately blushed, among the ten thousand beasts, it is a majestic former beast king, even now out of the scene is still the remaining power will appear, but now ...... but because of Han Nian ......

        Su Yingxia and Han Qianqian can't help but look at each other and smile bitterly, looking at Xiao Bai's confused and helpless eyes, Su Yingxia shook his head and smiled: "Nian'er, be good, play with Xiao Bai...rabbit later. Daddy has business to attend to."

        "No, mommy, Nian'er likes the little rabbit, Nian'er wants to play with the little rabbit." Nian'er pouted, her big watery eyes still containing tears, obviously, she loved what it thought was a little rabbit so much that she couldn't let go.

        But just because she was nervous, so when Han Nian replied to Su Yingxia, she couldn't help but clench her hand around Little White's neck even tighter, and all of a sudden, Little White's body leaned forward and her head tilted back, her eyes full of shock and helplessness.

        Han Qianqian took a look at Xiaobai and smiled bitterly. He was not worried about whether Xiaobai could withstand Nian's tossing and turning, after all, although Xiaobai had not long awakened, with his skills, even if Han Nian took a knife and cut it, it would not be possible to hurt it in the slightest. What Han Qianqian was more concerned about was whether his daughter's naivety would cause trouble for Little White.

        If it did, Han Qianqian would naturally be unwilling to indulge Han Nian in such behaviour.

        Although Han Qianqian loved Han Nian very much, Han Qianqian was never willing to neglect the aspect of education.

        Although Little White had despair in his eyes, he still nodded, although he was a beast king, who made this little princess in front of him so cute?!

        Han Qianqian nodded gratefully, putting aside the dignity of a beast king to accompany his daughter, he was also clear that Xiao Bai had sacrificed a lot.

        What's more, this time, the beast army raid also relied much on Xiao Bai.

        That night, when he was chatting with Su Yingxia outside her house, he suddenly heard the beast's cry, which, coupled with Su Yingxia's remark about the beast's fury, made Han Qianqian think of the army of strange beasts, but the number of strange beasts in the Four Peaks Mountain Range was always too small, so Han Qianqian asked for a map to find the strange beasts that might exist in the nearby mountains.

        And naturally, she relied on Little White, a king with the aura of a beast king, to collect them for her own use.

        "Alright, let her go." Han Qianqian smiled and said.

        "You're just spoiling her." Su Yingxia was a little helpless.

        Han Qianqian smiled, and then, looked at all the strange beasts, "This bitter battle was thanks to everyone working together."

        After saying this, Han Qianqian did not say much, and with a wave of his hand, hundreds of strange beasts appeared in an open space in front of him, and each of these strange beasts had a silvery glow and a rosy face, and one could tell just from their appearance that they were full of energy and that their bodies contained a full and incomparable amount of energy.

        "King of Beasts, this is ......"

        "This is the brothers who went out with you today to answer the battle? What is happening to them ...... them."

        The two lion and tiger elders looked at each other in disbelief, Han Qianqian brought "people" out to carry out a surprise attack, death and injury is inevitable, but how could one imagine that the situation in front of them is not like that, but each one is as if they just went out to eat a big meal and enjoy a sun bath, red and glowing.

        Most importantly, they also noticed that these strange beasts, who had only gone out in the evening, had come back with a huge increase in their cultivation and level.

        This simply made the group of strange beasts greatly astonished and at the same time extremely envious.

        If they had known this, they would have followed the beast king to fight a battle themselves.

        And naturally, these strange beasts that had suddenly changed qualitatively had such a change because Han Qianqian had put them into the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, and with the energy in there to give them a boost, coupled with the change in time difference, could they have not changed!

        "Many thanks to the Beast King."

        The group of miraculous beasts that had been nourished knelt down en masse at this point, completely subservient to Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian smiled, and while opening his hand to gesture for them to rise, he placed his gaze on the other beasts that had leapt forward, "There's no need to worry, you've all participated in battles with me, so naturally you can all enjoy this treatment."

        Hearing these words, the entire herd of beasts boiled over. Unlike humans, although beasts were powerful and strong, beast cultivation was difficult, and many beasts would even transform into humans and run over the Heavenly Dao when they reached a certain level of cultivation, with the aim of becoming more fit to cultivate like humans.

        "Thank you for your kindness, King of Beasts, we two beasts are grateful on behalf of all the beasts."

        Han Qianqian smiled and had all the strange beasts stand in a row, then opened the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, a circle of light appeared in front of Han Qianqian by the side, and all the strange beasts honestly walked into the circle of light.

        As one head entered, inside the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, these strange beasts were soon in an extremely unfamiliar world, but the energy here was extremely abundant, causing the group of strange beasts to rejoice greatly.

        "This kid, does he treat my place like a zoo?" In mid-air, a voice was good-humoured and amused.

        "Hahahahaha." Another voice laughed lightly, "A great enemy is at hand, let him be."

        "If I don't go along with him, can I let this group of strange beasts in? Does he really think he has completely conquered me here? Without my consent, how can he be so unbridled."

        "This kid, why has he suddenly come in?" At this moment, another voice was suddenly filled with suspicion.