His True Colors Chapter 2143

 Inside the Void Sect, most of the people were obviously completely puzzled for a moment by the flames rising from not far away.

        At first, they thought that it was the army of the Pill God Pavilion that was attacking.

        But even the Voidless Clan was shocked beyond belief, so at this point the Pill God Pavilion was clearly even more at a loss.

        "This ......"

        The people of the Pill God Pavilion, one by one, looked at each other, their eyes full of shock.

        The fire in the distance was so bright that it was no longer possible to rush back for support.

        Ye Gucheng felt the hot pain on his face, the whole person's teeth were about to gnash, how could this be!

        "A counter-trick, no, a double counter-trick, Han Qianqian must have known that we had a spy, so he first played a counter-trick to make us deliberately be on guard, and then put in another counter-trick to achieve a double counter, after we had completely dropped our guard, we fell for his trick of transferring the tiger away from the mountain." Wu eyes frowned, half dead with anger.

        Han Qianqian's move had almost put them on the defensive.

        "Han Qianqian, you despicable and shameless bitch, to play these tricks with me." Ye Kucheng's face was cold as he shouted softly and angrily, the rage that erupted from his eyes even hated to directly burn Han Qianqian to ashes in place.

        "Wu Yan, immediately bring the elites and go with me to kill that bitch." With an angry shout, Ye Gucheng was about to drink Han Qianqian's blood and skin, and after finishing his sentence, he was about to fly towards the place of the fire.

        "You fool, don't you think I've lost enough?" At that moment, Wang Juzhi bellowed.

        What was the point of rushing there again? Given the distance from here to the Void Sect, even if an expert flew there, it would take at least half an hour, and given the current offensive, after half an hour, those small elite troops of his own would probably be long gone.

        If Cool-Son Yeh went at that time, it would be tantamount to letting someone else directly ambush them.

        "Can't we just stand by and watch?" Cool-Son Yeh reluctantly turned back and said.

        "If you had half the brains of Han Qianqian, you wouldn't be saying such things to me now." Wang Juzhi's eyes glared angrily, and his entire body was simply so angry that his lungs were about to explode, "And to say something about a genius disciple of the Voidless Sect, it's nothing more than that."

        Dropping his words, Wang Juzhi shouted angrily, "What the hell are you still doing? Waiting for Han Qianqian to finish eating up my ambush troops and then come back to attack us? Get your ass back to the mountain and guard it."

        "Fuck, a stupid ass."

        "A genius of the Voidless Sect? Is this how you're being played by a Voidless Sect's loser? Fuck!"

        Wang Juzhi continued to curse, and only after several of his men dissuaded him did he go back to the main tent unrelentingly.

        Ye Gucheng lowered his head and raised his eyes with the disdain and anger of Wang Juzhi's group of executives.

        "You should reflect on yourself, genius boy, huh!"

        "If you piss off Your Holiness next time, you'll just have to wait."

        "Fuck, stupid people do stupid things, so go back and reflect."

        "Otherwise, the ghosts of those elite troops will come to seek revenge on you at night."

        They were obviously very unhappy with what Ye Lucheng had done, plus they all worked under Wang Juzhi and were all in important positions, who were all rivals of each other. When they saw an opportunity to take advantage of it, how could they let go of such a good opportunity to stomp on each other?!

        Hearing these abuses and taunts, Ye Gucheng's fists trembled slightly as he clenched them tightly.

        He was a proud son of the heavens, when did he ever get the turn to be taught a lesson by these trash? In particular, he himself was one of Wang Juzhi's most valued people in this group of vultures, and with his youth, he had a promising future.

        But this evening, the situation had clearly changed.

        "Cut the nonsense guys, we just didn't expect that this dead trash, Han Qianqian, was so proficient in the art of gaming, and we were just careless." Wu Yan saw the hard dislike for the group of executives, and Wang Juzhi had already left anyway.

        "Yes, Lone Castle just doesn't care to play with him using these despicable means." The Shoufeng elders also protected the calf.

        After all, Cool-Son Ye was their big tree nowadays.

        "Oh, carelessness? Admit it if your brain isn't as good as others, and you're still being a dead duck here."

        "I can also say that I'm not too fond of chasing fame and fortune, otherwise, how could the Three Great True Gods get anyone else's turn, that would have been in my pocket long ago." Another executive laughed, then, suddenly gritting his teeth in a hideous rage, he said, "Bragging B, who the hell wouldn't."

        "You guys!!!" The First Peak Elder was furious, but he had no argument.

        "That's enough!" Cool-Son Yeh shouted coldly, glaring at the First Peak Elder and said in a cold voice, "Are you still not ashamed enough of us? Let's go!"

        After saying that, Cool-Son Yeh coldly led his troops and rushed towards the place where they were stationed at the bottom of the mountain.

        After walking for a few minutes, he finally couldn't help himself: "That, Cool-Son, don't be angry with Master, I just can't stand those sons of bitches, usually when you're so powerful, they all smile and welcome you, but when it's a little difficult, they're like a vicious dog that wants to bite you to death. "

        "Yes, Senior Brother Shoufeng is also concerned about you, isn't this because he doesn't want you to be insulted?"

        "According to me, everything tonight is because of that damn Han Qianqian. Fuck, sooner or later, we'll have to cut that bitch to pieces."

        Wu Yan's face was cold as he turned to Cool-Son Yeh and said, "After this incident, Wang Juzhi's trust in you has dropped, so we must be careful in future."

        "Han Qianqian may have now joined up with the Fu family's Tianlan City men and horses, now they may rush down the mountain at any time, we must be careful, if anything goes wrong in the future ......"

        Wu Yan did not say further, but the meaning is already very obvious.

        Ye Kucheng nodded with a cold face and raised his voice to shout, "Everyone rush back to the foot of the mountain at once."


        The army followed and raced towards the foot of the mountain again without stopping.

        And within the Voidless Clan.

        Just as the Voidless Clan's group of people were on tenterhooks, at that moment, they received a short report from their disciples that the army of the Fu Family had suddenly arrived at the back of the mountain, and the elites of the Pill God Pavilion who had been ambushed on the road immediately killed them, and the two sides engaged in a firefight.

        But what the elite troops of the Pill God Pavilion did not expect was that the army of the Fu family, which was supposed to be "ambushed", did not panic and was prepared to fight with them.

        Shortly afterwards, Han Qianqian suddenly led hundreds of strange beasts to charge the elite troops of the Pill God Pavilion from behind.

        Hearing this, the group of people from the Voidless Sect froze even more.

        At the same time, everyone could not help but place their eyes on Ruo Yu beside Grandmaster Sanyong.

        After today's great victory, all the strange beasts had been temporarily housed by the Voidless Clan in the back mountains of the Four Peaks, with Ruo Yu leading the disciples to take care of them.

        "This ...... is impossible, the strange beasts in the back of the Four Peaks have not moved at all." Ruo Yu wondered aloud in a very strange manner.