His True Colors Chapter 2141

 "But this is the best way to do it." Qin Frost said in a cold voice. Although this might bring about great public pressure, Qin Frost was a bold and daring person.

        For the sake of the safety of the other disciples, doing things a little more ruthlessly was sometimes necessary.

        "But this will leave many innocent disciples implicated. The disciples of the first peak and the five or six peaks may not all be the same as their master either." Han Qianqian shook his head.

        "The most important thing is that, next, I might use them again." Han Qianqian continued.

        "A large portion of my army of strange beasts are the Pill God Pavilion's contracted beasts, and as soon as they tear up the contract, they will die a lot. However, not now, Wang Juzhi will definitely tear it up only at the start of the great battle to catch me off guard. Therefore, it's unrealistic to rely on the strange beasts to hold back the Pill God Pavilion's people again." Han Qianqian pondered for a moment before saying.

        "The reason I don't use the Voidless Sect's disciples is because one reason is that the battle ahead is too complicated, and the Voidless Sect's disciples going up there will all die for nothing, but that doesn't mean they're useless, and if they're weakened too much, I'm afraid that there will be too few of them when I have to use them."

        Hearing this, Qin Shuang could not help but frown, "But, if we don't clear out the spies, using them might bring about a worse situation."

        "The spies in here whose hearts are turned towards the enemy should of course be checked, however, not with us." Han Qianqian said softly.

        Then, Han Qianqian made a gentle beckoning and Qin Shang came over, and Han Qianqian told the two women exactly what he had planned.

        After hearing this, the two women laughed softly and nodded, and then, accompanied Han Qianqian to continue touring the mountains and playing in the water.

        After sunset.

        A figure sneakily ran out of the Void Sect. Then, all the way hastily and cautiously, he headed towards the main camp of the Pill God Pavilion at the bottom of the mountain.

        But before they reached the main camp, that figure was stopped by the guards stationed at the foot of the mountain by Ye Lvchengcheng.

        "What are you doing?" The guard spoke coldly and raised his sword and put it on the figure's neck.

        The man hurriedly raised his hand while holding a small sign in his right hand, "Master spare my life, one of our own, one of our own."

        The guard looked at the sign in his hand, took it as soon as he could, and after taking a look at it, confirmed it with the person next to him, before he let go of the knife.

        "I want to see Senior Brother Ye, I have something important I want to report."

        The two guards nodded, their swords were put away, and without looking back, they pointed inside, "Go in."

        Receiving a release, the man walked quickly towards a tent inside.

        Inside the tent, Ye Gucheng was drinking wine when the man hurriedly ran in, "Greetings, Senior Brother Ye, Greetings to Master and all the Senior Uncles."

        "It's Mian'er, get up." The First Peak Elder said blandly, taking a sip of wine as he asked, "Coming in such a hurry, is there very much news?"

        The man snapped his head and said glumly, "Actually, after the great victory, I have been spying on Han Qianqian in accordance with Senior Brother Ye's secret order. But strangely enough, Han Qianqian spent the whole afternoon swimming in the mountains with his wife."

        "Swimming in the mountains and playing in the water?" Wu Yan frowned, "You didn't see it wrong?"

        "Senior, my disciple would never dare to look away."

        Cool-Son Yeh raised his hand, indicating that Wu Yan should not distrust his disciple, and looked at everyone in a cold voice, saying, "This Han Qiancheng is afraid that he really has patience, huh? Still in this mood at this time?"

        "Hehe, that trash Han Qianqian, does he really think that a small victory will really win?" The Five Peaks Elder drank disdainfully.

        "A punk is a punk in his own right. There's a saying that a villain is incoherent once he gets his way, and this saying is simply alive and well when applied to Han Qianqian. When our reinforcements arrive, he will be crying for as long as he is laughing." The Sixth Peak Elders also shouted angrily.

        "That's right!" The First Peak Elder echoed.

        Ye Gucheng frowned slightly and placed his gaze on Wu Yan, wanting to see what his opinion was.

        Instinct told him that Han Qianqian should not be so careless, after all, although he had indeed won and had the capital to be proud, he should also understand that the army of the Pill God Pavilion under the mountain was defeated but did not retreat, which meant that at least the threat was still there.

        Wu Yan frowned and thought for a moment before getting up and saying, "I'm afraid this isn't that simple, we've dealt with this guy Han Qianqian a few times, and judging from his words and actions, I'm afraid he's not a person who acts recklessly. I suspect ......"

        "Are you suspecting, senior uncle, that Han Qianqian is only deliberately putting up a blindfold?" Cool-Son Yeh said.

        In fact, this is exactly what Cool-Son Yeh suspected, not to mention Han Qianqian, probably no one with a little bit of brain would be so relaxed only.

        "Yes." Wu Yan nodded his head.

        Cool-Son Yeh was about to speak when there was another announcement outside the door, followed by a man running in hurriedly, glancing at everyone present and then at the man named Mian'er, then kneeling on the ground, "Senior Brother Ye, something big is wrong."

        Both of them were spies who had escaped from the Voidless Sect, but they were only less than half an hour apart, but they were saying completely different things, and the people present were puzzled.