His True Colors Chapter 2142

 Cool-Son Yeh frowned with his sword and said in a cold voice, "What's wrong?"

        "Han Qianqian is spreading false news, and his trip to the mountains is just an illusion; in reality, he is taking the opportunity to observe the terrain so that he can bypass our siege and secretly lead his elites from the small paths and head straight for His Holiness' headquarters." The man said sharply.

        "Is this true?"

        "Han Qianqian is already gathering the disciples of the Voidless Sect, and at this moment, they have almost already set off." The visitor said.


        "Fuck, this damn Han Qianqian." Hearing this news, Ye Gucheng's entire person was enraged and shattered the wine table directly in front of him with a punch.

        The eloquence of the First Peak Elders and the Five or Sixth Peak Elders were gone, and one was more anxious than the other at the moment.

        "Lone Castle, this Han Qianqian is really not as simple as we thought, swimming in the mountains is really just to paralyze us, there is no time to lose, let's hurry up and send someone to intercept while collecting our troops to go back to the main camp to support Wang Juzhi. The two armies are now stationed at some distance from the home camp, once we let Han Qianqian take advantage of the situation, the consequences are unthinkable." Wu Yan said sharply at this moment.

        Ye Gucheng thought for a moment, this was indeed the most important thing at the moment.

        If anything happened to Wang Juzhi, his future would come to an end.

        "The good thing is that we have quite a few spies in the Voidless Sect, Han Qianqian can defend against one, but not two, and even more." The First Peak Elder said.

        "Bring the map." Cool-Son Yeh ignored him and shouted loudly, so Wu Yan quickly took out a pair of maps and spread them in front of Cool-Son Yeh.

        When Cool-Son Ye looked at the map carefully, his entire face was greatly shocked.

        The Voidless Sect really did have a few paths to wind down the mountain.

        "Everyone, listen to the order." Cool-Son Yeh bellowed coldly and after sweeping his eyes at the crowd, he said in a mighty voice, "Senior Wu Yan, you immediately lead 10,000 men to chase down the paths, Master lead 10,000 men to stand by and support at any time, the others follow me and lead the army all the way to the main camp."

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        With such an arrangement, it would be possible to sweep all the way back to the main camp from the foot of the Void Sect, ensuring that Han Qianqian's troops would not be missed.


        The people received their orders and hurriedly set up.

        Shortly afterwards, Cool-Son Yeh's troops, stationed at the foot of the Voidless Clan, took advantage of the night to divide into three units and slowly withdrew all the way to the main base camp.

        Cool-Son Yeh and the others were in a hurry, and they were fast on their horses, fearing that they might not be able to catch up with Han Qianqian's raiding force.

        However, after more than half an hour had passed, the anxiety of Cool-Son Yeh and the others slowly turned into confusion, and after another half an hour, the three armies finally converged one kilometre ahead of the base camp.

        Looking from afar, the base camp was calm and quiet, and there did not seem to be any possibility of an enemy attack.

        "Where is Han Qianqian?" Cool-Son Yeh hurriedly asked Wu Yan.

        "We haven't found any traces of the enemy all this way." Wu Yan said.

        Elder Shoufeng also shook his head, he was in charge of the middle road he took, ready to meet the general army on the main road, as well as Wu Yan's troops on the smaller roads, but unfortunately, the journey had been uneventful.

        "What the fuck, where did the men go." Ye Gucheng glanced ahead impatiently.

        It was hard to believe that this Han Qianqian's troops were still fucking ghost troops? They had vanished out of thin air?

        Just then, the tent of the main camp opened and Wang Juzhi led a few people, guided by a few disciples, all the way towards Cool-Son Yeh and the others.

        After hearing the news from the disciples on guard, Wang Juzhi felt very strange, and when he came in front of Cool-Son Yeh, Wang Juzhi said rather unhappily and strangely, "Cool-Son Yeh, shouldn't you be guarding the mountain of the Void Sect at this time? Why have you come back with your men and horses?"

        Ye Kucheng was a little embarrassed and hurriedly bowed in apology, "Your Holiness, we received news that Han Qianqian had deliberately wandered into the mountains in the afternoon and made a fake appearance, but in reality he wanted to play a secret game and sneak in to attack our main camp, so Kucheng led his troops all the way back to support."

        "Has anything been found?" Wang Juzhi said with a frown.

        Lone City Ye shook his head honestly, "Strange to say, we divided our troops into three directions and rushed back all the way, but this Han Qianqian's troops were as if they had disappeared."

        "Disappeared?" Wang Juzhi frowned, "It's easy for one person to hide, but how easy is it for a troop of hundreds or thousands to hide?"


        Suddenly, in the midst of the night, a shocking explosion rang out in the distance around a large mountain while a white light illuminated half of the valley.

        Faintly, the crowd could faintly hear the sound of shouting and killing, and beneath the firelight, there were even more sword shadows.

        "Oh no." Wang Juzhi shouted sharply at this moment, his entire expression turning incomparably fierce: "Those are the troops we used to ambush the support of the Fu family of Tianlan City."

        Ye Gucheng's face was ashen: "We ...... we ......"


        With a slap, Wang Juyi slapped on Ye Lucheng's face, the whole group jumped straight to their feet in anger and cursed, "We've been tricked."

        Ye Lucheng's body shook and his eyes stared blankly at the beacon fire in the distance.

        Wang Juzhi's mouthful of old blood spurted out directly from his mouth, if not for the fact that he was a demigod in the end, he almost couldn't catch his breath directly.

        The people of the Void Clan, looking at each other ......