His True Colors Chapter 2144

 "Did you read it wrong?" Sanyong said.

        "Elder, if it was one or two that ran out, Ruo Yu and the disciples might have seen it wrong, but if it was hundreds of them, not to mention the disciples guarding the four peaks, even the entire Voidless Clan would not have been able to detect it."

        Ruo Yu's words made everyone nod their heads, yes, hundreds of strange beasts flying out of the Voidless Sect, that was no small movement, there was no reason why they wouldn't be able to detect it.

        "How on earth did this Han 3000 ...... bring hundreds of strange beasts to raid the elite troops of the Pill God Pavilion?" The Second Peak Elder was greatly puzzled.

        "Yes, this is not to mention that the enemy doesn't know, even we don't know. The most important thing is that Cool-Son Yeh's army at the bottom of the mountain, surprisingly, suddenly withdrew and ran away, then hurried back again, I wonder what exactly Han Qianqian did to them."

        "Whatever, the Voidless Clan is now his alliance anyway."

        Hearing the others' words, Sanyong and Lin Mengxi also nodded their heads, fortunately Han Qianqian was not an enemy, otherwise, it would be them who would be exhausted and have their spirits broken by various surprise attacks.

        While they were talking, another disciple hurriedly ran in, walked up to Sanyong, saluted, and said, "Your Excellency, Sect Leader and Han Qianqian have returned."

        Sanyong smiled, "Quickly, please."

        Shortly after the disciple nodded and retreated back, Han Qianqian slowly flew over with the two women, Qin Shantou and Su Yingxia, in tow.

        The Void Clan people looked at each other with disbelief, this ...... was not right.

        It's understandable that Han Qianqian didn't bring in the Fu family army, but how could there be that group of his entourage behind him as well as the strange beasts that participated in the battle?!

        But the problem is that Han Qianqian waited but it was only three people.

        Han Qianqian didn't bring Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng and the others because he was afraid of alerting the snake. When he landed, Han Qianqian didn't stop, but only left a message and then took Su Yingxia back.

        Seeing that Han Qianqian couldn't stay, a group of people instead surrounded Qin Shantou.

        "Master, what is going on tonight? How ...... how did this happen ah."

        "Yes, this is too other people unbelievable."

        Qin Shannon returned her eyes and looked at a group of Void Sect disciples who were collectively confused, including elders like Sanyong, and could not help but reveal a heartfelt smile.

        In fact, the first time she heard Han Qianqian say this plan, she was also very shocked. In the afternoon, Han Qianqian then asked her to pretend to travel around the mountains with the two couples, but when it was time to eat dinner, Qin Shannon excused herself to go lie in the bathroom.

        In reality, the little Tianlu Pixie, which Han Qianqian had fed in advance like a pig, had long been waiting for her in the backyard and had taken her all the way across the mountains to Tianlan City.

        The Fu family army was quickly persuaded, after all, this war was close to their hearts.

        Earlier, before the war started, they had tried several times to send troops to outflank them from behind, but they had struggled to support them because the road up the mountain had been ambushed and the few small troops that had gone had been ambushed to death with heavy losses.

        To them, Qin Shuang's persuasion to fight was a very risky move, but at the same time it was also an opportunity.

        Without support, the two Fuye families would only be in trouble. This is the foundation of their development, so how could they not take it seriously?!

        In the evening, Han Qianqian knew that his afternoon move had long been betrayed to Ye Gucheng by some traitors of the Voidless Sect, which did not surprise him, because the afternoon excursion was itself Han Qianqian's way of showing them.

        But for Han Qianqian, it was no loss, Su Yingxia had accompanied him, and he had seen the actual map of the Voidless Sect.

        After that, it was Han Qianqian who pretended to gather in disguise, and then spread the news that he was going to raid the Pill God Pavilion's main camp.

        In this world, truth is not easy to believe and lies are not easy to deceive, but it is precisely those true and false words that are easiest for people to believe.

        Once Cool-Son Yeh was caught in the trap, he was transferred from the mountain.

        As for Han Sanqian's sudden appearance of a hundred strange beasts.

        That was because Han Sanqian had prepared to put a batch of strange beasts inside his Eight Desolate Heavenly Books back in the afternoon when he was swimming in the mountains at the Four Peaks.

        Outsiders, unaware of the situation, were naturally unaware of what was going on.

        Who wouldn't be dumbfounded and dry-eyed when they watched him just figure away, but suddenly, he was able to drag out an army of ten thousand?!

        "So eager to know?" The raid was a success, Qin Frost was in a good mood and swept a glance at the crowd.

        A bunch of people nodded their heads like garlic and looked at Qin Shannon with bated breath.

        "I also want to tell you all, however, there is no time for that now, immediately have all the disciples of the sect gather." Qin Shannon said.

        At these words, a group of people looked at each other, what was the point of assembling at this time?

        Sanyong took a step ahead and said, "Frost, no, Sect Leader, it's already dark at this time, what's the point of gathering?"

        "Yes, now that the elite troops from the Pill God Pavilion's ambush have been attacked by us, for the time being, we can raise our strength tonight ah." The Second Elder also frowned and said.

        "Gather? Of course it's time to attack!" Qin Shannon laughed softly and coldly, "Have all the disciples come to the Great Hall to gather immediately, and in ten minutes, all of them will attack the army stationed by the Pill God Pavilion under the mountain."