His True Colors Chapter 2145

 The group was frozen, but, as the Sect Leader had ordered, the others quickly followed the instructions and informed the resting disciples of the sect to gather urgently.

        Sanyong frowned hesitantly, all the time pondering Qin Shant's intentions.

        After a few moments, he could understand.

        Now with the Fu family's army breaking through the heavy siege, and uniting with the Void Sect, it was also a good army. If the lower Pill God Pavilion's army was captured, then a closed siege could be formed around the Pill God Pavilion.

        At least for the time being, it would be difficult to predict whether the battle would be won or lost.

        At that moment, Han Qianqian took Su Yingxia back to the Four Peaks but did not rest, instead, he went to the back of the mountain.

        At the bottom of the mountain, Ye Qucheng's team was stationed there.

        After a night of running around, the disciples under them were already exhausted, but before they could do any rest and adjustment, the tens of thousands of troops were put back to work in defence under Cool-Son Yeh's arrangement.

        Cool-Son Yeh's dispatch was also quite steady, guarding each of the three descending mountain passes of the Voidless Clan, basically blocking the way for the Voidless Clan to charge down. He also put heavy guards on several other paths.

        A hundred metres behind them were the tents of the supporting army, with more than 30,000 men, ready to respond to any contingency at the front line posts.

        As for him, he led the remaining 10,000 or so men in an irregular manner steady on the third level of deployment.

        The whole defence system was almost like an iron barrel, unbreakable.

        Cool-Son Yeh also knew that after the elite ambush on the mountain was defeated, the army of the Fu Family from Sky Blue City would soon come and most likely join forces with the Void Sect, so he had to be cautious and careful.

        "Grand Commander Ye, Grand Commander Chen has arrived." At this moment, a subordinate came to report.

        Hearing this name, Ye Gucheng immediately frowned in discontent, "What is he doing here?"

        "Leading a large group of men and horses, I heard that His Holiness sent him over."

        Ye Gucheng's face instantly turned cold, and under the guidance of his subordinates, he led Wu Yan and the others back to the main tent.

        Before the main tent stood a large group of people, and at the front of the crowd was a middle-aged man of about thirty, with an eight-character beard, hawk eyes, and a murderous aura in his evil aura.

        He was followed by a few of his staff, and when he saw Ye Lucheng coming, his thin and long eyebrows were gently raised.

        "What are you doing here?" Ye Lucheng's face was cold and he said without the slightest trace of politeness.

        "Oh, what else can I do? His Holiness has ordered me to come, knowing that you are a person who is not reliable in your work, so I was specially ordered to come in case any further accidents occur." Grand Commander Chen said softly.

        "What can go wrong as the Void Sect's mountain is guarded by myself? You are not needed here, take your men and hurry up." Cool-Son Yeh said in a cold voice.

        There were no two generals in one army, and the arrival of Grand Commander Chen had obviously put a constraint on Cool-Son Yeh's power, which was obviously not what Cool-Son Yeh would like to see.

        Hearing Cool-Son Yeh's stern shout, Grand Commander Chen was not angry and smiled disdainfully, "What? We are both of equal rank, and you are still bossing me around?"

        "I am here on the orders of Your Majesty, who are you to sway me?"

        "Put all the men on the defensive."

        "Yes!" One of his subordinates hurriedly led the way, and as soon as he moved, so did Elder Shoufeng and the others, and the two sides were suddenly at war.

        How could they allow others to sleep soundly on their couch!

        "Oh, Grand Commander Ye, we are all working for Your Holiness, why are we getting so tense? If you want us to go back, we can go back, but have you thought about how you will deal with His Holiness? His Holiness is a person who hates it when others disobey the naming."

        "Besides, the people of the Sky Blue Fu family are already up there, once they join forces with the Voidless Clan to attack, in case you can't defend, this responsibility, can you afford to do so again?" At this moment, next to Grand Commander Chen, an old scholar who looked like a master, coldly spoke out.

        Hearing these words, Ye Gucheng's face looked ugly.

        It was natural that disobeying Wang Juzhi's order would not end well, and if the guards here were to have problems because he was bent on having his own way, then I was afraid that he would not have to think much about his end.

        "It is fine for you to stay, however, there are no two generals, who do you listen to?" Wu Yan said in a cold voice.

        "Oh, of course, we listen to our Grand Commander Chen. Is it hard to listen to Grand Commander Ye? You guys have run a marathon back and forth in one night, so I'm afraid you won't be able to bear it if you are asked to command the response again?" The old scholar laughed.

        The old scholar was in fact sarcastic about Cool-Son Yeh's wretched appearance this evening, who could not hear that?

        Cool-Son Yeh's face was icy cold, this condition was definitely not something he could agree to. It meant that the status would be lowered and, even if word got back to Wang Juzhi, Wang Juzhi would be disappointed in him, and he might even be gradually marginalised in the future.

        "Get it clear, the troops under the mountain, the venerable lord ordered me to guard them personally, even if you come, that is to help me. Who is the main and who is the second, don't you understand?" Cool-Son Yeh gritted his teeth and said coldly.

        Grand Commander Chen was obviously not convinced and was about to speak, but suddenly a disciple came running over in a hurry.

        Immediately afterwards, he knelt on the ground and said in an urgent voice, "Senior Brother Ye, the matter is not good, I just came down quietly from the Voidless Sect, Han ...... Han Qianqian has already organized all the Voidless Sect's army to attack us while we are exhausted."

        Cool-Son Yeh was stunned, damn it, again?